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Wed 16 Dec 2015
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News and current events
This thread will contain news and current happenings in Boston.  These blurbs are the sort of thing often heard in the background in movies, novels, tv shows, etc.  Foreshadowing is expected.

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The Big D
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Sat 19 Dec 2015
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Unidentified Dragon emerges from MIT&T campus...
> An unidentified dragon has just busted out of MIT&T's main campus, and has flown off towards the Hub!


--- HuBlogger | 06/04/2076, 19:15 EST

> That same dragon is attacking NeoNET.  It just smashed one of their towers, and something just sent it flying!

--- HuBlogger | 06/04/2076, 19:22 EST

OOC: By the time Knight Errant cordoned off MIT&T and Fenway park, millions of people were watching HuBlogger's stream.  Through a series of aerial drones, the dragon was tracked as far north as Salem before it was lost to sight.

NeoNET is forced to evacuate Tower 4, and has been using mages and spirits to keep the tower from collapsing.  An unidentified police spokesperson has stated that the tower is likely to be brought down come morning.

No word has been said of the thousands of baseball fans stuck inside the stadium, and there are loud calls from the public to allow the people out.  Knight Errant has so far refused such calls, and the mayor has stated that a news conference would be held in the morning of the fifth.