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The Big D
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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 17:16
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Okay, this was a great Idea, so here is a board people can use to post their skills and abities.
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 All-natural, but the best
 natural money can buy.
Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 17:32
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Bean is mob muscle and heavily augmented with bioware. She was quick and tough even before the augmentation. She's not going to be arm-wrestling trolls any time soon, but she's pretty strong and can dance on a tightrope.

Ms. Donnelly is a professional combatant, deadly with unarmed combat, claws and pistols. She does legbreaking and personal security and therefore also comes with heavy doses of perception, intimidation, athletics, and stealth. She knows her way around a meeting (etiquette), can drive in a pinch (some pilot ground vehicle combined with her augmented reaction), and knows enough first aid to stabilize somebody if she's got wireless on a good medkit. She's also got just enough performance to grab people's attention at karaoke night.

Shared Contacts: Boston Slim, Dances-with-Sprites, David Dennant

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 Nocturna thief
 Follower of Cat
Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 17:43
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Catchy, female nocturna cat burglar (mystic adept).

Exceptional Skills
Blades, Escape Artist, Gymnastics (jumping), Locksmith, Palming, Sneaking
Notable Skills
Area Knowledge: Boston, Boston Sprawl Life, Disguise, Gymnastics (balance), Perception, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Spellcasting

Notable Weaknesses
Sunlight, Daytime, Firearms, Social Skills, General Education, Staying Power

Dances-With-Sprites, Mumbleweed
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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 17:52
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
In reply to The Big D (msg # 1):

Axel is big. like, really big. and he hits like a mack truck with a battering ram on it. he's more than just big dumb muscle though, omae. he's a hell of a tracker, and he could work wonders with a block of C4 and a bit of free time.
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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 20:40
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
-never mind, see below-

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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 20:59
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Gun Slinger by trade. Bodyguard too.

Active skills: Pistols, Running, Gymnastics, Freefall, perception, Stealth group, Ettiquette

Knowledge skills: Street gang Politics and Id's, Local fixers, Local Bars/ clubs, Small Unit tactics. English, Elvish, Japanese, Spanish.

Shared Contacts : Col. Jack Deckard.
Boston Slim
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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 21:33
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
All you need to know is that Boston Slim can hook you up with what you need. Boston Slim don't run the shadows, he offers valuable goods and services to those who run the shadows.

All like Boston Slim's daddy used to say. Best way to earn money in a gold rush is to be the one selling the shovels.
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Tue 15 Dec 2015
at 22:58
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills

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Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 00:44
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Morningstar styles himself like the Devil, and as expected, he's an excellent fast-talker and conman. He's a magician too, but he keeps that on the down low.

Social skills: Con, Impersonation, Influence Skill Group

Magic skills: Conjuring, Spellcasting

Sensory skills:
Assensing, Perception

Minor skills: Demolition, Pilot Aircraft, Computer, Electronics

Knowledge skills: Psychology, Erotic Massage, Finance
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Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 02:46
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Sleight is focused on Spell Casting and Summoning
He is somewhat observant and reasonably skilled at Astral Combat as he is a full mage.

Knowledge skills revolve around magic, how to handle the cops, smugglers, and smuggling routes.

Trid Phantasm
Lightning Ball
Stat Boosters

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 Ex-Con Contract Security
 Ork Rigger
Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 03:46
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Lorex is an ex-con working as a 'private security contractor,' essentially a semi-legit mercenary.

He doesn't have a lot of combat aptitude himself. Just the pistol and a little hand-to-hand. He is a skilled driver-pilot. He can also repair and improve air & ground craft.

Lorex is fitted with a control rig. He has a bunch of drones for a mix of information gathering and combat. He is far better at directing his drones to attack than he is himself.

He knows a fair amount about street gangs, and is also a fan of the tridshow Rigger Wars.
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 Dwarf Shaman
 favors Pink Mohawk style
Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 07:33
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Dwarf Shaman:

Spells: Mostly support spells

Magical Skills: Spellcasting, Summoning

Sensing Skills: Perception, Assensing

Social Skill: Con

Technical Skill: First Aid, Electronics Group

Knowledge Skills: Three languages; Three concerning Boston;
       Spirits, Critters

          2 Colonel Jack
          2 Dances with Sprites
          2 Captain Delancy
          2 Dirk Niewoenher
          2 David Dennant
          2 Mumbleweed

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Wed 16 Dec 2015
at 14:29
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Elf Technomancer

Matrix trickery and shenanigans for hire!
Really shines when playing support, either in the Matrix or out of it.. but while he can actually hold his own online, his flesh-and-bones are a lot squishier.

..that's pretty much it, really. He knows what end of a gun shoots and what side of a knife cuts, but I wouldn't count on him actually the ass of a troll from point-blank range.

He ran with a gang when he was young (the Ancients), so he has a rough idea of who to not piss off in the city.. and of the best places for drinks on a budget.

He also can usually speak with people without making them want to kick his teeth in, I guess. That's always a good thing.

How did you meet the elf?
As said above, Flow ran with the Ancients when he was too young to know any better, happily causing Matrix mischief of any and all sorts.

As he grew (older but barely wiser) he calmed a bit and settled in a more-or-less comfortable (read: "all services stolen") life as low-key as he could, just occasionally teaching very basic Matrix survival tips.

Very recently he started to became active again: through Dances-with-Sprites he got into a few extremely low-profile jobs and turned the meager income from those into decent refurbished equipment (mostly thanks to Spanner), and he's now totally ready to face the world!
..except he had to pick between showers and bullets, so yeah.

Common Contacts:
Spanner, Dances-With-Spirits and Mumbleweed.

Other Contacts:
Tess: Another former Ancient who took a bullet to the knee is now a bar owner in a less-than-reputable area of Boston.
Chromeburn: An heavily-augmented underground chemist focused on extremely creative "Matrix performance enchancing" drug mixtures.

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Thu 17 Dec 2015
at 00:31
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Mutt; human; mundane; soldier with support skills

Combat Skills: Automatics, Heavy Weapons, Unarmed
Social Skills: Etiquette, Intimidation, Leadership, Negotiation
Support Skills: First Aid, Pilot Ground Craft
Other Skills: Athletic, Highly Observant, Stealth (urban), Survival Training
Language Skills: English (native), German, Iroquois, Japanese, Mandarin, Or'Zet, Russian
Professional Knowledge: Mercenaries, UCAS Military (Army)
Other Knowledge: Bars and Clubs, Fashion, Firearms, Street Drugs

  Bio: Mnemonic Enhancer
  Cyber: Bone Lacing (plastic), Cybereyes, Datajack, Muscle Replacement

Typical Weapons: Ares Crusader II, Ares Alpha, Ceska Black Scorpion, Shock Glove

Notoriety: Kamikaze Addict, Criminal SINner

Shared Contacts: Bones, Crapgame, Colonel Jack, Spanner

Mutt is a human of mixed European ancestry with a bit of Chinese and Iroquois mixed in. At 5' 9" he isn't a big man and has an athletic build. His hair, clothing, and behavior make his military background clear.

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Painted Man
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Thu 17 Dec 2015
at 22:03
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Human con-artist




Area Knowledge: Boston
Bars and Clubs
Corporation: Ares Macrotechnology
Corporation: Aztechnology
Corporation: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Corporation: NeoNET
Corporation: Renraku Computer Systems
Corporation: Saeder-Krupp
Data Havens
Foster System
Magic Traditions
Magical Theory
Popular Music
Security Companies
Shadow Community
Sprawl Life
Trideo Shows

Known contacts
Boston Slim
Captain Delancy
Colonel Jack
David Dennant
Dirk Niewoehner
Fats Tuesday
Sergeant Jones

##Revised March 2017##

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Fri 18 Dec 2015
at 14:48
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Human Rigger

If it flies or travels on the ground, Urufu can drive it. He can also repair it, or reprogramm it.

He can hold his own in a firefight using his Ares Predator, but is better with his Twin Roto drones over his shoulder.

He can repair/mod armor and weapons to a small degree.

He has an auto garage with tools to repair aero vehicles. He also has tools for the armor/weapon mods and basic programming equipment.

Contacts: Fantasia, Spanner, Riggs
 player, 4 posts
Sat 19 Dec 2015
at 23:15
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Dwarf demolitions expert

Anything to do with explosives, Rex can handle it. He can make or disarm them. Can search for any hidden explosive traps if given time. Heavy armament too, rocket launcher specialty.
Handy with a gun as well, but favors the shotgun.

Contacts with the Colonel and Sergeant.

Speaks Japanese (who doesn't these days), has extensive knowledge on combat tactics, special forces, and behind the scenes on trid shows.
 player, 3 posts
Sat 19 Dec 2015
at 23:36
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Rasputin; Ork; mundane; Mercenary/Bounty Hunter

Combat Skills: Automatics, Pistols, Unarmed, Thrown Weapons (primarily grenades)
Social Skills: Fast talker in a tight spot
Support Skills: Average piloting skills of ground craft
Other Skills: Highly athletic with adequate gymnastic skills, Visually Perceptive, Stealthy primarily in Urban settings, with moderate tracking skills.
Language Skills: English (Native)
Knowledge Skills: Firearms, Security Tactics, Small Unit Tactics, Mafia.
Personal Interests: Bars and Clubs, Alcohol

  Cyber: Bone Lacing (plastic), Datajack, Muscle Replacement, Wired Reflexes

Typical Weapons: Modified Ares Alpha, Ruger Super Warchawk, Grenades

Notoriety: None; fresh face in town.

Shared Contacts: Boston Slim (Tentative, pending OOC conversation)

The mercenary who goes by Rasputin strikes an imposing figure; 6'5 with the heavy muscular physique of an Ork. His clothing choice is simple and unassuming, with hints of Go-ganger influence.
The Big D
 GM, 59 posts
Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 16:25
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Folks should probably update, or reply with, their character's current skillset here.
 player, 21 posts
Sun 2 Apr 2017
at 23:53
Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Character submitted for approval but tentatively

== Active Skills ==
Aeronautics Mechanic            Base: 3   Pool:  7
Armorer                         Base: 3   Pool:  7
Automatics                      Base: 5   Pool:  9
Automotive Mechanic             Base: 4   Pool:  8
Etiquette                       Base: 3   Pool:  5
Gunnery                         Base: 5   Pool:  9
Intimidation                    Base: 3   Pool:  5
Perception                      Base: 5   Pool:  8
Pilot Aircraft                  Base: 5   Pool: 12
Pilot Ground Craft              Base: 5   Pool: 12
Sneaking                        Base: 4   Pool:  8
Unarmed Combat                  Base: 3   Pool:  7

== Active Skill Groups ==
Navigation                      Base: 2   Pool:  5
Survival                        Base: 2   Pool:  5
Tracking                        Base: 2   Pool:  5

Computer                        Base: 3   Pool:  7
Hardware                        Base: 3   Pool:  7
Software                        Base: 3   Pool:  7

== Knowledge Skills ==
English                         Native
Spanish                         Native
Area Knowledge: Boston          Base:  4   Pool:  8
Gangs                           Base:  4   Pool:  8
Law                             Base:  2   Pool:  6
Mechanics                       Base:  4   Pool:  8

Shared Contacts: Bones, Sergeant Jones, Spanner

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 Elvin Shaman
Tue 4 Apr 2017
at 01:34
Re: Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Sleight is focused on Spell Casting and Summoning
He is somewhat observant and reasonably skilled at Astral Combat as he is a full mage.

Knowledge skills revolve around magic, how to handle the cops, smugglers, and smuggling routes.

Trid Phantasm
Lightning Ball
Stat Boosters

Tony '2 Tons' Spiretti
Ralph Lorrin (Smuggler)
Julie Styles (Talismonger/Artificer)
Jack Deckard (Former Colonel of the UCAS Army)
Tiger Lily
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 Genki Adept
Wed 5 Apr 2017
at 03:34
Re: Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Lily's main strengths are combat and perception. She minors in social skills and is generally presentable. She has SOME sneaky ability but isn't a proper ninja. The idea is that she can help with the fighty and talky sides of things. Also, she is effectively a Polyglot thanks to the Linguist adept power.

Etiquette SG DP: 9
Stealth SG DP: 10
Con DP: 15
Automatics DP: 18 (19 w/ laser sight on Steyr TMP; she mainly lays down suppressive fire with this)
Gymnastics/Unarmed DP: 15
Running DP: 8
Hardware DP: 6

Her ace in the hole is being able to run hella fast. As in, faster than a bullet train.
 player, 7 posts
Thu 6 Apr 2017
at 09:02
Re: Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Cipher is a hacker first, and infiltrator second. She relies mostly on effective disguises and keeping a small visibility footprint to avoid scrutiny.

R6 Skills: Computers (Matrix Perception), Electronic Warfare (Communications), Hacking (Devices), Longarms (Sniper Rifles)
R4/5 Skills: Disguise, Palming, Sneaking, Hardware
Knowledges: Corporate Culture, Data Havens, Neural Augmentations, Security Design
Languages: Native Aztlaner Spanish, Decent English and Japanese

Cybernetics: Mostly mental (cerebellum and cerebral boosters, datajack, math SPU, reaction enhancers) and cyber-ears and eyes.

Gear of Note: Top-tier Breaking and Entering category devices (sequencer, maglock passkey, etc), cloaked and silences Ares Desert Strike, Renraku Tsurugi deck

Shared Contacts: Bones and Dances-with-Sprites
The Big D
 GM, 72 posts
Tue 28 May 2019
at 14:36
Re: Jobs Wanted - Post your skills
Closing this up to start a new one.