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Sat 31 Oct 2015
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Basic Game Rules
Other than the standard rules, I have a few general rules about game play (not mechanics)
1) Unless you specify otherwise, everything you post is in character.
2) Since this is PbP, I ask at least 3 posts a week.  More is preferred, especially during action sequences.
3) If you're absent posting for more than 4 days consecutively, your character will be NPCed for 1 week, after which they will be dropped from the game.
Exception: If real life happens, and you expect to be absent, notify me, and your character will be NPCed for up to 2 months, at which time they will be sidelined until you return.
4)Base HP are max for the 1st level. For additional levels, divide the max level by two then add one. Add Con bonus.

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Thu 14 Jan 2016
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Basic Game Rules
This campaign starts about the middle of The Dragon Reborn. It begins in a small village in the heart of the Almoth Plain. Since the Black Tower has not yet been founded, there will be no male initiates. Likewise, It is unlikely that any Accepted (female Initiates) will be hanging out with a group that for all intents and purposes are dragonsworn. I'm for now going to limit channelers in the group to a total of 2 wilders (male or female).  Any other classes are open.

All characters start at level 3.

I'm going to be running this parallel to the books, right up through Tarmon Gaidon.  Depending on how things go, post TG may be something I'll work up.  Any interactions with main characters from the books will be minor, and limited to things off-camera that would not affect the outcome of the novels as a whole. Sorry, no assassinating Egwene. ;) This will be story driven, but much will depend on you, the main characters in this story.  I'm willing to branch into multiple parties, if things work that way.
The Wheel
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Fri 15 Jan 2016
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Basic Game Rules
Here is one map of the Westlands:

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The Wheel
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Wed 20 Jan 2016
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Basic Game Rules

When the above map appears, click on it again for an interactive map.

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