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The Bringer
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Fri 1 Jan 2016
at 11:53
Suzanna's Bedroom
There are several guest rooms in the house. When you arrive, there is a single bed in the middle of the room with white covers, and the walls are bare. You can customise your room as much as you like.

Each bathroom in the house contains in simple bath, sink and toilet. The room is a blinding white, with every piece of equipment (towels, toothbrushes, etc.) as black as the night sky. These rooms are located around the house, and one next to each bedroom.
Suzanna Woods
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Mon 25 Jan 2016
at 22:51
Suzanna's Bedroom
She had poked her head into several rooms but they all looked the same.  Hotel room like and not very interesting.  This might be proving to be a poor lead.

After a bounce on the bed a few times, she returned the way she came.

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