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Setting Info
Creation is a world both huge and yet nearly empty. If you'd like to put details of a group, organization, or anything else you've put into your backstory, do so here.

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Setting Info
The Broken Jewel of the South

Chiaroscuro is a land of beautiful ruins and a teeming metropolis rivaling Nexus in trade and wealth. The city's many glass towers fell when the Scarlet Empress turned the Sword of Creation on rebels in the city, but a handful of these artifacts remain, as well as a solid sea of golden glass where the towers of melted First Age structures spread. The towers that still exist vary from beautiful structures to buildings up to 200 stories high with functioning magical elevators, climate control, and even running water. Others hold only a small portion of amenities.

Delzahn nobles and wealthy merchants alike rent these structure, but just as many people live in adobe homes or huts of constructed glass collected from debris. And the poorest and most downtrodden live in what seems a refuge tent as people from across Creation come to get lost in the enormous city. The ports teem with Guild merchants and Delzhans selling glass wares, meats, or stranger things found in the desert.

Despite teeming with life, centuries of death and the Delzahn ancestor cults have brought forth a number of small (though mostly contained) Shadowlands. Ghosts take part in as much trade and bustle as those who have yet to pass. Much like stranger things still - virtually anyone who is not causing trouble can get by in Chiaroscuro.

Though exactly 1001 citizens and 1001 ghosts live in the district of Plaza where an old woman, tall and aged and dressed in red and gold, keeps watch. Worship of this Grandmother Bright is certainly not uncommon, nor is asking the powerful goddess a variety of favors, though these always come at a strange price.

Though outside Plaza, she exerts no influence save where her acquaintances might handle favors for her. Most of the city is ruled by the Tri-khan, a King descended from the legendary Delzahn leader. While his rule extends to the nomads throughout the Southern deserts, not all find their urban cousins to be true members of their kind.

[For more information on Chiaroscuro and the South, See Exalted pg 96-98]
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Setting Info
City and country Delzahn share an elaborate dueling code. Many of the young men—especially those from noble houses—watch for any insignificant slight as a chance to flaunt their dueling prowess. Close combat duels take place in a circle quickly scratched on the ground. The Delzahn also enjoy horse archery duels, in which the duelists gallop about shooting at each other. Most duels end at first blood, when one combatant forces the other out of the dueling circle or when one archer marks another with a pigmentcoated fowling arrow. Still, accidental death or maiming does happen. Serious duels sparked by jealousy or accusations of dishonor are often intentionally to the death.

Most of Chiaroscuro’s folk (Delzahn and otherwise) regard these duels both as an enjoyable spectator sport and as an excellent opportunity for gambling. Non-Delzahn, however, are not exempt from challenge. One may refuse a challenge from a Delzahn commoner at cost of nothing more than honor and hooting laughter. Anyone challenged by a Delzahn noble, however, must either fight or leave Chiaroscuro before the next sunrise.

By dueling etiquette, the challenged person decides what weapon both parties shall use. Blades are traditional; so are archery duels or flame pieces at just within the limit of their range (whoever steps back shows his cowardice). Many young nobles practice with a wide assortment of weapons, though, so a hapless merchant who finds he has somehow insulted a noble’s lineage cannot escape with a bluff by choosing some exotic armament. He may, however, win points for chutzpah and turn a potentially lethal confrontation into a mild wound and a bit of laughter at his expense.
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Setting Info

Tamas Khan, the Tri-Khan, and the Lesser Khans
The legendary Hero-King Tamas Khan, blessed by the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Dragons, and every lesser divinity named by the Delzahn, led his tribes into Chiaroscuro and took the Gem of the South for his people. The many bands that had formed the Delzahn became one under him and the three major tribes stayed distinct but united groups. Half the Delzahn stayed into the city, half returned to their nomadic life, and through reforms, Tamas Khan, known as Kha-Khan ("King of Kings"), created the Khan Hierarchy.

The leader of the three major tribes of the Delzahn, the Tri-Khan are the direct descendants of Tamas Khan. The current holder of the title is an aging man named Yejouj Khan (pictured right), one of the craftiest Tri-Khans recorded in history. He hopes his son will take the responsibility of Khan-ship soon, for he knows that his time is limited and he has many enemies after nearly 40 years as the ruler of Chiaroscuro. However, many nobles recognize that the apple fell very far from the tree.

Semano is a bright young man, but not a skilled talker, and certainly not up for the divide between the Realm, the Guild, the urban Delzahn, and the nomadic tribes should they all want him to favor their decisions. Who might be able to get the most out of him will only be seen once the skilled diplomat in the throne finally passes the title on.

One in six Delzahn is considered a noble, whose titles, power, and wealth vary greatly, though cultural standards demands they flaunt all three. Their title is added to their name and they are expected to show off rings, jewelry, fine clothing, or simply the size of their herd for many of the nomadic brothers.
Khans hold the most power, overseeing one of the three great tribes.
Orkhans lead septs, the smaller families in a tribe
Beykhans are high ranking nobility in a sept, but do not rule a sept
Pashakhans are the lowest ranking nobility in a sept, but are still above the common workers of the Delzahn people

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