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14:41, 23rd February 2024 (GMT+0)

The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Posted by WatcherFor group 0
GM, 641 posts
Fri 24 Jan 2020
at 03:02
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Atoms reform and pull together, molecules building from the most minuscule level, pulling each living being from a drifting, dream-like state to the presence of their physical bodies once again.

As those near the golden man had their corporeal bodies disintegrated, so do they reintegrate, but now in a completely different environment. Where the S.H.I.E.L.D. office was dark and chaotic, this place is bright and still. The sun shines hot above, as if it were only miles overhead. Clouds that might have once been above are burned away, leaving sun rays to beat down unadorned. Even looking away is blinding. When the world comes back into focus, the immediate vicinity is revealed: the reappearance has happened at the bottom of a wide bowl as wide as a gymnasium, the top of it opening into the sky, with no skyline to be seen over the rim. This crater holds its own debris, similar to that from the S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker but rusted and decayed, with dust from age rather than settling destruction, but low enough that nothing else can be seen around the bowl. The world is washed in a warm, orange hue, and the air is dirty and itchy. But the environment is quiet.

The heroes are assembled in the same formation as in the bunker as they did not move. New faces appear in the places where they would have been obscured by lack of light in the bunker, whether by their own volition or simply hidden in the darkness.

Uncontrollably, Storm lets out a sharp, guttural moan when she is the last to appear. She slumps into a crouch holding her sides and her head drops downward.

The Punisher stands without the War Machine armor he wore, with ravaged clothes and holding the War Machine machine cannon at his hip, his finger on the trigger. He looks around with narrowed, suspicious eyes.

She-Hulk, the last to materialize, drops into a defensive crouch then slowly looks around, past her fellow heroes and to the distance. “Uh, guys?” she asks cautiously, growing rapidly to frantic. “Uh… guys?

The golden, unclothed man is still in the center of the assemblage, his glow still dominant even under the harsh rays of the sun above. He stands without moving, a blank look still on his face as he gazes ahead into nothing.

Scene Distinctions:
Somewhere Else… Or Is It?
Any Time Is Now
Site Reduced To Rubble

Doom Pool: 2d6

* Player Plot-Point tallies are reset. Each hero starts with 1 PP.
* Doom Pool is also reset.
* Remember to include your current PP tally in each post when an action was taken.
* Current Affiliation for all is Team.
* Every hero on a roster list may not be present (to accommodate for heroes/players with an unsure status or who have left out without notification).
* Always refer to the Status Update thread for updates, to the most recent post (though be aware of the date and time).

Doom Pool (2d6) mental attack (sudden shell-shock) on all heroes:
Storm physical Stress   d12

Watcher rolled 6,6,6 using d6,d6,d12 ((6,6,6)).

Total: 12, Effect: d12

Heroes may use Psyche Specialty as part of their pool; defense powers and Menace Specialty would not work for this roll

Reaction Needed: Bishop, Storm, Wolfsbane, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Machine Man, Taskmaster, Namorita, Invisible Woman
Next Action: any

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player, 5 posts
Fri 24 Jan 2020
at 06:28
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Gazing warily at his new surroundings, Shang-Chi steels his nerves. Though unfamiliar, there is something calming about the glow. "A calm..." he thinks, "Before the storm?" With that realization, his mind cuts through the fog. A lifetime of training kicks in as he shifts his weight ever so slightly, muscles tensing as he sinks into a battle-ready stance. Drawing in slow, deep breaths, he confronts the growing inner sense that something very bad is about to happen.

Team d8
Cultivated Inner Peace d8
Psych Expert d8

22:26, Today: Shang-Chi rolled 6 using 3d8 ((1,1,4)).

Total: 4
Effect: d4
Opportunities: 2
Plot Points: 1

Welp, I'm off to a bad start here. :P

Next Action: Moon Knight
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PLAYER, 45 posts
Goddess of the Storm
Ororo Munroe XP:4 PP:1
Fri 24 Jan 2020
at 07:00
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Ororo doubled over in pain as she re-materialized - the teleportation effect that had been triggered hadn't done anything to heal her, unfortunately. Fortunately, the reflexive closing of her eyes and the focus on her own pain left little enough attention for the oddity of their sudden disintegration and re-integration.

Though through the pain, she could still register some bewilderment and hear someone call out for her. "Did someone call my name?" The weather-witch looked about for who that might have been.

Reaction: Team (d10), Strong-Willed Leader (d8), Psychic Resistance (d8), Psych Expert (d8)

22:54, Today: Storm rolled 10,8,6,4 using d10,d8,d8,d8 with rolls of 10,8,6,4.  Reaction.

Total: 18
Effect d8

PP back to 1 (boo! I had 5!)

Machine Man
PLAYER, 8 posts
Sat 25 Jan 2020
at 00:19
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

What happens when you reboot a computer when it's in the middle of performing a few gazillion programs?


Without much else to pull from besides his exceptional manufacturing, X-51 is about to have a really bad day. Still, if this is "mental stress", I may be burning that 1 PP by invoking X-51's Immunity SFX because machines don't suffer mental stress, they suffer physical burnout. D12 effect? Yeesh, failing that roll will be borderline traumatic...and if failed by 5? That's a one shot stress out of scene with D6 mental trauma...oh fudge. Well, let's see how 2D8 stands up to this...gotta beat a 12.

Team: D8
Advanced Sentient Android Prototype: D8

Today: Machine Man rolled 9 using 2d8 with rolls of 8,1.  Reaction to mental attack (shell shock).

Total: 8
Effect: D4 (Default)
Opps: 1
PP: 1 (2 by way of Limitation Malfunction, 3 if Opp purchased, -1 for SFX - Immunity) least I didn't fail by five, but...ugh, D12 mental stress. Sooo..okay, whether the opportunity I rolled is purchased or not, I will spend the one I already have to negate the mental stress...but since I don't want it to sound like a walk in the park for X-51, I'd like to invoke his Malfunction Limitation and Shutdown his Cybernetic Senses (for 1 PP). He's not blind or whatnot, but compared to the level of observation and data acquisition he can muster with his advanced senses - it will most assuredly feel like it. I'll have to buy an opportunity to bring his Cybernetic Senses back online representing those core programs rebooting and becoming active once more.

X-51, more commonly known as Machine Man, materializes in a most peculiar and unusual way...seeming caught in motion as if attempting to perform action but halted as if he were attempting to audition as a mime street performer. A look of curiosity and bewilderment lines his face as the corner of his mouth and one of his eyebrows twitch spasmadically as he stammers sporadically, "I...I...ERROR...I...ERROR...RE-RE-REBOOTING..."
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PLAYER, 78 posts
Sat 25 Jan 2020
at 12:41
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Bishop squinted in disbelief.  One moment he was standing at the collapsed basement, the next outside in the sunlight.  It was just like last week.  His mind could barely cope.  Where was he?  WHEN was he?  Was he back when it all started?  Did something go wrong with Forge's device?  Or maybe he was just plain old crazy, and the entire trip to the past, and now this too, was all in his head?

Looking around, confused, he slowly sat down on the ground, ignoring everyone else for the time being

Team 1d8, Uncompromising 1d8, plus 1d8 from PP:
Bishop rolled 4,7,4 using 1d8,1d8,1d8 with rolls of 4,7,4.  reaction vs mental attack .
Total: 11
Effect: 1d8
PP: 1-1=0

Mental Stress taken: 1d12

player, 2 posts
Sun 26 Jan 2020
at 23:16
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The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Materializing in a crater with a sound similar to Alka-Seltzer dropped in soda, Taskmaster wiffles into existence.

Team: d6
Psyche Expert: d8

16:58, Today: Taskmaster rolled 5,7 using d6,d8 ((5,7)).

Total: 12
Effect: d4(default)

Shaken like a first-year crime student after his first kill, Taskmaster vaguely notices that there are others around him, but he's busy mentally slapping his curled neurons back into functionality. Usually, due to his abilities, he zeroes in on everyone around him in case he has to start photographing his reflexes. However, right now he feels dull as a numpty trying to fill a bucket with no bottom.

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PLAYER, 51 posts
The BITCH is back in town
PP:2 XP:12
Tue 28 Jan 2020
at 09:51
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Re: The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Doom Pool (2d6) mental attack (sudden shell-shock) on all heroes:
Total: 12, Effect: d12
d6 Team Affiliation
d8 Adapt of Die Distinction
d10 Psyche Master

- rolled 5,2,8 using d6,d8,d10
Total: 13 ... Success at resisting the mental shock
      Effect: d8

Wolfsbane growled, her hackles bristling, at the strange events ... and the even stranger surrounds suddenly about her.
New place, new scents, new folk ... new threats.

Claws extended from her fingers ... long, jagged, razors that promised as much pain as her Fangs.
Right now, she was ready for anything.   A ball of destruction, waiting.
GM, 642 posts
Fri 31 Jan 2020
at 08:09
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Re: The Amazing Avengers #4B: "...That Ruin Was Still There"

Always be sure to post your current PP count at the end of any post with a dice pool

The Punisher stands stoic, facing the villain plainly in their midst but taking no action against him, as well as keeping the golden man in front of him. His narrowed eyes follow the rim of the bowl the heroes find themselves standing near the center of, the steely gaze scanning the edges of this unfamiliar environment. Anyone with an enhanced sense of hearing can pick up his trigger-finger tap-tap-tapping the cannon he holds at his hip as he examines the surrounding perimeter.

She-Hulk has her footing by the time the heroes fully integrate in this new place and she takes a moment to look around at her compatriots, whether the ones that were accounted for before being blown away, and now. She looks quickly then focuses on Storm, then looks again at the group and sighs heavily and purposely before moving quickly toward the weather-witch, glaring at each person wrapped up in themselves as she shoulders past them. She holds up the battered and beaten mutant in her mighty, gamma-radiated arms. "Ororo," she says, "Are you okay?"
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