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Fri 19 Apr 2019
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The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
The neighborhood could be any in New York, with pleasantness coming from a mild calm. Folks don't want to be outside on a summer afternoon, but a few kids come out to scurry up and down and across the streets. The air is heavy and sticks to the skin, like it's been every day, seemingly like months. A typical New York day in the summer, though every year seems worse with the forgotten memory of how it was the same a year ago. Not a good day for a full costume or a mask but heroes must keep up appearances.

The address that Captain America gave leads to a pizza place on a quiet corner.!4d-73.9932197
It looks like any other business up and down the street, though like many of the places in this neighborhood, the crumbling facade could use a face-lift. Markings of what it used to be have been removed, and there is one sign, above the door, that says SKUDO'S in a sloppy handwritten script. There can be seen some people and activity through the dirty windows and glass door at the front.

Scene Distinctions:
Sweltering, Hot Afternoon
Quiet Corner in Brooklyn
Suspicious Store-Front

Doom Pool: 2d6

* Remember that every post with a dice pool must have the current tally of Plot Points and a choice for next action if it's your turn.
* Each hero starts this scene with 1 PP.
* Also remember that all Opportunities rolled are automatically bought, at a rate of 1 PP per dice pool (to be translated into Doom Pool dice).
* If the heroes are split into smaller groups, in the narrative, respect that unless there is an open line of communication between them or they are near each other, each group will not know what is going on with the others.
* Note that not all heroes included in the character roster are included in this adventure.

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Fri 19 Apr 2019
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The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
An aerial vehicle entering the area and lowering to land on the street would be an incredible sight on its own, unless that vehicle is also a car, a sports-sedan. The car comes to a full landing a half-block away from the pizza place, along the curb just like any car, in view of the building. Hawkeye opens the door then gets out, standing to full height. She-Hulk does the same, stretching out her massive frame that had been cooped-up for far too long. She cracks her knuckles while Hawkeye looks around, at the building, down one empty street then the other, then back to the building. They exchange some small talk while Bishop unfolds his frame from the back of the car and steps out. A half-dozen kids playing on the sidewalk look up at the heroes but it's Bishop who instills fear in them. "Get lost," Bishop snarls at the one who didn't back down before he turns to his fellow heroes and their destination.

Ka-RASH! A mighty noise explodes from the vicinity of the pizza place, enough to shake the ground and make the heroes jerk their heads toward it.

"The heck?" Hawkeye says, looking around again but more urgently, while crouching into a ready and active position.

"It sounds like it came from the back of the place," She-Hulk says.

"That could be what we're here for."

"Right," She-Hulk says, already leaping into position to cover the street and get to the building. "And if time is of the essence, we might not have much of it. I'll cover the back. You take the front or whatever." And in the next instant she has sprinted to the building and around the back, out of sight.
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
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The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Ovidio Rubio was a lonely boy who would grow into a lonely man. In his teens, his need for friendship led him to fall in with the Puerto-Rican gangs in his neighborhood. He was the only one in the gang who got out, though he was left wayward, lost, and lonelier than ever before. When he was presented with the opportunity to join an organization where he could use his street-smarts for their greater good, he signed on wholeheartedly and bought into their plan.

Attila Bogdanović is an immigrant from Latveria who fled the nation after his family disavowed him for agreeing with the country's monarchy. He defected to America and, after forging papers to earn amnesty, joined the group that could help him build the personal power to return to his home country.

Perry Stevens is just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit. He took the midnight train going anywhere. A twist of fate led him to meet a special girl when he got there. Unfortunately, from her he contracted an unforgiving STD and she became very pregnant. He fled and arrived in New York, where he found an organization that could finally give him power over his life again.
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
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The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
With Hawkeye in tow, Bishop marches to the pizza place. The archer says nothing but readies an arrow in his bow, giving a distance from his current partner, staying outside while the mutant enters the building.

Bishop charges the place, kicking in the front door. The fragile glass explodes from the force, obliterating the door and announcing the mutant's entrance with no doubt.

The place is even grungier inside than out, with a sticky floor, water-stains on the walls, and dirty windows, with the stench of bleach overwhelming any other appetizing scent expected to be present in a restaurant. Two teenagers seated near the front window look up with expressions of shock, their faces going white. Near them, a seedily-dressed man with a dirty, gray beard picking at his bare foot with a pencil looks up with less surprise.

A young man at the counter dressed in a dirty T-shirt looks up as well but his look of surprise quickly turns to determination. “There!” he yells, pointing at Bishop while he reaches under the counter. He draws up a large rifle, nothing like a standard firearm but with a row of pulsating lights on the side and two barrels. Behind him come two other men in similar T-shirts and with similar weapons, all pointed at Bishop. Their intention to get the drop on the mutant is stated violently when the agents open fire on him all at once!

Physical attack (concussive force from rifles) on Bishop:
Team     3d8
Confident in Mission (surprised)    d4
(add d6 to Doom Pool)
Weapons    d8
Concentrate Fire    2d6

Pizza-Place Agents rolled 1,3,4,4,6,6,2 using d8,d8,d8,d4,d8,d6,d6 ((1,3,4,4,6,6,2)).

Total: 10, Effect: 2d8 (from Concentrate Fire) = d10

1 Opportunity (available first to Bishop)

Bishop's Affiliation, with Hawkeye near, is Buddy

Doom Pool: 2d6 +d6 = 3d6

Reaction Needed: Bishop
Next Action: Bishop

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Fri 19 Apr 2019
at 11:55
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Bishop wasn't going to let the element of surprise go to waste.  Having broken through the front door he continued his momentum and charged right toward the three agents.  The hail of fire didn't seem to bother him none - if anything, it only served to invigorate him further as he followed up with a deadly hook aimed at the young man's jaw

Resist attack
Buddy 1d10
Uncompromising 1d8
Superhuman Durability 1d10
Combat Expert 1d8

Bishop rolled 7,3,2,2 using 1d10,1d10,1d8,1d8 with rolls of 7,3,2,2.  Resist Attack.
Total 10, effect 1d8.  Ties goes to heroes, so attack resisted.  Stepping up Superhuman Durability to Godlike Durability (1d12) till next transition scene.

Physical attack on (one of) the three men:
Buddy 1d10
Uncompromising 1d8
Enhanced Strength 1d8
Combat Expert 1d8

Bishop rolled 2,6,6,2 using 1d10,1d8,1d8,1d8 with rolls of 2,6,6,2.  Physical attack.
Total 12, Effect 1d10

PP total: 1+0=1

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Pizza-Place Agents
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Fri 26 Apr 2019
at 22:22
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Pizza-Place Agents defend from Bishop's physical attack, Total: 12, Effect: d10:
Team     3d8
Low-Level Flunkies    d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Body Armor    d6

Pizza-Place Agents rolled 8,3,3,4,4 using d8,d8,d8,d4,d6 ((8,3,3,4,4)).

Total: 12, Effect: d8

Pizza-Place Agents Team reduced to 2d8

Doom Pool: 3d6 (-d6/+d8) = 2d6, d8

The guy at the register catches Bishop's fist square in the jaw. He staggers backward, falling into a tower of pizza boxes then getting lost among them when he hits the floor and they all collapse on him.

The other two agents look up at the mutant who is now right in front of them. A sudden look of shock mixed with doubt washes over their faces, perhaps from their realization that their enemy might be too close for their rifles, or that they wouldn't do much good even if they weren't.

Next Action: Hawkeye
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Fri 26 Apr 2019
at 22:25
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
"Bishop!" Hawkeye cries from outside the pizza place. "Watch out!"

Lends Combat Expert d8 to action against Teenage Androids
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Fri 26 Apr 2019
at 22:53
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Hawkeye's alarm may or may not have come as an alert to the teenagers who had been sitting at the window of restaurant and are now rising to their feet. As the two stand upright, their hands stretch out as sections of their arms twist into panels and transform their limbs into weapons, with barrels pointing outward and toward the attacking mutant. The androids are expressionless, and the only sounds they make are the click-click-clicks of their armaments locking into place and taking aim!

Add Teenage Androids x2

Next Action: Bishop

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Sat 27 Apr 2019
at 04:01
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Bishop wasn't going to secede any ground when the two androids joined the fray, even if he was surrounded like that by hostiles form all directions.  It wasn't exactly the best move to charge in like that, but the she-hulk was already inside somewhere, and he wasn't going to be outdone by her!

He turned his back on the agents and toward the new threat, readying to blast them down as quickly as possible before more enemies emerge:

Buddy 1d10
Unrelenting 1d4
Energy blast 1d10
Combat Expert 1d8
Hawkeye assistance 1d8

Bishop rolled 3,3,4,6,3 using 1d10,1d4,1d10,1d8,1d8 with rolls of 3,3,4,6,3.  Energy blast .
Will use a PP to add another die to the total.
Total: 4+6+3 = 13 effect: 1d10
PP: 1+1-1=1

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Tue 30 Apr 2019
at 09:14
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Any great promise the Build Operate Transform program had was snuffed before it truly began. The androids did not need to function as replacements for human agents, they only needed to be interpreted as soldiers. But they fell into a void of purpose between disguised sleeper agents and those weapon-ready for battle, both of which already had teams assigned to those uses, so advancement of the idea was discarded. The inventor, a low-level mechanical engineer who had the luck of being the nephew of someone far superior to him, was gravely injured during a raid from the organization’s enemies, with hands and mind mangled in battle. His legacy stands with the half-dozen androids he created by hand, now used as foot-soldiers in the first line of defense before more capable and valuable soldiers are made available.

Now two of those few androids -- created to disguise themselves as teenagers to blend in to the environment -- heed the call to defend their base. To their inventor's credit, they could pass as the teenagers they appear to be -- one, in a red shirt; the other, in an Allentown Jets basketball jersey -- if they were not asked for more interaction than blasting a target with the cannons their arms have transformed into.
Teenage Android Basketball Jersey
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Tue 30 Apr 2019
at 09:31
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Defending from Bishop's physical attack, Total: 13, Effect: d10 (msg #9):
Team    d8
Unnecessary Technology    d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Mechanical Body    d8
Combat Expert    d8

Teenage Android Basketball Jersey rolled 2,4,4,5 using d8,d4,d8,d8 ((2,4,4,5)).

Total: 8, Effect: d8
Extraordinary Success steps acting Effect die up, to d12

Bishop inflicts d12 of physical stress on Teenage Android Basketball Jersey

Doom Pool: 2d6,d8 (-d6/+d8) = d6, 2d8

Ka-BLEKSH! Bishop's energy blast rips through the android in the basketball jersey. The assault leaves what could once pass as a teenage boy now a mess of robotic parts held upright by mechanical legs that threaten to buckle under it. But still intact, if barely so, is one arm-cannon, still held aloft and aimed at the charging mutant.
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Tue 30 Apr 2019
at 09:45
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Meanwhile, two figures drift down from the sky and alight on the ground in front of the building, outside of the fray happening inside. The young man known as Justice, in another tech-looking uniform similar to the one he wore to the Xavier Mansion, lands first, followed by Namorita, with a cocoon of water that was surrounding her splashing to the ground as her bare feet reach the pavement. Just as Justice lands, he buckles forward. "Ugg," he grunts, with arms out to steady himself. Eventually he rises but he is still clearly shaken. He swoons for a moment. "That took a bit out of me," he mumbles while holding his head and taking a step back from the building.

Next Action: Namorita
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Fri 3 May 2019
at 17:36
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Namorita Prentiss didn't know the man who'd gone crashing into the pizza parlor, but Hawkeye she did of course recognize.    The sight of an Avenger did something to allay some of the suspicions and doubts she held about this whole thing.

The main enemy was plainly mechanical...she needn't be worried about harming them, whatever the truth of whomever they were operated by.  Her first impulse was to leap into the fray, support the Avengers and their allies...but then she glanced to Vance, who'd spent his energy to insure she'd arrive with her own at peak. And moved herself in front of him.

Buddy D8
True Sub-Mariner D8
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Combat Expert D8

Defend Justice -  Rolls of 8, 5, 2, 1.

Total = 13, create asset = 1 effect die given to Vance, + opportunity for GM.  (+1PP for me)   

"Ham and pineapple," she said philosophically, waiting for Vance to come back to par, "They serve that here. It always starts a war..."
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Tue 7 May 2019
at 09:21
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
Add d6 to Doom Pool from Namorita's Opportunity

+d6 to Doom Pool from She-Hulk's Collateral Damage

Be sure to post current PP count at the end of any post with a dice pool

Be sure to pick the Next Action at the end of each turn

Please note which Effect die you are choosing

Doom Pool (d6, 2d8) reaction to Namorita's attempt to create Defending Justice Asset, Total: 13, Effect: d8.

Watcher rolled 2,6,8 using d6,d8,d8 ((2,6,8)).

Total: 14, Effect: d6

Doom Pool: d6, 2d8 +d6 = 2d6, 2d8

"Whoa," Justice stammers, as he stumbles backward for a step then recovers himself but still groggy. He stands weakly, outside of a fighting posture, which makes him even more vulnerable to whatever threat may come, from the Pandora's Box that is the pizzeria in front of the two.
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Tue 7 May 2019
at 09:47
The Amazing Avengers #4: "...Dead Stripes and Dark Stars"
From the side of the city facing Manhattan, a trio descends from the sky on a sparkling bridge of ice. The mutant Iceman is followed by Wolfsbane and Storm, hands on each others’ hips in a train. The frozen slide they ride on extends as Iceman shoots ice from his hands to continue it, and he leads it to bring them swiftly to the ground. Storm steps off first, noting “Thanks for the ride,” then moves closer to the fray in the pizza place.

Hawkeye has taken a defensive position outside of the building, his back against the metal fence surrounding the place, a refuge too flimsy to offer shelter from the random energy blasts from inside firing around him but close enough to get to the door in a few strides. He has an arrow in his bow at the ready while he keeps a sharp eye out, clearly waiting for just the right moment to make his move.

Storm, having taken to the air to cover the distance across the street, floats down near the archer as electricity sparks between her fingers. She looks over at Hawkeye. "I take it this is where Hydra is holed up?"

Hawkeye stumbles, as his moment to make his move is interrupted by the woman now at his side, but he recovers and takes his position anew. “Oh, hey, Storm. Cool suit,” Hawkeye says more calmly than the situation should seem to leave him. Indeed, the costume which Storm wears, not her usual battle-togs but a black, tight body-suit that covers her from her feet to her neck, is cool. “I don’t know who it is in there but it's not hard to guess that it’s what Cap sent us after. It’s someone none too happy to see us, that’s for sure.” He cranes his neck to look over then turns back. “It’s even more dangerous than I thought. We gotta get in there.”

Suddenly, an energy blast comes from the pizza place and whips by Storm’s head, missing her white hair by a mere inch or less, close enough for her to hear an ominous and deadly zzzip.

Next Action: Storm