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Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:31
RJT: Read here.
This game is rated mature, so please make sure you know RPoL's rules on mature games.

RPoL.net Mature Policy

For those wanting to join, I require a few things.

1) An idea of what your character is about.  Just a short blurb on background, what they do, who they are.

2) At the top of your request to join, put "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."  Yes, this is important.  Without that line, I will ignore your RTJ.

I will be trying to post at least once every other day, as well as on the weekend.  I can move at a slower pace for people who need it.

You have a wide range of characters that you could play in this game.  Cops, security personnel, gangers, smugglers, runners and so on.  You can go solo, or be part of a regular team of whatever (a police squad, a runner group, gangers, etc).  I will make it work for you.

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