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Wed 28 Oct 2015
at 19:24
Request to Join
The game is designed for a low level, good-aligned player characters using the Pathfinder System.

Send him a character concept and a writing sample as part of your request to join as well as a statement of age, this will be a mature rated game.

Characters begin at level 3.

Standard core classes and races please.

I expect players to be able to post each weekday or at worst, every other day.

Characters should be created according to the Standard Point Buy system, with 25 points available to be distributed.

I am limiting the party size to 6, I'm aiming for a balanced party, a rogue and a healer would be of great benefit.

If you wish to use it, there is an online character generator to be found here:

I reward posting frequency for quality posts.  More on this in the experience thread.

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