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Sat 7 Nov 2015
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RTJ and character creation
What I need in a RTJ

1) Character Name

2) Abbreviated Character Concept (e.g., "meddling mage," "crossbow sniper," "poison expert"):

3) Start by telling us something about your concept. Begin with the first word you'd use to describe this PC and give us at least 2 fully developed paragraphs that explain why you'd choose that word, or how it should be appropriate.

4) The character has to have some kind of tie to Hallein Town. Except of family or friends living there I have the following options already available (there are NPCs for that):
- escorted a merchant to Hallein Town
Ionacu Terkari is on his way to sell his goods there
- arcane knowledge:
Though Hallein itself might not be the place to look, it is a good starting point for travels across the border to Ustalav. And no, it's not only "dark arts" that can be found in Ustalav. Many a fine hero died there in the fight against the Whispering Tyrant.
- a wise old priest is living there
Oleander is said to be able to provide several interesting religious services.
- dwarven history
There can be found some remnants of dwarven structures near the town, both on Lastwall and Ustalav territory.
- rumors about a ghost
Yes, there is a ghost haunting the village from time to time.

5) Is there a campaign trait that you think would fit and you'd like to take?

6) Do you understand what kind of game we're trying to achieve, and are you truly interested in being an active part of that?

7) Please include a writing sampe, either for your intended character or a posting of another game you're especially proud of

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Sun 8 Nov 2015
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RTJ and character creation
Character Creation Rules

Starting level: 1
Alignment: any non-evil
Races: core races
Classes: core classes preferred, base and hybrid classes possible
Starting gold: max for 1. level
Attributes: arrange a total modifier bonus of 10 on your attributes (before racial bonuses)
Skills: background skills in use

Important notes:
- magic items are precious and rare (it doesn't mean that there aren't any, but none of it comes as a simple "longsword +1", but rather the "Sword of Tim, the Trollslayer"); right now we're discussing "scaling items"
- item creation feats are limited, please ask before taking them

And most important: min-maxing and munchkinry/powergaming is discouraged and won't be rewarded, while good RP and consistent teamwork will

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Tue 17 Nov 2015
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RTJ and character creation
Posting guidelines

1) Pick a color, except orange, for the dialogue of your character and use it for all dialogue in your posts.

2) Orange is for all things OOC, be it dice rolls or questions at the GM. Private Lines also work.

3) One line of speech, colored or not, is not a post. Even if you only want to state that your character agrees, please do not post a simple:

  Try rather something like:

  Prospero nods, stroking his beard thoughtfully below pursed lips. "Indeed," the old man agrees, "that seems the best course, at least until we have more information."

4) Everyone needs to be using the same tense. For this game, it is present. Please do not post in past tense.
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Thu 19 Nov 2015
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RTJ and character creation
Receiving RTJs. Asking additional questions (not necessarily a bad sign ;) ).
Most likely receiving RTJs for a week, but depending on the amount of RTJs we get.

01/14/2016: Heavily busy in RL. Sorry!

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Mon 28 Mar 2016
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RTJ and character creation
New level

HP: take average or roll