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Wed 28 Oct 2015
at 19:30
Experience Thread

Standard advancement applies.

There are 3 ways to gain experience.

1) Slaying monsters, finding and removing traps, finding secret doors etc.

2) Coming up with brilliant plans to overcome obstacles.

3) Good, frequent posting.  What constitutes a good post is one of at least 3 sentences (please no 3 page posts) that are expressive/description of action, thoughts, dialogue, and setting.

I give 50 bonus xp/day for a good post.  If you post once a day 6 out of 7 days of th week, I award an additional 100 xp.  In theory, you can add 400 xp to your xp total per week just by posting well.  Note:  If you post 3 times in one day, all good posts, you still can only earn up to 50 bonus xp for that day.