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The Divine Panoply
Gi of Five Tigers (Artifact 5, Orichalcum and Starmetal Silken Armor)

Before the Lawgivers slew the enemies of the gods - before the First Age - before even the Sidereals understood the katas of Mars and Saturn, it was the Solar Exalted caled First Sun's Rays who practiced the first Martial Arts. While none remember what form the style took or even how he awakened to such celestial awareness, the wearers of this armor follow in the footsteps of greatness. Those who have found and donned the cloak in millennia since have always gone from humble beginnings to legendary ends...if  they can handle the raw power it awakens in their soul.

The Gi of Five Tigers is a robe, belt, and headband combination, sewn with fabrics of spun golden Orichalcum and red-tinted Starmetal. It flows with the person's body, providing comfort without hindrance. In the headband has a single Orichalcum socket that may hold a single hearthstone.

Evocations of the Gi of Five Tigers
Despite fine threads of Starmetal, the Gi of Five Tigers provides it's benefits only for a Solar Exalt. Any Solar who has Brawl as a favored or Caste ability automatically gains the Martial Artist merit if they did not before. They may learn Martial Arts without a sifu as in drawing on inner understanding of the divine. In addition, the Gi gives the Exalt an air of mastery about their countenance. No matter the setting, wounds, bloodstains, or even the sweat and dirt on their brow do not seem inappropriate, but rather indicative of their skill in their role. This does not hide these, but instead make every wound and scar a talking point at even the most formal gala or ball - this allows the Solar to calculate their Guile as (Charisma + Higher of Brawl or Martial Arts)/2 - people must overcome the appeal of stories about the bleeding cut in the Solars side rather than try to see through lies she tells.

Any Solar who learns Martial Arts and then removes the Gi of Five Tigers will find themselves at a -1 penalty to both their evade, parry, and any rolls related to their martial art, until they pay the experience cost of the Martial Artist merit or redawn the armor.

Hypnotic Tiger Stripe Pattern
Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Perilous
Duration: One turn
Those who cannot strike the Exalt do not deserve to fight her. As the Lawgivers strafes in patterns that draw the senses off balance, opponents find they strike nothing but where she was. This charm cancels all penalties to Evasion for one round.

Swords are Blades of Grass
Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Perilous
Duration: One turn
Prerequisite: Hypnotic Tiger Stripe Pattern

Much like a tiger hides among grass, the Solar hides among her enemies weapons. This charm can only be activated on a turn that Hynotic Tiger Stripe Pattern was activated. Rather than negating Onslaught penalties, the Solar may add half the penalty (rounded up) to her Evasion. In addition, whenever she dodges an attack, she may increase that opponent's onslaught penalty by 1 by paying an additional 3i.

Demigod Predator Strikes
Cost: 5m, 2i; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Counterattack, Decisive Only, Perilous
Duration: Instant

The Bronze Tiger laughs as enemies try to strike her. They have already lost the fight. Whenever the brawler or martial artist evades an attack, she may use this charm to roll a decisive counterattack that has a base-damage of the opponent's current onslaught penalty. This does not reset her to base initiative, nor does it count as her action for the turn.

Elephant-Felling Victory Feast
Cost: 4m, 8m, or 12m; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Simple
Keywords: Dual, Perilous

When a Solar strikes, she does it to level mountains, slay behemoths, or protect the ones she loves. The Solar makes an unarmed Brawl or Martial Arts attack. On a withering attack, the Solar's unarmed strike gains the stats of a lethal artifact weapon. For 4m, this is Light; for 8m, this is Medium; for 12m, this is Heavy. On a decisive attack, this charm enhances the Solars damage, granting double 10s for 8m, or double 9s for 12m, and always makes the damage Lethal.

If this charm crashes or kills a significant target, the Solar regains a spent Willpower. This charm can only be used once per day, but may be reset if the Solar kills a significant threat with a decisive attack of at least 15 initiative rolled.

Raging Demigod Roar
Cost: 5m, 5i; Mins: Essence 4
Type: Simple
Keywords: Decisive-Only
Prerequisite: Elephant-Felling Victory Feast

As fury builds up inside the warrior, she must find an outlet for her rage. Her enemies will soon know how they have wronged her. This charm allows for a decisive Brawl attack to be made against all enemies up to a range-band away by rolling the Solar's current Limit with Double 10s, rather than her initiative for the damage. This charm always increases her Limit by 1 before it's use. If this increase causes the Solar to Limit Break, then after the charm's use, they immediately enter Berserk Anger, finding anyone they do not have a Positive Tie towards to be a threat or the source of their inner pain.

This charm is limited to once per Story unless the Solar Limit breaks, in which case it resets once they regain their Willpower from the intense Catharsis

Special Activation Rule: A Solar cannot learn this evocation unless they have Limit Broken before.

Ascendant Demigod Form
Cost: 10m; Mins: Essence 5
Type: Simple
Keywords: Form
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite: All other evocations

Upon learning this charm, all passions the wearer has seem to flare at once. Their senses catch fire. Their essence itself seems to flare up. This charm, even if paid from Personal essence, causes the Exalt's anima to flare 2 levels. This charm grants the Exalt bonus non-charm dice to all Brawl or Martial Arts rolls equal to her anima banner level. If the Exalt is explicitly protecting, defending, honoring, or fighting for a Defining intimacy, these are instead added as non-charm successes to her rolls. In addition, she gains the following gambits (which always benefit from this bonus):

Pouncing Spiritual Tiger Flare: Difficulty 4: After attempting, the Exalt's anima banner dampens one level. The weight of Exalt's soul can be measured only by its greatness which weighs upon her enemies. Upon striking an enemy, their body feels as if something constantly pushes against it. This gambit inflicts a penalty to all Dexterity based actions the target performs for the remainder of the scene equal to the Exalt's Essence score.

Caress of the Gentle Tiger: Difficulty 4: After attempting, the Exalt's anima banner dampens one level. By pressing her palm to a target, they are infused with the Light of her anima, and then blown away by it's might. This charm pushes a target back one range band and inflicts damage of a short fall on them. If their initiative is lower than the Exalt's, she may make a reflexive Rush action against this Gambit's difficulty - if she succeeds, then she may make a decisive attack that rolls (target's onslaught penalty x 2) dice, that does not reset her to base initiative.

Five Tigers Climb to Heaven: Difficulty 6, 7, or 8: After attempting, the Exalt's anima banner dampens one level. After striking with an upwards attack, the Exalt's anima magnifies the blow, carrying the enemy higher and higher. This gambit sends the target up to one range band per current level of anima (difficulty increasing by 1 for each) straight upwards, they proceed to fall and take damage as normal.

This charm can only be used once per scene and ends immediately if the Exalt's anima is reduced to the dim level.
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The Divine Panoply
Twilight Prince (Artifact 3 - Starmetal and Blue Jade Daiklave)

When the Dragonblooded and Sidereals rose up to usurp the First Age Solars, not all conflicts came to lakes of blood and world shaking wars. One Lawgiver asked his Sidereal lover "Why?" - the Chosen of Endings knew he would ask and presented the Solar with a blade of Starmetal and Blue Jade - a daiklave that demanded judgment delivered by a Solar hand.

When Twilight Prince was first picked up, the Solar merely had to ask: "Am I guilty?" When he pondered his crimes for only a moment, he understood. He took his own life and the Chosen of Endings took his Exaltation to be locked away in Jade. But the Daiklave was made for a Solar and a righteous Solar it waited for.

The Starmetal blade is accented by Blue Jade, which runs from halfway down the blade for forming the entirety of the hilt and pommel. Twilight Prince has a single hearthstone setting.

Evocations of the Twilight Prince
The Twilight Prince answers the Lawgives call of guilty with punishments of execution, for it is Twilight Prince's fate to strike down the enemies of its wielder. If the Solar can declare a person guilty of a crime or indiscretion with certainty, then she may add the Accuracy bonus of Twilight Prince to decisive attack pools.

Celestial Blade Eminence
Cost: 3m, 2i; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Decisive-Only
Duration: Instant

Paupers may not raise a hand to a true king less their hand would shake from magnificence. Other weapons may not raise themselves to defend those the Twilight Prince judges less they be cut down too. This evocation enhances a disarm made with Twilight Prince, granting Double 10s on the initiative roll. If the roll manages to accumulate at least double the needed successes (normally 6), then a mundane weapon is cut to unusable pieces. An artifact weapon is thrown an additional range band instead.


Mask Shattering Advance
Cost: 8m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Simply
Keywords: Clash, Psyche, Withering-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite: Celestial Blade Eminence

None can say no to the Lawgivers demands. By pointing Twilight Prince at a target and accusing them of a deed, the Solar makes an opposed roll of (Charisma + Melee) against their (Manipulation + Socialize). If successful, the target must immediately admit to guilt. If they are bound by oaths, spells like Corrupted Words, or sorcerous workings, they gain automatic successes equal to the [Essence score] of the origin of that magic unless the wielder of Twilight Prince pays an additional Willpower point, in which case the effects and repercussions of any such oath are temporarily nullified in that instant if the Solar's permanent Essence is higher than the source of that magic.

In addition, if this evocation is activated in combat, then it is considered a withering Clash attack.


Absolution / Execution
Cost: 6m, 1wp, 3a; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Aggravated, Decisive-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite: Mask Shattering Advance

The Solar proclaims his word law and his victim guilty. As Twilight Prince strikes into its target, the voice of the blade echoes in his mind. "Do you beg forgiveness or execution?" In that moment, the target may choose. If he chooses Forgiveness, the Blade pass harmlessly through his body and into his very soul, leaving a 'scar' as a Defining Intimacy reflecting the atonement akin to Caress of 1000 Hells. Attempting to re-initiate combat crashes the target and brings him to -10 initiative immediately.

Should he choose Execution, the charm's effect instead inflicts lethal damage that bypassess hardness as a normal decisive attack, gaining both (Essence) bonus dice and double 10s. Creatures of Darkness (such as demons, fair folk, and undead) almost always chose Execution - their very existence cannot be forgiven, and this charm deals aggravated damage against them.
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The Divine Panoply
Yueji (Artifact 3, Green Jade Grimscythe)

In all four directions, war tears apart Creation and creates a world filled with horrors. But fighting is the nature of the Exalted - it is as much a part of their very soul as art and music - and even strife can be beautiful. Dangerous elegance becomes deathly perfection when Yueji is in the hands of one who understands this simple truth.

The Grimscythe forged of Green Jade is sleek and minimalist, the leaf-styled etchings across it's form only hint to the wicked nature of the work of art. Yueji had 3 hearthstone slots found at the join of the handle and head of the scythe.

Evocations of Yueji
In the hands of a Dragonblooded or Solar, Yueji and wielder seem joined as one elegant dervish on the battlefield. The Exalted's anima takes on a floral detail, whether minor (such as the scent of rose petals in the anima of an Air aspect) or major (a Twilight's iconic mandala anima becoming entrenched in thorns, for example). No matter the details of this effect, whenever the Exalt's anima flares while they are in battle, their Appearance increased by 1 during that time, even if this would put their Appearance above 5.

Red Like Roses
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2
Types: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Aggravated, Decisive-only, Perilous

Ink becomes artwork in a master's hand and blood becomes the paint for the artist who wields the brush named Yuejin. This charm supplements a decisive attack, causing blood to flow from the target's wounds as rose petals, sapping away Essence and Initiative equal to the health levels inflicted by the attack.

If an attack supplemented by this evocation hits a spirit, fair folk, or other being composed primarily of Essence (such as a ghost, but not a zombie), this attack causes their very essence to bleed from their bodies. The attack inflicts Aggravated damage and if the attack kills the spirit, disperses them into a bloom of rose petals, preventing them from reforming.

Special Activation Rules: This evocation requires the character to be an artist of some kind. This might take the form of Craft, Linguistics, or even Perform rated at 4+.

Blood Blooms Beautifully
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Decisive-Only, Perilous
Duration: One round
Pre-requisite: Red Like Roses

This charm may be activated anytime an enemy has been successfully hit with it's pre-requisite. The rose petals of blood and Essence spread around the Yuejin and wielder, creating a zone of light cover in Close range around her that she alone may see through. If this evocations prerequisite killed the target, the cover is heavy instead. Regardless of the level of cover gained, this effect ends after Yuejin's wielder next acts.

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