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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 00:37
Welcome to the biggest (and best!) feed for all news we can find on the avengers and all the heroes around town. (and maybe, every once in a while, a little bit of gossip). are you up-to-the-second with the latest on everything that's going on with everyone with superpowers keeping us safe?

we’re back! after being shut down. we still don't know what happened, though we’d rather blame ultron than ess-aytch-aye-ee-ell-dee. now we’re on a new server with a new blog and a new name (we think the avengers can assemble o.k. on their own by now) in a new place, and maybe we got our face changed so we can sneak around -- er, report -- more easily. for old time’s sake: let’s get assembling!

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Wed 7 Mar 2018
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who's your favorite bird-themed avenger? it's the same as ours if it's the falcon, but he took a bad beating in the fight between the wrecking crew and an army of doombots that leveled the latverian embassy and a lot of mid-city. no one saw who the falcon was fighting but we got a clear shot of him when he was being really carefully wheeled-off by shield medics after the fight. he was in real bad shape, and unconscious at the time. we don't know where they took him for medical care but wherever he is, we hope he'll have a recovery speedy enough that he'll be back in the air real soon!...
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 00:52
And speaking of that skirmish in mid-town, what happened to the wrecking crew? some witnesses say they started the fight (but other witnesses say they didn’t...), but they were definitely in the thick of it. then disappeared right after it was over! the four guys just got released from prison and they’re probably on probation, and we would bet that the cops want to talk to them, but they haven’t been seen anywhere. be on the look-out for them, they wouldn’t be hard to miss!...
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 00:54
And speaking of just getting released from the clink, what new warrior just got out? it’s probably not hard to guess which, since the trial was as popular as it was divisive, and speedball or namorita would make bigger news. if the ‘warriors, who aren’t so new anymore anymore, aren’t up to much these days, he’ll have to find a new team now that he’s been brought to justice (oops!)...
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Thu 8 Mar 2018
at 06:52
Who was it racing across rooftops with daredevil in the still of the night? we couldn’t tell where we were positioned but it looks like he might have a new partner. we can’t even assume it was female. keep your eyes to the rooftops, folks!...
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Tue 13 Mar 2018
at 23:22
You’re not a big tuna roll fan, are you? sushi restaurants and seafood joints around the city are having a problem getting fish to serve. after the fish market on the lower east side was damaged when the warehouse next door was revealed to be a major hydra outpost and imploded in the middle of the night (imploded, exploded -- what’s the difference?), the business been slow coming back. “we can still sell there but it’s taking forever to get as many refrigeration units as we need,” said one fish-monger. “and in this heat, you can’t take a chance on fish that isn’t cold.” we hope the fish market opens up again soon because we’re missing our nigiri sashimi!...
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Wed 14 Mar 2018
at 22:13
Who’s been cosying up to the vision? we saw a lady in a leather cat-suit accompanying the ethereal avenger floating across town, hiding out in the morning hours, and passing into the avengers tower. rumors call her out to be sometime-hero, sometime-jewel thief the black cat (though with a suit like that, she could be anybody). there’s nothing that says they’re an item, but two dudes probably wouldn’t be flying together the same way. and we’ve seen epic romances start from more innocent beginnings. but where’s the scarlet witch, the vision's (ex-?)wife?!?!?...
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Sat 17 Mar 2018
at 05:30
What’s your favorite simon williams movie? the wondrous wonder man announced on the heroes @ midnight with brian allen show last night that he’s got the green-light for another arkon sequel. “we’ve just been trying to line up the right people and get the right script and i think we finally have it. It’s taken a while but we want go make sure it’s good enough to stand beside the rest of them.” it looks like he’s assuming there’s still interest, even after the most recent one bombed. he didn’t mention if there might be more precautions taken for when the real-life arkon shows up to shut down the production, which has happened with every film in the series. footage of that fight on the set would probably be better than the last one...
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Tue 27 Mar 2018
at 08:17
What’s your favorite avengers-themed bar on the bowery? if it’s the mansion, you might not have much longer to have a beer amidst the collection of memorabilia. “with everything that’s been happening, business has been bad. real bad,” says owner and avengers super-fan dennis dunphy, standing beside a prized chunk of granite thrown in a battle by urban hero rage. “i don’t wanna say people are anti-avengers these days, but a lot of my regulars are goin’ to other places without givin' a reason. they won’t say it,” dunphy starts to tear up, “but I think people are angry over all the deaths and destructions lately, and people like that quack on the tv are turnin’ people against [the avengers].” dunphy looks out over a nearly empty bar on what is usually his busiest night. “it'd take a miracle to keep this place going. i’d need hercules on another bender,” dunphy tries to chuckle, “but even he’s not been around lately.” (hercules was one of the injured heroes seen taken away by s.h.i.e.l.d. after the incident at the revealed hydra base near the fish market.)
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Thu 29 Mar 2018
at 07:49
Looking for a new pizza place... or want one to avoid? we don’t do restaurant reviews in this column (unless we do) but we can say something when a place stands out… good or bad. we recently wound up in brooklyn with a hankering for some pie and stopped in at a local joint, skudo’s. it wasn’t listed on yelp or any of the user-gen critic sites but there we were and we figured, how bad could it be? hoo boy. it’s a total hole-in-the-wall place but sometimes those are the best or most authentic or both. we took our chances. it could have been great. we didn’t even mind that the best it had for air-conditioning was a screen door. the place was empty when we got there but that meant more pizza for us! after the girl at the cash register -- well, not a girl, since she was at least my mom’s age but tried to dress like her granddaughter -- finally got the thing to work, she fumbled with it like she’d never even used one. she finally got the order in but then it was forever to get our food. most people throw around “forever” for an extra five minutes but for us it was seriously an hour just to get a pizza -- and what a pizza it was! in a bad way. the fact that they got the order wrong on the most standard choice possible was less an issue than what we got, which we settled for because we didn’t want to wait that long again for something else. that saying about the worst pizza still being pretty good is a lie when it comes to this place. what's the worst pizza you've ever had? i'd be willing to bet this one beat it. the crust might have actually literally been cardboard, since there was nothing between the toppings and the disposable serving plate. the sauce tasted too much like ketchup, but at least it was tomato-based. out of pepperoni, at a pizza place? is that even legal? the cheese wasn’t mozzarella, which, by law, means it's not a pizza. it wasn’t cheddar either. it might not even have been cheese. we couldn't complain, since the kitchen was empty (though with no customers, even in the time we were in there, there wasn't reason for anyone to be around). so we cut our losses and left. we were so surprised we didn't get food poisoning that we had to post our thoughts. for your own health and safety and good taste, please avoid this place. but, all that said, the wi-fi was great -- some of the best in the city! but it could barely make up for such a bad pizza. ug...
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Fri 18 Jan 2019
at 20:48
How many dead bodies can you fit in a city lot? they’re still pulling corpses from the warehouse implosion near the fish market. the last i saw it was over 500 but that might even have changed after this post. what got lost in the network news is that almost all of those that died (and that was all of them -- no survivors) were unemployed, non-violent felons or petty criminals, had been living near the poverty level, trying to support families, or minorities, or combinations of all those. you know: human beings. if these people weren't so disenfranchised, hydra might not have caught them so easily. it can be scary to see what people will do when they're desperate. no one will argue that hydra is anything but the worst of the bad guys, but we could help these people to stop being such easy targets for those with sinister purposes. let's all try to be the heroes that can save the innocent before they become villains./soapbox...
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Tue 1 Aug 2023
at 08:23


I was sitting here enjoying an ice cold lemonade, just about to head out to a barbecue and to wish you a great 4th when we got the news about the avengers tower imploding! i couldn't get out that first headline before I had to rewrite then rewrite it again! The destruction of the tower didn't blow outward so it had to have happened from inside, but there definitely isn’t much left of it. we haven't gotten any reports of the heroes who were there inside or how it happened or what's happening on the street or about anyone getting hurt, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that everyone is OK.
that would have been enough for the whole year but there are even more things going on in the world! we've got this in new york, then:
in moscow there's been a collection of a lot of missiles and weapons (i don't want to cause a panic by saying the en you see el ee ay are word but we can't count it out) -- that have been piled in the sky over the capital;
in australia there's been an entire medieval city that's plopped down in the middle of the outback and it's a lot bigger than a bloomin' onion;
apparently there have been some holes knocked through the great wall of china -- that’s in china -- but whatever did it must be really powerful because that’s a great wall;
it’s been done before but there are riots in l.a. -- that's not louisiana -- this time not bothering to loot stores but just taking down entire buildings and half the city;
there’s an entire friggin’ volcano in brazil outside of sao paulo -- and no, surprise!, it’s not supposed to be there;
you’d know there has to be something going on in latveria but we can’t tell because there’s a big, black force-field that’s surrounding the capital city (the one with the castle);
and there’s something going on in wakanda but we can’t be sure what it is because the entire middle of africa has disappeared!
it seems a bit too much for this to be a coincidence, happening all at the same time, on a major holiday, and spread all over the world -- whatever’s been going on just went global! I don’t know if you got any warning of any of this, but there usually is, and I wasn’t involved in the lead-in -- and you know I’d tell you if I was! hold on to your seats, folks, because this is definitely the event of the summer -- if it doesn’t get bigger from here! now is the time to forget what your friends are saying and support the avengers -- they may be all we’ve got to get through this! developing...