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The Big D
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Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 16:45
OOC Thread #2
Boston Slim, Painted Man, Keys, Sleight, Rex, Axel, Bean, Catchy, Morningstar (soon Tiger Lily), Rasputin, Iris, and Cipher.

All of you have expressed an interest in continuing.  12 people works out to 3 groups of 4 characters, which is rather neat and tidy I think.  I'm going to work out your contacts overlap (again), and then get those groups back together.

I've switched the group # for the runs we had on the go to hide them.  I'm just going to do a flat reboot of the runs, obviously they'll be a bit different from what I had started.  Everything should be fresh.

The premise remains the same, the City of Boston is in lockdown.  No traffic gets in or out.  Some corporations seemed to have had inside information, and fled the city ahead of the lockdown, while others remain trapped with many of the city's denizens.  Business is still business, however, and there is money and reputation to be made.

If you need more time to tidy things up, say so.  Let me know where your characters stand, if you haven't already.  Almost good to go here!

Also, new OOC thread.
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Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 09:18
OOC Thread #2
Nobody seems to be posting.  I hope everyone is still here or at least enough for one group to be able to play.....:)