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Wed 2 Mar 2016
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Ghost Castle Hasegawa
Brought together at the request of the daimyo's steward and the head priest of the Kawabe shrine, you have been asked to investigate the curse that keeps Castle Hasegawa from being reclaimed by the Hasegawa family.

Other than the basic orders to investigate and cleanse the castle if possible, it's up to you how you proceed.

You can gather whatever supplies you might need, and try to hire henchmen here in Maizuru Castle Town, or you could travel a day south to Mikka Market Town and do the same. There are some small farming villages closer to the castle that you might use as a base of operations, but you're unlikely to be able to buy more than food and drink in any of them.
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Wed 2 Mar 2016
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Ghost Castle Hasegawa
Tai's proposal:

Tai's plan as they approach the castle,provided no other pressing matters is:

To find out how far from the castle the curse extends,and the shape of the borders.  She herself will keep alert for suspicious cues from nature.  Is there a "blast radius" of dead plants or suspicious bare earth, and are the local animals avoiding it?

If the party can find the border, they'll mark it --yes, the entire perimeter-- and set up a defensive position just outside it, within sight of the main gate.

Tai and the other spellcasters/clerics will then "seed" the area (but inside the blast radius) with everything they could scrounge up that is runored to stop or repel undead -- purifying salt, holy symbols, charms, mirrors, herbs...

Next step is to send in the party's fastest runner to lure out one of the undead.  Runner will lead undead to the border, and if it won't cross voluntarily, the party will push or force it across to see what happens.  They will all be armed, armored, and bemagicked,expecting to have to fight.

If it works, by the end of the experiment they will know --about at least one type of undead:

Able to leave castle/grounds at all?
Dormant day or night or active all the time?
Able to cross the border with no effect, or demagicked if forced across?  What happens if demagicked?
Vulnerable or weak to any of the seeded items?
Fights intelligently or mindlessly attacks?  Possibly being controlled?

If, as Tai suspects, the swarms are the original troops, slain and zombified at one go,she'll be curious to see if crossing the border has no effect,makes a normal corpse --or as she secretly hopes-- brings the person to life again.  If the last, the kill-everything-that-moves-dungeon-crawl approach is right out.  In this case they'll question the person about the goings-on in the castle, then see if undead status rears its ugly head again when the person returns to the wrong side of the border.  In any case the party's objective will be to bring out and restore as many people as they can. If the ex-undead will stay human inside the castle,the party will press them to assist in rescuing their comrades and overcoming the dark spirit haunting the castle. (Hey,we could use a few more combat-types, and maybe some of them will have useful information!).

If the outside of the border is safe, the party will set up a fortified, defensible place to flee to if they get overwhelmed.
They will also have fast escape options from their side of the perimeter.

Since she has no healing spells, she'll be careful to pack medicinal herbs.  Undead bites are probably quite nasty!
Doji Suzuha
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Thu 3 Mar 2016
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Ghost Castle Hasegawa
Before setting out, Suzu goes to the nearest temple, asking for a blessing from the kami for her sword and her sword arm. She realises it might be a bit silly with a priestess along, but then she shrugs and continues praying. A bit more wouldn't hurt, right?

She doesn't really want minions to go in with her; but the exorcists are going to need help doing whatever they're doing, and at the very least she wants to keep people out. If something happens outside, the hired hands will be on screamer duty - though it means they aren't likely to survive to collect their checks.

After that, all that's left is some good sake for herself (and perhaps for the angry ghosts) and she checks in on Taishiko, to see what she needs.
Miyazaki Haruna
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Sat 5 Mar 2016
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Ghost Castle Hasegawa
Haruna's eyes widened as she heard about Taishiko's rather ambitious plan. Admittedly she herself had not thought that far ahead, and was just going to focus on praying to the gods, casting a spell to protect herself, and moving on, but it seemed that her fellow spellcaster had really thought ahead. Still, it seemed the safest plan, even if it was not one would consider very glorious or heroic. She agreed to help with the woman's plan, she figured she might have enough money to help set up something like that. That was, of course, assuming that her plan was well within the time limit of the operation, which she understood was important if the castle was to be re-garrisoned and prepared to provide a disincentive against future attacks from the rival plans.

That being said, if the plan was possible with their current resources, wealth, time, and manpower, she would wholeheartedly go through with it, since it was far better than the simpler plans she would have come up with.