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Wed 17 Aug 2016
at 04:53
01 - RTJs being considered
This is a list of the current RTJs under consideration.  I've found sharing this info helps folks make some alternative determinations since I'm actively looking to cover simple roles: Melee, Ranged, Strong Caster, Weak Caster, & Skills.  There are a few below and others in discussion but still plenty of room for submissions.
[Epic] Crusader                                             ||  [Non] Warblade
[Epic] Sorcerer/Paragon/Dragonheart Mage/Elemental Savant   ||  [Non] Rogue
[Epic] Truenamer/Wizard                                     ||  [Non] Truenamer/Wizard
[Epic] Ardent/Storm Disciple/Crystal Master                 ||  [Non] Ardent
[Epic] Warlock/Soulfire Warlock/Ruathar/Enlightened Spirit  ||  [Non] Duskblade
[Epic] Outsider/Barbarian/Ranger/Shadowdancer               ||  [Non] Monk/Ranger
[Epic] Abjurer/M. Specialist/Abj Champion/Archmage/Paragon  ||  [Non] Abjurer

[Epic] Bard/Sublime Chord/Apostle of Peace                  ||  [Non] Beguiler
[Epic] Ranger                                               ||  [Non] Ranger/Expert

[Epic] Paladin                                              ||  [Non] Bugbear   Rogue
[Epic] Binder/Paladin/Sword Sage                            ||  [Non] Human     Rogue/Binder
[Epic] Shadowcaster/Master of Shadows                       ||  [Non] Human     Shadowcaster
[Epic] Cleric/Divine Oracle/Ordained Champion/Hierophant    ||  [Non] Dwarf     Paladin
[Epic] Healer/Paragon/Combat Medic                          ||  [Non] Half-elf  Healer

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Tue 20 Sep 2016
at 05:39
01 - RTJs being considered
Current Update...

7 of 14 approved [Epic] -- 5 of 7 approved [Non-epic].

Still room for folks to RTJ and complete their Epic submissions to be included.

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Sun 23 Oct 2016
at 20:36
01 - RTJs being considered
Preference will be given to Ranged and Melee Non-Epic characters at this time.