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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc

You screwed up in a big way and have ended up at the bottom of the social heap. Maybe you're the (indirect?) reason a cub died during your aborted Rite of Passage, maybe you were tricked by an enemy into giving away important information, maybe you were an up-and-comer who went against one of the basic tenets of your Tribe, maybe you're a metis- at the bottom of the barrel simply because of the circumstances of your birth, or maybe you're simply a Lost Cub.

Regardless of what happened, your life is miserable. You're sure you could redeem yourself if only you had a chance, but no one will give you the opportunity to do so. The fact is, the seeds of greatness are within you. And now your chance has come.
This is a Werewolf: the Apocalypse Revised game set prior to the events leading up to the Apocalypse. I'd like to see a 24 hour turn-around on moves- if you can't post that often, please do not apply.

Brand new Werewolf players are welcome; your best bet is to play a character who doesn't know s/he's a werewolf and learn about the world in-game.

Be careful that you don't choose too great or small a misdeed. Murderers and caern violators are not going to work; neither is someone who accidentally knocked over the salt.

The game will start with the characters being drawn together from their homes, so make sure there's nothing holding you to any particular place. You can be from anywhere in the world, but must be able to speak English.

You can start as any of the following:
- a human who knows nothing about Garou
- a cub past his/her First Change, but who has not yet taken (or failed) his/her Rite of Passage
- a Rank 1 Garou who had been thrown out of his Tribe or Ronin

If you are interested in playing, please send me the following character info: Breed, Tribe, Auspice, Starting rank/position, and a short description including basic personality, the character's major goal(s) in life (aside from regaining their status), and why the character is an outcast.

Characters are not being accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis. I'm looking for characters who are well-rounded, have well-thought-out backgrounds, and look like they'll work well together.

Power-gamers, rules lawyers, single-sentance posters, min-maxers and egomaniacs need not apply. Don't bother applying with a character who is a loner, power-hungry, combat monster, or insane.

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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
Character Creation Guidelines

1. All Homids automatically get Drive 1 unless it doesn't fit into your background.

2. All Homids automatically have a driver's license (or ID card) and a passport unless you don't want one.

3. All Garou automatically get Garou Lore 1 and Tribal Lore 1. If you start as an unknowing human, you'll get it a little later, but it's still free.

4. Everyone with Resources 1+ has a bank account, ATM card and credit card(s). The amount of money in the bank/credit depends on your Resources, but this way you'll be able to access your money wherever MasterCard is accepted.

5. Every character will get one little freebie from me- a point toward a skill, an extra point of Rage, or something small that fits in with your background.

6. Only characters that know they are Garou have to come up with an outcast background. You don't have to be an outcast from human society, just from Garou society.

7. Since the group is going to be on the move for at least the first part of the game, Backgrounds like Allies and Contacts are going to be of limited use. Anyone who chooses to take them will have the option of swapping people out if they end up in a new place and have no way to use the old ones. This works especially well with Contacts.

8. Everyone is free to turn any or all of their background points into Freebie points.

9. Abilities are abilities whether they're primary or secondary. They all cost the same. Secondary abilities are usually more specific- you get a bonus if you're rolling on a secondary skills.

10. Don't put points in Totem.

11. Mentor will only work if you're willing to have a Mentor that is also an outcast.

12. I don't like Natures and Demeanors because they're too limiting, but they can help people get a handle on their characters. Please either choose one or just tell me what motivates the character.

13. Be careful that you don't choose too great or small a misdeed. Murderers and caern violators are not going to work; neither is someone who accidentally knocked over the salt.

14. The game will start with the characters being drawn together from their homes, so make sure there's nothing holding you to any particular place. You can be from anywhere in the world, but must be able to speak English.

15. You can start as any of the following:
    - a human who knows nothing about Garou
    - a cub past his/her First Change, but who has not yet taken (or failed) his/her Rite of Passage
    - a Rank 1 Garou or Ronin

16. To enter the Umbra, you need a reflective surface. This can be anything from a mirror to pool of water to someone else's eyes. You just need to be able to see your eyes in the reflection.

17. You don't start out with the optional Tribal flaw automatically. If you want it, you can take it as a regular Flaw.

18. If your background involves dealing with a sept, you can have as many items dedicated to you as you want (up to the max allowed). One set of clothing (shirt, pants, shoes, socks, underwear) counts as one item. Everything else is counted separately. Please tell me exactly what items are dedicated to you and how they appear in each form. No electronics or other Weavery things can be dedicated to start unless you're a Glass Walker.
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Sun 6 Dec 2015
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
Game Mechanics

1. I'm aiming for a 24 hour turn-around on posts. In other words, if I post something, I expect to hear from you in 24 hours. If I don't, then I'll take control of you character- the controlled character will always do as little as possible. If you won't be able to post for a long period of time, just let me know and I'll either NPC your character or write them out of the game for a while.

Obviously, we won't be able to keep to the 24 hour thing all the time. We all have lives, including me, but I'd like to have something to aim for. If 24 hours doesn't sound like it will be long enough, let's talk about it. I don't mind having a longer period of time as long as it's something we can all (usually) do.

2. One issue that always comes up is how to deal with one character forcing another to do something- either physically or through Gifts. The best way to handle it is to send a private post to me saying that you're going to use a Gift or try to do something and I'll let the other person know if it works. Of course, you should also post a description.

3. Combat is usually a nightmare. The key to a reasonable combat is having everyone post their moves fairly quickly. Here's how I handle it:
   a. I post a description of the scene.
   b. Any quick orders or yells are posted by the individual to the list- but no long discussions!
   c. Everyone sends a description of what they want to do in that round of combat to me privately. You can put in "if-thens".
   d. I post a summary of the combat to the list and send private messages to players concerning lost Health or whatever.
   e. Go to Step a and repeat until the combat is over.

4. I don't mind players being able to read what other players are doing as long as everyone remembers what their character knows. However, I will often send private posts to players about things their characters see/hear/experience/whatever. The player is free to tell others about these things or keep it a secret. It's up to you.

5. Regaining Gnosis is not done automatically. To regain Gnosis, you have to go on a ritual spirit hunt, visit a caern or other place of power, attend a Garou moot, or reconnect with your spirituality through nature (which requires Rites 1). The last ability requires spending a minimum of one hour doing something that focuses on your split nature- this can involve mediating in the spirit world or in nature, hunting, or exploring the natural or spirit world. Your chance of successfully gaining back 1 point is based on what your character does and how long they do it. The most Gnosis you can regain in a day doing this is 1.

6. Dedicating items. The first set of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, shoes, underwear) counts as one item. Everything else counts individually. An item that holds things counts extra and can carry whatever fits in it. A pocket counts as 1; average size purse costs 3, a backpack costs 5. Fetishes are automatically dedicated for free.
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Sun 6 Dec 2015
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
Alternate Pure Breed Rule

I'm using an alternate Pure Breed rule. This benefit would replace the +1/level on all Social rolls (which is way too powerful).

Here it is in the creator Scipio's words:

Each dot in Pure Breed gives you a "Shadow Dot" in one Renown category. This shadow dot does not count towards eligibility for Rank, but it does affect the way other Garou and spirits perceive and treat you. This will mostly have a roleplaying effect determined by the Storyteller.

Some examples of its utilization in a game could be:

You hail from a bloodline renowned for its fierce warriors (shadow dots in Glory). As the sept elders gather to plan the assault on the nearby Hive, you are the only Garou beneath the rank of Adren invited to join the meeting.

Your family has served faithfully as seneschals to the kings of House Crescent Moon for generations (shadow dots in Honor). When the current King sends his daughter away to be married, he sends you along as her guardian on the journey - even though there are other candidates of higher Rank and of higher personal merit.

You descend from a long line of prophets and seers (shadow dots in Wisdom). Right now, another pack has spotted enemies close to the bawn, and the enemy seems unaware of the sept's proximity. The other pack has scouted out the area, and they feel confident that a swift attack by the sept would wipe out the enemy in a matter of minutes. However, something about this makes you uneasy, and you step forward, telling the sept alpha that you have the feeling this is a trap. Choosing to trust your gut feeling over the detailed report of the other pack, the sept alpha decides on a more cautious approach.

If you decide to take Pure Breed, please specify where your "shadow dots" are. If your character knows about his/her ancestors, please provide me with a bit about them to round this out. Also, characters with Pure Breed are expected to live up to the stories about their ancestors. Think of it like having a big brother/sister ahead of you in school- you'll be expected to do as good or better than they.
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Thu 10 Dec 2015
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
List of Abilities

I just realized that there are several possible lists of abilities depending on what version of the game you're looking at. To keep things fair, here's the version that we'll be using:

Talents            Skills               Knowledges
Alertness          Animal Ken           Computer
Athletics          Crafts               Enigmas
Brawl              Drive                Investigation
Dodge              Etiquette            Law
Empathy            Firearms             Linguistics
Expression         Leadership           Medicine
Intimidation       Melee                Occult
Primal-Urge        Performance          Politics
Streetwise         Security             Rituals
Subterfuge         Stealth              Science
                   Survival             Academics

Most Secondary skills at are also available.

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Fri 11 Dec 2015
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc

I have found that it's next to impossible to look up some piece of information when threads are different locations, so each will be a different scene/act/step in the adventure. The pack will be together for the vast majority of this so it shouldn't be confusing (except at the beginning). If it's not clear, put your exact location at the top of your post. Also please post the form you are in if it is not homid.

So a post would look like this:
Dance Floor

John decided to show off his dance moves in his Crinos form...
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Wed 16 Dec 2015
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
When rolling Dice please:
- Check "Record Each Die"
- World of Darkness 2nd ed, Specialized
- put the stats you're rolling and the reason why in "Reason for Roll"
- Copy the whole thing into your post.

For example: Dex+Dodge to avoid gas can
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Wed 6 Jan 2016
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
Some of you have abilities/gifts that affect die rolls. We're going to handle that this way:

Make the roll I've given you, then optionally add a note (which can be secret/private if you like) about your modifier. I have everyone's modifiers at hand and will apply them whether you put the note in or not, but some people feel better putting it in themselves.

For example,
Using Persuasion, you get -1 Diff on social rolls. I tell you to roll Cha+Subterfuge to charmingly trick the person into telling you about their work when they shouldn't with Diff 7. Your post would look like this:

20:32, Today: GM rolled 2 success using 5d10 with the World of Darkness 2nd ed, Specialised system with a target of 7, rerolling 10s ((4,2,6,8,7)). -1 diff from Persuasion.

I'd know it's 3 successes whether you added your note on at the end or not.
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Thu 2 Jun 2016
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
Spending Experience Points

Attribute: Current rating x4
New Ability: 3
Ability: Current rating x2
Willpower: Current rating
New Gift: Rank of Gift x3
Rage: Current rating
Gnosis: Current rating x2
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
I'm modifying "The Curse" a bit to make it possible to interact with humans without always causing a panic. For the first hour of interaction, the Garou affects people as if he had Rage 1. For the second hour, Rage 2, etc. up to the Garou's actual Rage. This will make it possible to have short-term dealings with humans. The rules for the Delirium remain the same as in the book.
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Mon 15 Aug 2016
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House Rules, Creating a Character, etc
If you are not in human form, please put your current form at the top of your post in brackets. Ex. [lupus]