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Tue 8 Dec 2015
at 01:08
Free Time Allocations: Sego
Day X

Time Allocated
Location (if applicable)
Selected Benefit

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Tue 8 Dec 2015
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Free Time Allocations: Sego
Day 2 Time available: 11 hours
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Wed 9 Dec 2015
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Free Time Allocations: Sego
Day 2

5 Hours
Mahou City

3 Hours
Wherever Exploration Ends Up

3 Hours
Junk Shop(duh)
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Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 09:44
Free Time Allocations: Sego
Sego first goes the dorm lounge for breakfast. There, she socializes for two hours, meeting Lucille and Sheila.

After that, she explores the town with Lisa for five hours, discovering 3 shops, the Animal Park, and Odenise Industries.

After that, she goes to the Junk Shop to work for 3 hours. There, Kaldera talks to her about her work schedule, and agrees to have her work night shifts (1800 - 2200) on weekdays.
While on the job, Sego has to help Shelby with something in the rubble pile.
No Bonus
Perk selection required

After that, Sego meets up with Lisa again and goofs around with her until it's time to go to the party. They do a good job of talking each other up and boosting each others' confidence.
Sego gets +1 to any one non-distraction social roll made within the week