AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."   Posted by Watcher.Group: 0
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Fri 5 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Always post your current PP count at the end of any post that you roll a dice pool

Add d6 to Doom Pool from Ms. Marvel's Opportunity

Always be sure to pick who will take the Next Action at the end of your turn

The Skull-as-Cap stands his ground amid the increasing chaos, keeping his head held high with a small smile, clearly entertained by the disaster he has caused. “Ah, you foolish Miststück,” he says calmly with a dollop of amusement in his tone. “For once you do not need to run away like a feeble, beaten dog with its tail between its legs. I want you here,” he says, letting the words slither from his mouth. "Finally you will have a purpose."

Doom Pool (3d8,d10,d12) reaction to Ms. Marvel's attempt to create Intangibility Asset, Total: 14, Effect: d10:

Watcher rolled 4,1,3,9,3 using d8,d8,d8,d10,d12 ((4,1,3,9,3)).

Total: 13, Effect: d12
Higher reacting Effect die steps acting Effect down, to d8
1 Opportunity (available first to Ms. Marvel)

Doom Pool: 3d8,d10,d12 +d6 = d6,3d8,d10,d12

Though she has to dodge the billowing clouds of smoke inside the building, Ms. Marvel is able to phase her body outside a state of corporeality to be intangible, but not mix with the heavy particulates in the air.

Next Action: Doctor Spectrum

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Fri 5 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Spider-Man stays on the outskirts of the skirmish, webbing errant debris cast from the fight to keep it from falling with velocity and destruction to the street below. But his attention and mouth can’t be divided. “So let me get it straight,” he says, dodging among the Iron-suits that can’t quite keep up with him. “So this joker has been pulling the strings for this long dressed up like Cap and sending the Avengers out on all these fake missions just to stir a pot? I guess I get antagonizing other villains since bad guys hate everybody, but what was the point in going after Kang? One of his versions shows up every once in a while and realizes he can’t change the timeline we’re in and he goes away. Was he even bothered by it?. Was that a loss or did he miss the point?”
Doctor Spectrum
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Fri 5 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
The man who had risen above the rest of the squadron while glowing of all colors of the spectrum turns away from the fray and across the crowd seems to focus on the translucent Ms. Marvel. What could have been a weighted pause could also be waiting for the moment that this enemy could turn material again, and he takes the moment to strike. A blast of flashing colors that turn over into all possible hues streams forth from the gem he holds in his fist, as fast as light itself, charging destructive force toward the woman in the black leotard and red sash, possibly getting her when she is tangible enough to e harmed by the colorful assault.

Physical attack on Ms. Marvel:
Team d4
Hesitant    d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Energy Blast d10
Combat Expert d8

Doctor Spectrum rolled 4,3,3,3 using d4,d4,d10,d8 ((4,3,3,3)).

Spend d8 from Doom Pool to add third die to Total

Total: 10, Effect: d10

Doom Pool: d6,3d8,d10,d12 (-d6/+d8)-d8 = 3d8,d10,d12

Reaction Needed: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel
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Fri 5 Aug 2022
at 19:20
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Karla had never fought Spectrum personally, but she knew who he was, and what his prism could do.

Before the mutli-hued assault flashed at her -- like the dance floor lights in some tacky nightclub -- she saw her enemy focus on her, and raise his hand.

And reacted; not by depending on her intangibility, but rather by striving to not be standing on the spot where she'd been targeted.

Reflexes equivalent to an elite Kree warrior, and indeed the shadings of one within her own psyche, plus knowledge of tactics and her intangibility rendering her lighter and more nimble... these all served to take her out of harm's way:

Ms. Marvel rolled 8,8,1,5,2 using d10,d10,d6,d8,d8 with rolls of 8,8,1,5,2.  Reaction dice pool.     Combat + Superhuman reflexes + Buddy + Echoes of the Moonstone + Intangibility asset

Total = 16; effect = D8 

Karla sneered at the Skull:  "Okay, f--k you, then!   I'm going to help these guys kick your ass!    And why did you really want Cap's body, hey?   Is it because you got tired of all the ladies laughing at the size of your Luger?"

1 Opportunity for the DP
1 Opportunity unused; available for other character
PP = 2
Next up:  Wolvesbane

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Thu 11 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Add d6 to Doom Pool from Ms. Marvel's Opportunity

The Affiliation of the heroes in this Scene is Team. (Affiliation is a situational detail, not a choice.)

Black Panther prowls his way around the perimeter of the battle, leaping over great holes in the floor, eventually making his way to flank the Skull, but at a sizable distance across the room. The Skull-as-Cap keeps his wide grin and confident posture, standing nearly in the center of the chaos, amused by the disorder around him.

Anyone following Black Panther’s route can use his Cover Master as a Power Stunt at d12 if creating a stealth Asset.

Doom Pool: 3d8,d10,d12 +d6 = d6,3d8,d10,d12

 GM, 902 posts
Fri 12 Aug 2022
at 06:54
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
The sheer number of Iron-armors appears to increase, either drawing more from outside or from another cache of Stark’s munitions discovered and brought to life, or at least mobility. They fly and hover and swoop in and around the fights going on in the room, navigating with ease or at least not causing a calamity if they bump into something. But while they are not an immediate obstacle, they can be in the way, and taking up space, causing the space of the large interior area to shrink, especially with the fists and debris and super-powered blasts being thrown around. Causing the greatest hindrance would be to Storm, who struggles to keep aloft in the middle of the space, less elegant in her acute internal anguish. As she barely stays aloft in the air, the armors whip around her, not attacking but getting in the way of any intention. They could be little matter for a powerful mutant to use matter-manipulating powers to cleave a space through them, but their space-confining crowding could prove difficult to Storm in particular, who has never been comfortable in confined spaces for as long as she can remember.

Iron Armor Mob attempt to create Crowded Complication on Storm:
Team    3d8
Mechanical Action (without individual direction)    d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Swarm    d8
Cybernetic Senses    d6
Supersonic Flight    d10
Storm Emotional stress    d12

Iron Armor mob rolled 8,2,4,1,3,2,10,11 using d8,d8,d8,d4,d8,d6,d10,d12 ((8,2,4,1,3,2,10,11)).

Total: 21, Effect: d8

1 Opportunity (available first to Storm)

(If Storm is knocked out from this, the next-highest Effect die (d8) will be spent from the Doom Pool to create a Scene Complication.)

Doom Pool: d6,3d8,d10,d12 (-d6/+d8) = 4d8,d10,d12

Reaction Needed: Storm

While, somewhere below Storm on the beaten floor, Machine Man, who had been immobile since arriving in this place, begins to move again but trembling, to shaking, to what would be to a human a seizure, his elongated limbs shooting out of control, yet the android stays standing.
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 Ororo Munroe XP:9 PP:2
Tue 16 Aug 2022
at 03:07
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
After failing to create so much as a cloud under her control, Storm was assaulted from all directions by Iron-armors en masse. One wouldn't think that such a number could move with such efficiency and co-ordination, but they did. And it quickly overwhelmed Ororo. She didn't like confined spaces, but she had trained extensively in the evasion of projectiles during combat. Yet she was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number, size, and strength of the assault.


Team: d10
Claustrophobic: d4
Subsonic Flight: d8
Combat Expert: d8

Total: 7 Effect: d4

19:00, Today: Storm rolled 1,4,1,3 using d10,d4,d8,d8 with rolls of 1,4,1,3.  Reaction.

PP = 0 to start +1 for d4 +1 for Opportunities = 2

Can you be knocked out from a complication?

According to Status Tracker, there are still 2 other reactions pending? If not, Spider-Man can go next.

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Tue 16 Aug 2022
at 06:14
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Picking the next action comes after taking an action, not rolling a reaction

Yes, you can certainly be knocked out from a Complication

Storm knocked out

Add d8 to Doom Pool from Storm's Opportunities

Storm, master of the open skies, is too enclosed in this space and surrounded by foes for her power to fully flourish. Hanging above the fray, she gasps, desperate for air she can usually guide with but a thought, then gasps again, then the current that was keeping her aloft dissipates beneath her and she falls to the stricken floor of this high-rise structure. She tumbles toward an open crevasse, lucky not to have fallen into the hole and down down down dozens of stories to whatever object stood up to the building’s implosion and would certainly not give in to her fleshly, mortal body when she crashes into it. For now she hangs perilously beside the crumbling opening, her arm hanging limply while her cape catches the end of the wind she conjured, and the combat around her continues to break away the rest of the area, including where her body rests dangerously, absolutely a terrifying sight for her teammates.

Create Storm Dangling Precariously Scene Complication d8 (which can be added to a dice pool in addition to Stress/Complications/etc.) (spent from Doom Pool)

Doom Pool: 4d8,d10,d12 +d8 -d8 = 4d8,d10,d12

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Tue 16 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Spider-Man swings around the room, continuing to web flying debris to stop it from being flung from the battle to the street below, when his extraordinary senses pick up a sudden sight. “Hey, T’Challa!” he calls. “I didn’t know you were -- WHOA! the dodges just barely out of the way of the oncoming assault!

Anyone creating an Asset for rescue can use Spider-Man’s Web Constructs as a Power Stunt at d12 or add d6 and step up effect die by +1
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Tue 16 Aug 2022
at 08:14
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."



The immense sounds of She-Hulk and Hyperion trading blows is enough to rattle the entire structure below and around their battlefield. Neither combatant tries to dodge or evade the other’s strikes, instead taking each punch so they are in position to give one back -- assuming they survive each hit. So far neither has given in, with the occasional pummel sending the other back a few feet, but only to redouble their effort and bring it back with a fresh onslaught of fists. Bruises are starting to build, with half of Shulkie’s face starting to swell already, and much of Hyperion’s jaw knocked into an alternate place on his head, and huge purple welts are growing all over their chests and shoulders. Whatever item in the vicinity is loose enough to fall already has, and now parts of the wall are breaking off and the floor will surely soon follow.

“You think we can't handle you, Skull? Once we get Steve back he'll take you down by himself!” She-Hulk hollers with a muffled voice, possibly around busted teeth, as she winds up the next punch, the sound of her fist crunching louder than most anyone’s else strike. “We're going to clear your goons out of here then we'll eat lunch!"

She-Hulk’s next punch forces Hyperion back farther than he has gone so far in the tussle, over the biggest hole in the floor, but his power of flight saves him from the sudden descent. Turning back, he pauses as if to catch his breath, then reaches to his side to find a machine console nearly bigger than he is, and rips it from its embankment then over his head, then straight at She-Hulk and any nearby heroes in front of him. Spider-Man dodges out of the way and She-Hulk brings up her massive arms to defend herself, but other heroes in the way are not nearly so lucky!

Physical attack on Iron Fist, Venom
Team    d8
Hesitant  d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Godlike Strength    d12
Area Attack    d6
Combat Expert    d8
Iron Fist Mental Stress    d10

The highest Effect dice from this roll not used against the two heroes will be spent from the Doom Pool to create a Scene Complication (which can be added to a dice pool in addition to Stress/Complications/etc.

Hyperion rolled 4,3,12,6,6,2 using d8,d4,d12,d6,d8,d10 ((4,3,12,6,6,2)).

Total: 18, Effect: d10 on Iron Fist, d8 on Venom

Create Crumbling Battlefield Scene Complication d8

Doom Pool: 4d8,d10,d12 (-d8/+d10) -d8 = 2d8,2d10,d12

Reaction Needed: Iron Fist, Venom

Iron Fist
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Wed 17 Aug 2022
at 00:00
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
"Everyone, we need to coordinate our attacks!" Danny called out. He wasn't used to being the group tactician, but then, necessity was the mother of invention. "Focus on the weak links and hit 'em where it--"

As a huge piece of wreckage hurled by Hyperion suddenly sailed toward him, he stopped cold. " -- hurts." Stunned by the sheer mightiness of the opposition, he hesitated an instant too long-- the type of thing that often happens when one's own life is flashing before their eyes. By the time his reflexes kicked in, he wasn't sure if it was already too late to spring out of the way.

MOVE, DANNY! a voice yelled from inside his head.

Danny goes for a last-second dodge.

Team d6
Young Dragon d4 (+1 PP) (I'm too young to die)
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Acrobatic Expert 2d8

15:46, Today: Iron Fist rolled 1,4,3,7,6 using 1d6,1d4,1d8,1d8,1d8 with rolls of 1,4,3,7,6.  Iron Fist races out of the way as Hyperion hurls wreckage at him.

Total: 13
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 1
PP's: 1 +1 from Opportunity = 2

If I can spend a PP to change that Physical Stress to Emotional, to represent Danny being shaken by the overwhelming odds here, I will do so.

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Wed 17 Aug 2022
at 13:37
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Venom growls and punches forward shattering the piece coming towards him, "Wait your turn meat!" And looks back to Cap/Skull, "You talk a lot for a minion. How we know you aren't trying to trick us to eat Villian which Spiderman wants to turn into this years love interest he kisses while upside down in rain?"


Team d6
Unrelenting Savage d8
Scorpion Durabilty d10
Symbiote Reflexes d10
Combat Expert d8

Total: 19 (-PP to keep extra dice)
ED: D10
PP: 0 (1-1)
Opps: 1

09:29, Today: Venom rolled 3,7,5,9,5 using d6,d8,d10,d10,d8 ((3,7,5,9,5)).

 GM, 905 posts
Thu 18 Aug 2022
at 07:33
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Extraordinary Success steps up acting Effect die against Iron Fist, to d12, as Emotional Stress

“No battle-cry? No reaction to getting the snot beat out of you, Domino Mask?” She-Hulk howls. “If you want to take a break, just stopping punching back so I can put you down for the count!”

And the two combatants leap at each other and pick up pounding each other again, with the immense force of their blows landed on each other rattling what is left of the walls and floor.



The occasional KRRRACKL.


Anyone rolling a dice pool against Hyperion (alongside She-Hulk) can use She-Hulk’s as a Power Stunt at d12 or add d6 and step up effect die by +1
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Tue 23 Aug 2022
at 06:38
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Since arriving at this battlefield soaked in violence and evil, the Human Torch and Shang-Chi have kept to the back, staying just out of the midst of the fray, as well as not contributing to the already over-crowded space. Johnny Storm, in particular, needs room for his flame-sheathed body and combustible powers, so he rises above the group of heroes coming apart to join the various fights going on in the area, as well as stopping debris from falling to the ground below, and generally just trying to survive the onslaught of superior, fresher power. Johnny cranes his head to find a clear target, but in the disorder, once he finds someone to hit, someone -- often Spider-Man -- inadvertently jumps in front, or gets blocked by an iron suit against which a fireball would be useless, and a swath of smoke obscures his view.  It’s time for a different tack when he lowers his hover closer to an ally. “Shang, I have an idea,” the Torch says, keeping his eye on the various scuffles as he details a surprisingly effective strategy to take out the Squadron Supreme then defeat the Red Skull without harming Cap's body.

As the young Johnny speaks, Shang, having stood stock-still and silent, slowly turns to him and raises a hand. As his hand nears its apex it grows enlarged, quickly to a size larger then his upper body, huge enough to require a feat of strength to even be held aloft. Then it closes into a gigantic fist. Johnny does not break his view until Shang brings the gigantic fist down on him, then it is far too late. The Human Torch is smashed into the floor with a KRASH then left as an unmoving heap of a human body.

Human Torch knocked out

Behind the heroes, Shang-Chi turns back to look ahead and his facial features then body features transform. In a moment he has morphed into a larger being than the lithe Chinese martial artist was, with green skin, large, pointed ears, a rough, serrated chin, and a purple costume including a high collar and a long green cape. His fist unclenches as it shrinks back to a size befitting a humanoid, like a hunter of men from Mars.

Shang-Chi replaced by The Skrull

Next Action: Machine Man

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Wed 24 Aug 2022
at 07:37
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
X-51 -- the man who is a machine or the machine that is a man -- continues to experience a standing seizure, his appendages, including his head and neck, stretching at quick, random moments in random directions then shrinking back into his body again. From a certain perspective, this grotesque dance could be seen as a combat, a physical manifestation of a clash going on within his metal body, perhaps the fight of his existence. Finally, his hole body spasms like he’s been struck brutally, forced to recoil into a backward lean almost all the way to the ground, feet staying firmly planted on the beaten floor. Slowly and without seizures his body pulls to an upright posture again and he points ahead, to nothing in particular. ThereZZZX -- “ he blurts, sounding like a voice through an old radio. “Someone is -- “ he sputters before the language cracks into static. He is frozen, as if all mechanics in his man-like machine body have suddenly willed themselves dead, and he seems to stand there for a moment before imbalance takes him and he very slowly capsizes forward, still keeping the stiff posture but being taken by gravity, pulled increasingly faster toward the floor, then into the hole in front of him and, without a sound, gone in an instant into the abyss below everyone’s feet.

Next Action: Red Cap (new round)
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 07:04
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
The Skull-Cap stands, arms crossed, ever amused amid the chaos that never touches him. “Ah, heroes,” he guffaws. “I must commend you. Your predictability has made this all so easy, just like I saw in my magnificent plans. It is truly like pushing around the pawns on my own personal board of chess. I salute you! Ha ha ha ha ha!” And he pitches his head and shoulders back again in wild entertainment.

Behind him, the smoke clears enough to reveal at the back an enormous, silver machine, easily the size of a standard bedroom but here just a corner of what was once Stark’s grand social area. It is covered with monitors and gauges and dials of all shapes and sizes, though many are round, and occasionally a bank will light up like a jolt of electricity is charging through appointed sections of it. Literally at the center of it is its main attraction, a prone body splayed nearly naked and spread-eagled with arms and legs out-stretched, held in place with straps at the wrists, ankles, neck, and, perhaps to protect some modesty, across the groin area. The body is Caucasian, slender and moderately fit, but showing no life. In particular is his head, shrunk slightly to the shape of a skull and as red as a piece of coal in Hell!

Red Skull Grandstanding adds d10 to Doom Pool

Doom Pool: 2d8,2d10,d12 +d10 = 2d8,3d10,d12

Next Action: Iron Fist

Iron Fist
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 09:39
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Danny drew a slow breath, trying to still his racing heart. An instant too late, and the young Dragon would have been crushed beneath that flung piece of heavy machinery. And the man who had hurled it at him was just standing there like nothing had happened. He may have been more powerful than a locomotive, but what was going on in that head of his?

"These Squadron guys don't talk, or react, or strategize with each other," Danny commented to whoever was listening. "They just fight us. It's like they've been programmed for it, no different than Stark's metal suits."

The Iron Fist thought back to earlier, when he had attempted a form of hypnosis on Kang. His goal then had been to earn his own freedom. But now he wondered if he could use that power in a different way: to free his opponent's mind from whatever dark influence might possess it.

Once more, Danny called upon the Chi of Shou-Lao. Meeting the eyes of the Skull's mightiest soldier, he willed his own spiritual energy to flow forth. As he allowed it to wash over his opponent like a great wave, the Fist spoke his mantra:

"The Skull is the true evil here, not thee. By the power of the Iron Fist, you shall be free!"

Nice rhyme, Danny.

Inflict Mental stress on Hyperion to release him from brainwashing(?).

Team d6
Living Weapon d4 (More used to fighting with my fists)
Mystic Expert 2d6
"Chi Hypnosis" Stunt d8 (-1 PP)

02:28, Today: Iron Fist rolled 1,1,5,2,5 using 1d6,1d4,1d6,1d6,1d8 ((1,1,5,2,5)).  Danny tries to release Hyperion from possible brainwashing.

Total: 10
Effect: d6
Opportunities: 2
PP's: 2 + 2 Opportunities = *4

Next: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel
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Sun 28 Aug 2022
at 18:44
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Karla had little personal experience of Iron Fist.   And, whatever, contributions he'd made in recent months, he wasn't yet an Avenger in her head.   Just by virtue of whom had become fixed in there, as team members, through the years.

But, she had to admit, he was pulling his weight here, stepping up and playing leader, in the absence of anyone else doing so.

Surely Cap's consciousness was in the Skull's body.  Were all of the techno-gadgets that bound him keeping it that way?  It crossed her mind that if those were put put out of commission...No, scratch that; not a good idea!   I'll leave it to Pym, or someone else who knows what they're doing!

Karla was no saint;  but even she didn't want to be responsible for inadvertently frying Captain America's psyche or brain...

Which, amidst all else transpiring, brought her attention to Storm. 

Grudgingly, she'd always admired Ororo. So staunchly a heroine, yet without things she saw as weaknesses in some of the others.    She didn't overthink, just flew to where the former X-Men was precariously slumped.   Levitating nearby, Karla did what she could with her knowledge of first aid -- perhaps moving her, if that was needful and safe -- as well as cajoling in the voice that served her so well as an ace psychologist:

"You got smacked good, but you need to get up, hun!  The team's counting on you; and there's a Skull we need to crack quick."   

As well, her photonic power was ever so lightly applied, to create a supportive warmth, and a reassuring glow...

Ms. Marvel rolled 10,9,7,3 using d10,d10,d8,d8 with rolls of 10,9,7,3.  Revive Storm attempt.
Team + Energy + Medicine Expert + Brilliant Psychotherapist
Targeting Condition on Storm
Total = 19;   Effect die = D8
NOTE:   The original effect on Storm was at 21.    If I need to beat that, I'll spend 1 PP to add a third die from pool to my effect.    I can't find in the rules whether that's necessary or no.
PP = 2   (or 1, if a PP is necessary to make this work)   

Next up: Yellowjacket

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Mon 29 Aug 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
So the real Red Skull was just at the back of the room, rather than in some remote location. This would help, probably, but only if Hank could get there to shut the machine down! He kept trying, but one member of the Squadron or another kept getting in his way. He was tiny, but the room was crowded.

Finally, he made it to the machine. It was nearly as complex as anything he'd ever seen. Hank was sure he could figure it out if he could get a few minutes alone with it, but there was no chance of that happening. So he'd have to fall back on the perennial Plan B: Fly inside and rip out wires.

He flew inside, and he began to rip out wires.

Team d8
Need to Prove Myself d8
Shrinking d10
Tech Master d10

Yellowjacket rolled 7,5,4,10 using d8,d8,d10,d10 ((7,5,4,10)).

Total: 17
Effect: d10

 NPC, 1 post
Tue 30 Aug 2022
at 07:04
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."

Hyperion takes another wallop at She-Hulk that doesn’t take the jade giantess out but knocks her back an extra step. As she comes back to redouble her attack, Hyperion takes a pause, just long enough to catch Iron Fist’s call through a narrow space in the din and clatter around them. Hyperion’s eyes are hidden behind his domino mask, but he faces Iron Fist across the distance of the big room, though obscured by the plumes of smoke and crumbling walls between them, but stays still for a moment. Even if he may not listening, the sound stretches his pause.

Add d8 to Doom Pool from Iron Fist's Opportunities

Defend from Iron Fist's mental attack, Total: 10, Effect: d6 (msg #43):
Team    d8
Plumes Of Thick, Hot Smoke    d8
Iron Fist Emotional Stress    d12
Crumbling Battlefield Scene Complications    d8
from Doom Pool    d8

Hyperion rolled 1,7,4,2,4 using d8,d8,d12,d8,d8 ((1,7,4,2,4)).

Total: 11, Effect: d12

1 Opportunity (available first to Iron Fist)

Doom Pool: 2d8,3d10,d12 +d8 -d8 = 2d8,3d10,d12

The big man is immobile for another moment and his lips curl inward to reveal his teeth. But, with his eyes obscured, it can't be told if he is fighting an inner turmoil or he is bracing himself for She-Hulk's next mighty strike. BWOOMPF! right to the face, which staggers him, but he comes back for the attack.

Next Reactions: Doom Pool
Iron Fist
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Tue 30 Aug 2022
at 22:01
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
"Tch... Damn!"

Straining from exertion, Danny cuts off the outward flow of Chi, finding it has no effect on his opponent. No, whatever fog is clouding his enemy's mind is too thick, too impenetrable, for the spiritual awakening to take root.  "If they're being mind-controlled, I can't tell," he pants. "I tried a trick just now to release the red one, but I don't think it worked." He sighs. "Maybe if I had a better grasp of psychology."

Iron Fist instead draws the Chi back into himself, focusing it-- as ever-- into one palm. The golden hue of his hand had faded upon the massive release of Chi he expended in striking one of Stark's suits. But now his fist begins to glow once more, shining among the black smoke like a golden ember.

Spending 1 PP to buy Hyperion's opportunity and recover Enhanced Strength that had been shut down by failed use of Iron Fist SFX in Msg #4.

PP's: 3 - 1 = 2

OOC: I realized later this was written in past-tense. Edited for present-tense.

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Wed 31 Aug 2022
at 07:07
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."

Doom Pool (2d8,3d10,d12) reaction to Ms. Marvel's attempt to remove Storm Dangling Precariously Scene Complication, Total: 19, Effect: d8 (msg #44):
(Crumbling Battlefield Scene Complication    d8)

Watcher rolled 7,6,6,7,1,2 using d8,d8,d10,d10,d10,d12 ((7,6,6,7,1,2)).

Total: 14, Effect: d12

Extraordinary Success steps acting Effect die up, to d10

1 Opportunity (available first to Ms. Marvel)

Storm stirs but her eyes do not open. Whether she is conscious or not, or if her action is aided by Ms. Marvel, she rolls over, from her side to her back, just far enough to get away from the edge where she was dangling. Just as she gets to more stable ground, a glass case topples within arm's reach of her, spilling a dozen baseball onto the floor, then all of them scatter over the edge and down into the nothingness of the interior of the building. An alarm from the case notes their value with a shrill cry but the sound squelching into silence is a metaphor for how little the worth of those balls is now.

Next Reaction: Machine (Doom Pool)

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 GM, 913 posts
Fri 2 Sep 2022
at 06:48
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."

Doom Pool (2d8,3d10,d12) reaction to Yellowjacket doing something to the machine, Total: 17, Effect: d10 (msg #45):
Yellowjacket Mental Stress    d10

Watcher rolled 4,2,2,9,1,4,7 using d8,d8,d10,d10,d10,d12,d10 ((4,2,2,9,1,4,7)).

Total: 16, Effect: d12
Higher reacting Effect die steps acting Effect down, to d8
1 Opportunity (available first to Yellowjacket)

Yellowjacket, at near the size of an actual insect, enters the guts of the machine. and does as he intends, ripping out wires willy-nilly. Being inanimate objects they offer no resistance, and, at first, there is reaction to what he is doing.

Only feet from Pym, on the other side of a heavy panel on the machine, another participant steps not from the shadows but from a plume of thick smoke, as if materializing from anywhere other than the back of the room. He stands near the machine holding a crossbow at the ready as if on very serious guard. The man is huge for a human, dressed in black with a sleeveless shirt and rippling muscles, but the skull etched across the mask covering his head is a dead give-away: this is Crossbones, the Skull’s right-hand man. The only thing more confounding and frightening than why he is appearing now is only where he might have been before now!

Add Crossbones to Scene

Crossbones may have not looked right at Yellowjacket entering the machine, but the big man can see the fireworks going off in it so his suspicions may be aroused only for a moment before they become brutal action.

Next Action: She-Hulk
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Thu 8 Sep 2022
at 06:45
AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Hyperion comes back for another attack, though this time he lacks the speed from before. From She-Hulk's last monumental wallop or from Iron Fist's forceful words or just from being present here, his agility has slowed, just enough that She-Hulk can see him coming and ducks from his sluggish punch, then returns an uppercut right to the underside of his chin, knocking his head back, with his body following. A sharp KRRACKT this time, unlike the relatively softer blows from previous. The strike rattles the surrounding walls, sending chunks of what is left of the ceiling down, with a girder falling and landing just feet from Hawkeye on the other side of the room. Hyperion stumbles back even more slowly than he came, catching himself in the air to come around from the attack but his head still hanging. "When you have something to say," She-Hulk says, finally sounding the least-bit winded with that massive effort. "Let me know how that felt!"

She-Hulk deals Physical Stress d6 to Hyperion, but Collateral Damage SFX adds d6 to Doom Pool. (Previous action bonus from She-Hulk in msg #39 no longer available.)

Doom Pool: 2d8,3d10,d12 +d6 = d6,2d8,3d10,d12

Next Action: Spider-Man

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Fri 9 Sep 2022
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AA #4C: "...That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Burns..."
Though Yellowjacket shrank to the size of an insect to all but disappear from the events happening in the room, one with the sense to track him and happened to be swinging close enough to the side of the room with the machine could see the scientist shrink and fly into the machine. When the monitors and gauges on the machine start sparking and going haywire barely a moment later, it’s not difficult to put together that there is mayhem going on inside it, and he who should know better is the cause. Spider-Man, nearby, calls, nearly a panicked cry, Pym! What are you doing?!? We don’t know what that machine is for! It could be the only thing keeping Cap -- or his brain -- alive!”

Spider-Man mental attack on Yellowjacket (to stop him from damaging the machine further):
Team d6
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (not moving to stop him before he went in)    d4
(step up Doom Pool die)
Psych Expert d8
Yellowjacket Mental Stress    d10

Spider-Man rolled 4,3,1,8 using d6,d4,d8,d10 ((4,3,1,8)).

Total: 11, Effect: d6
1 Opportunity (available first to Yellowjacket)

Being that this is a mental attack, no physical powers may be used to defend, and Psyche is the only Specialty that can be used in the reaction pool.

Doom Pool: d6,2d8,3d10,d12 (-d6/+d8) = 3d8,3d10,d12

Reaction Needed: Yellowjacket
Next Action: Hyperion