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 Which is it that
 controls the PCs lives?
Sun 1 Nov 2015
at 10:49
Hopefully you have taken some time to look at the rules that will be used.


Keeping in mind that there will be some modifications to the rules. In the areas regarding skills, and Magic. As well as bring in additional rules for Clerical/Divine intervention, in the form of 'Prayers for aid' to the Sacred Six.  The Pantheon of 'Good' interrelated Deities that the PC in the game, worship in one way or another.

The six pre generated PCs listed in the Wanted-Player Game Info. are available on a first come first serve basis.  So as to save time.  In your RTJ,  List your top three choices for PC you desire to play, in order of preference.  Example, '1. Morgan, 2. Rozlynn, 3. Griffo,'. Thank's.

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