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00 - RTJ (Request to Join)
Game Concept:
This game is a twist on an old idea.  Your perfect self has done what no one else could have accomplished (See Game Info).  However, in doing so your path was changed against your will.  Now you find yourself inhabiting a new body with all the memories of your old life still clinging to you.  The only trapping of who you once were is a single item from your previous life which is now cursed and bound to your life force yet unchanged in any other way.  With what you know will you set another path than the one before or will you regain your lost glory once more?

There will be substantial player interaction with each other, the world around them, and a good smattering of Mook-slashing fun mixed in.  Players will have semi-sandbox ability to affect the world, but I'll keep things moving so we don't stagnate waiting for the next great idea.

Game Details:
 * 5-10 total (Skill, Strong Caster, Weak Caster, Melee, & Ranged at minimum)
 * Epic Character & Non-Epic Character do not have to be the same Gender/Race/Class/etc.
 * Each player must present an Epic Character Before being accepted into the game
 * Each player must present a Non-Epic Character After being accepted into the game
Posting Rate:
 * I will post at minimum 2/week and will read posts daily
 * EXP will not be used, players will level together at different points as the game progresses
 * Leveling may happen as quickly depending on the actions of the players
Books Allowed:
 * 3.5 published material upon approval (no homebrew)
 * SRD material needs no approval
Starting Gold/EQ:
 * Non-Epic Characters will start with 2000gp worth of equipment and 1 items from their Epic Character
 * Epic Characters can have 4,300,000gp worth of equipment with no item of higher value than 2,000,000
 * Homebrew Forgotten Realms (players aren't required to know the world to play)
Character Stats:
 * 4d6 seven times dropping lowest (choose 6) - or - [15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8] placed as you want - whichever ends up being better for you
Character Portrait:
 * Non-Epic character must have a picture representation presented in your of it in your character description (under Character Details).  If you need help finding one let me know.

Game No-Nos
 * No, god-modding isn't allowed (you play you, others play others, and I run the world)
 * No, your fun doesn't trump the game or the fun of others (don't be an a-hole)
 * No, you don't run the game (Yes I'll always listen and sometimes I'll correct myself)
 * No, this isn't an Evil Campaign (you were good at level 30 and you still are)
 * No, this isn't a static list (I'll add if needed and adjust as well)

RTJ Details:
Epic Level (30th) - Character Name, Race (Templates), Build, Description, 1-2 paragraphs on what you are most known for by common folk, & 1-2 paragraphs on what your family is most known for by common folk.

Non-Epic (2nd) - Race (ECL 0 or +1), Build, Description, & what commoner job do you hold while not adventuring and why.

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