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The Storyteller
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Sat 28 May 2016
at 00:56
"The process of delving into the abyss is, to me, the keenest form of fascination."
-H.P. Lovecraft

The sun sinks below the haze of the Los Angeles skyline.  Shadows creep slowly as the street lamps slowly flicker to life, pushing back the night.

This is your time, and you waken in your haven, the vitae flowing through you and bringing you back to a semblance of life.

As you rise, you notice a letter, bearing a seal with a serpent wrapped around a tree: the seal of the Prince of the city, left by some unknown means.  The seal breaks easily, and a hand scrawled note inside reads,


Your presence is required at Elysium this night.  The Primogen shall be in attendance as well.  With due speed, make your way to the Palace Theatre.  This is the night of your Presentation to the Camarilla.

Damien Legrande
Prince of Los Angeles

The Storyteller
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Wed 1 Jun 2016
at 03:38
Nights later...

You've rested, recovering from your task.  The prince has thus been silent, but those Kindred you meet speak of your task with tacit admiration.  Already, you can feel them assessing you, sizing you up.  Are you a potential ally in the eternal struggle, a pawn to be exploited, or a potential threat to be destroyed.  Your lives are scant decades.  The Jyhad has been waged for millennia.

Your reverie is broken by a small ping alerting you to new e-mail.  Glancing, you can see the sender: Prince LeGrande.

It reads:

Greetings, neonate.

My personal congratulations on your success.  Rest assured, Blitz has informed me of your timely and concise handling of her task.  It is well to see that you can handle diverse and hostile situations.  I am not the only who will take notice.

Many will request your services over time.  It will behoove you to pay respect to those who do so, as they will protect and aid you in turn.  For now, your nights are your own.  Should I call you to service, I shall contact you through this medium or another.

Damien Legrande
Prince of Los Angeles

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The Storyteller
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Sat 4 Jun 2016
at 04:46
The words of the Prince prove prophetic.  Word of your success spreads quickly.

Drake, for his part, has been sent to the warrens to be looked after by the Nosferatu.  With some luck and care, he may yet recover.

Another e-mail arrives shortly.  Normally, a title such as Coupons for Free Stuff! would be picked up by your spam filter.  Curiously, it reads:

Isn't giving gifts fun?  Why not come to Martin's Gifts and Goods for a bloody good time!  Get it?  Bloody?  Because you're a vampire!  Oh, bring your friends.  I'm sure they have birthdays in the next year!

Clearly, whoever wrote it isn't all there, and the e-mail address is hidden, making tracking difficult.

Ellie is waiting in the Chantry when she is approached by another apprentice named Marcus.  He speaks with a nervous stutter, something you understand is a fairly common practice with him.

"Ah...Ellie...I, er, have a small matter I was hoping you and your friends might be able to help me with.  There's a tome, something I think we should acquire...but it's a bit...out of the way for me...would you be willing to help?"

Finally, word has been passed around the Carlos has a small task for anyone willing to help.