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Sat 7 May 2016
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Chapter 1: The High and Lows

The heat from Chiaroscuro's blazing Southern days fades with the fall of night, while the towers in the oldest and wealthiest district begin to give off a faint glow.

The night cools, but brightens as the streets of ruby-red glass below lead towards the towers that reach as far as the eye can see.

It is easy to tell person from person apart, for it is only the Delzahn or those esteemed enough to be guests who join you.

Of course, while many live in beautiful towers of glass throughout the city, it is hard to deny that every amenity possible makes the varying shades of glass of the Tri-Khan's tower make it the most beautiful as all. The dull heat lingering fades to a pleasantly cool environ. The dryness of the dessert becomes a soft moist air inside. And above, to the sides, everywhere around there is the gorgeous glass ceilings, walls, and floors.

Among each noble introduced, some with clearly more defined status and pull to their title, are of course the guests of the Tri-Kahn. The herald calls out names from far and wide, desert tribesman to the Delzahn of the city, to Guild merchants and even

"Zhu Yin, esteemed Exorcist, who has cleaned the things lurking in shadows from many a home, saving countless lives," most of this an exaggeration for your help in dealing with an ancestor ghost who would not leave him family be. It was not even exorcised - just a matter of speaking and bargaining with it. The family happened to be Guild merchants who included your name on the guest list as a favor.

"Silken Sash, who..." he pauses a moment, unsure of how the name came to be on his list, but does not stop your entry.

Ki- Chi- Qui-Quixotic Quetzal" he says, struggling with the exotic name a few times before finishing his introduction, "Ambassador for Grandmother Bright of the Plaza." The goddess herself never mingled, but the invitation had quickly gone to the one she'd felt could best represent her.

Presenting Seven-Folded Rose, who's handiwork carried Pasha-khan Nergui through the desert sandstorms and forged him a ring of shimmering beauty.". Of course, exaggerated as it is, the broken horse shoes of Nergui would have prevented him from attending and you are responsible for that.

[When you actually arrive at the party is up to you, as is what you plan to do for a bit. Lirin is there, however, his job is to be on the lookout for funny business]
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Sat 7 May 2016
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Chapter 1: The High and Lows
The news that she'd be attending a classy gala in Grandmother Bright's stead had made Ixie light up with excitement, but fortunately, Grandmother Bright had stressed well enough that she wasn't to cause a ruckas at the party. After all, it would reflect badly on the Goddess and her Plaza.  Such it was that Quixotic Quetzal showed up without her weapons, though she had gone to a bit of lengths with some green and gold eye shadow and some simple gold jewelry to decorate her hair a little bit beyond the norm, if only to play along with the party. She really was curious what kind of reception she'd get, this time.

Right away, things were a little awkward, thanks to the herald, but she was eager to dive right in and mingle as best she could. She covered her mouth with a little laugh as the herald struggled, and she stepped over with a perky, energetic spring to her step, clapping her hand on his shoulder lightly. "hehe~ Relax. It's a mouthful~!" She reassured the herald, then offered a little wave. "Seeya, I'm off to grab a drink~" She chimed. She spoke pretty decent Flametongue, her voice warm and playful.

Grandmother Bright had been very strict: only a few drinks, spaced out. So she might as well get the first one now!  Ixie stood out from most, and not just for her wings. She was bubbly and energetic, perhaps much as one might expect of a fae-blood (as she was said to be, amongst those who knew of her already),  offering little waves when she caught people looking her way. Were it not for people's tendencies to... distrust... inhuman creatures, she might've well-fit the notion of a social butterfly.

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Chapter 1: The High and Lows
Seven-Folded Rose was... not the prettiest woman. In fact, in this illustrious company, the rough-hewn features of a person who was just a few inches off being a giant stood out even before the fact that she wore a plain leather tunic and breeches instead of fine silks and cotton.

She also had a reputation for being dumb as a bag of rocks and honest as the day was long.

This was Seven-Folded Rose. Rumoured to be touched by the Sun, a wanderer from the Southeast, whose hands had beaten out powerful weapons including the orichalcum-and-jade forge-hammer she blatantly wielded in battle and at the forge.