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The Big D
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Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:42
Contact... let's make CONTACT!
This thread will contain a list of contacts available for characters to use.

Just so you don't forget, your character gets their Charisma rating x 3 in free karma to spend on contacts.  Each contact has a connection and loyalty rating, and each point in costs 1 karma.  Your minimum cost on a contact, then, is 2 karma.

The contacts listed below will cost you 2 karma, but as you can see, they offer much better connection and loyalty ratings.

I do this so that folks might choose the same contacts, which may make it easier to pull everyone into a 'run.
The Big D
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Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:44
Fats Tuesday
A gunslinger adept, known for the clichéd leather jacket and dual pistols he carries around, and one of the fastest guns on the street.  Always able to apply just the right amount of pressure at the right time, he gets the job done the way it's planned.

Gunfu Adept: L3|C3

"Have guns, will travel."
The Big D
 GM, 6 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:48
Spanner, Artisan Mechanic
An old hand at fixing all things mechanical, Spanner left the dry, boring world of corporate machineshops and struck out on his own.  Now he repairs and upgrades vehicles for gangers, civilians and 'runners alike.  Running his operations out of an abandoned (but rebuilt) warehouse in Old Chinatown, he has agreements with the local gangs, and for the most part the area is quiet and crime-free.

Mechanic: L2|C4

Did you break it again?  Need a little more speed or armor?  Got a fancy piece of machinery that you can't make heads or tails of?  Spanner will get the job done.  If yer credit is good.  Okay, he takes cash too.
The Big D
 GM, 7 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:49
Colonel Jack, retired Colonel of the UCAS Army
Jack Deckard is a brilliant strategist, but is cursed (he says blessed) with a blunt personality, and he takes no bulldrek whatsoever.  This lead to his never being able to rise above the rank of Colonel, rather, it kept him at Colonel, despite several promotions.  He preferred it that way.

Taking early retirement, Jack uses his extensive contacts to supply ex-Army personnel with discrete employment and the latest technology and gear.  His company trains mercenary groups, and provides secondary supply lines in times of trouble.

Former Colonel of the UCAS Army: L3|C5

Looking for the latest in milspec gear?  Looking for a side job to make ends meet?  Did you retire and then find that normal jobs are boring?  Look no further than Colonel (ret.) Jack!
The Big D
 GM, 8 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:50
Captain Delancy, UCAS air force pilot
Captain Delancy, aka Hotstatic, is an air force pilot with an exemplary record.  While he is trained on combat aircraft, he really shines while piloting supply aircraft.  The greater the pressure, the better his performance, and he's never missed a drop yet.

Air Force Pilot: L3|C3

What, you need 20 tonnes of supplies landed at a remote airstrip only a few hundred yards long?  No problemo!  Oh, you need a pickup in the same place?  That'll cost you extra, chummers.  Might want to stand back a bit, this is going to be tight.  Run a blockade?  Won the lotto recently, I see.
The Big D
 GM, 9 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2015
at 03:51
Dirk Niewoehner, Faceman.
A middle-aged man of dashing appearance, Dirk is known in shadow circles as a preeminent conman able to talk his way out of just about everything.  No one is certain what his actual appearance is, as he has extensive skills in disguise, and has appeared as a wide variety of skin colours, ages, both genders, and even as an elves and orks.

Faceman: L3|C4

That's right, I've talked my way into, and out of, more hairy situations than I'd like to admit to.  Yes, I can represent your group to that prestigious client, but as with everything in life, it'll cost you.
The Big D
 GM, 10 posts
Sat 12 Dec 2015
at 18:01
Mumbleweed, Street Magician
An upstart in magical circles, Mumbleweed made his debut helping to thwart an attack on a Seattle magical group.  Despite seemingly increased magical defenses, he was able to send the hit team packing.  Since then, he has taken on several high profile jobs, successfully defending clients from those who would kidnap or kill them.

Street Magician: L4|C2

Need someone who'll watch your back during a sensitive or dangerous meeting, conference or shopping excursion?  Looking for a little extra magical punch for a snatch-n-grab?  Mumbleweed has firepower in spades.
The Big D
 GM, 11 posts
Sat 12 Dec 2015
at 18:03
Dances-With-Sprites, Technomancer.
A young female human who emerged recently as a technomancer.  Having fought off a number of extraction attempts, she went online to recruit the best and brightest of her kind, and has gathered them under her protection.  Specializing in matrix intrusion and recovery, she hires herself (and select others of her group) out to local, independent interests.

Despite their best efforts, she has turned down all corporate offers of employment, both legit and gray market jobs.

Technomancer: L2|C3

Need floor plans and defense layouts for your next job?  Looking for electronic intervention in a timely fashion?  Need a distraction to make your getaway?  Dances-With-Sprites is always available... unless you're a corporate lackey.
The Big D
 GM, 12 posts
Sat 12 Dec 2015
at 18:04
Sergeant Jones, aka Crapgame, Supply Sergeant
Shawn Jones is a supply sergeant, having worked his way up the ranks any way he could.  He now rules his roost.  He has a real knack for getting what people need to where they need it, and on time.  While outright bribery will get you no where, subtle hints and "interesting" gear can get you the gear you need, usually no questions asked.

Supply Sergeant: L2|C4

Whaddaya need?  Hmm, those aren't standard issue, soldier.  Ah right, I was looking for one of those, wasn't I?  Where'd ya say you needed this?
The Big D
 GM, 25 posts
Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 12:01
David Dennant, aka Bones
Bones is a top notch surgeon at Boston General, with a broad and deep knowledge of metahumanity.  Even the most invasive surgeries cause little no lasting damage for those who are magically inclined.

He is also well connected, and regularly takes it upon himself to arranged for surgeries that might not otherwise be performed.

You're in good hands.

Surgeon L2|C4

"You will be fine.  You will have to stay off your feet for a few months though.  No, even cyberlegs require recovery time.  Yes, I'm sure."
The Big D
 GM, 27 posts
Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 14:40
Boston Slim
Boston Slim knows the ins and outs of Boston, and has a reputation as a fixer on the rise.  From jobs to gear, chances are he know a guy who knows a gal who can get you what you need.

For a price, naturally.

Fixer L3|C4

Hoi, chummer, Boston Slim got just what you need.

** Note: Boston Slim is a player character.  You should work out the details with the player about how your character would know Boston Slim.