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The Big D
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 16:21
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
The office block is a five story building, its original purpose unknown, but currently it appears to be some sort of command and control center.  A large, mobile antennae has been set up in one corner of the building's parking lot, squared off by chainlink fence.  Two armed guards, bearing NeoNET logos on their uniforms, stand guard over the antennae.

Another part of the parking lot is taken over by a large tent, and it is obvious that it's a mobile hospital due to the large red plus signs on the doors and roof.

Several armoured cars and one armoured van sit in various spaces in the lot.  Aside from a few more guards standing together and talking, the lot is empty of people.

Anyone approaching or entering the gate is met by an older man, an ork with pale grey skin.  His nametag identifies him as 'Lieutenant McClowsky'.  Unlike the other guards in the area, the only weapon on him is a holstered heavy pistol, likely an Ares Predator by the shape of it.

"This is a private lot.  You cannot enter here.  If you're newsies, you can contact NeoNET's head office for an official statement.  Please turn around and leave."  From the look on his face, and the tone in his voice, he's probably said this line a few dozen times already today.  And he expects to be obeyed.
Boston Slim
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 20:53
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
"Easy, baby, easy," the pale and lanky fixer flashes a pearly white grin and dusts a bit of fluff from the shoulder of his lime-green businesswear. "Boston Slim got an appointment. With John."

His attitude was relaxed. His suit was relaxed. Everything about Boston Slim was chill, baby. Chill.
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 21:06
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Bester walks up casually, eyeing the tent, guards and the Lieutenant. "Good day Lieutenant Mcclowsky, got an appointment with John I do. Mind pointing me in the right direction good Sir?"
Boston Slim
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 21:23
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
"Hoi, Bester." Slim looked from the newcomer to the lieutenant. "Chummer's with me, El-Tee."
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 22:20
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Keys witnessed Slim, and another, negotiating with GI Joe, as he casually wandered up towards the trio,
"Make that a table for three, please Leautenant.
John sent for us all

He figured that the last part was probably not necessary, with Slim and his +1 already having announced it, but he had been told to say it, and so he did.
Boston Slim
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 22:30
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
"Keys, Bester. Bester, Keys. You two know each other?"
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Sat 26 Dec 2015
at 22:36
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Keys turned to Bester, and looked him up and down the once.

"Nope", he stated, nonchalantly ... and offered his hand to the other man.
Painted Man
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Sun 27 Dec 2015
at 02:08
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Parking his banged up Ford Americar on the street nearby, an average looking gentleman got out of the car. He was human, with dark skin, a black fedora covering black hair tied into a ponytail, AR Gloves, a pressed Actioneer Business suit in dark charcoal, and polished shoes.
Walking to the boot of the car, he opened it up and pulled out a stylish looking briefcase, one that was in much better condition than the car it arrived in. Opening it, he peers inside looking at the contents, before taking out a Steyr TMP and places it inside a holster in his jacket.
Closing the suitcase, the man confidently walks up to the gate, and sees Boston Slim with two other individuals, along with Lieutenant McClowsky in front of them.

"Evening, John sent for me." The man says in a Boston accent to the Lieutenant, before turning to Boston Slim. "And I see I'm not the first to arrive. Good to see you." at which point he reaches his free hand out for a handshake. "And I take it you're on board for troubleshooting?" He says to Bester, also then offering a handshake, before moving on to Keys. "Although I've yet the pleasure of meeting you. No need for names at this point. Nice coat."

[Private to GM:
01:56, Today: Secret Roll: Painted Man rolled 2 successes using 11d6 with the Shadowrun 4th ed system with a target of 5 with rolls of 3,1,4,3,3,4,5,4,5,1,3.  Palming + AGI to hide gun.
Palming test to better hide the Steyr TMP on me in the concealable holster.

The following gear equipped on person:
Steyr TMP (loaded with standard ammo)
Actioneer Business Clothes
Meta Link (Public mode)
Transys Avalon (Silent)
AR Gloves
Micro Camera (in Tooth)
Sensor Tag (in Tooth)

The following in the suitcase:
1x Clip loaded with Gel Rounds
1x Clip loaded with standard ammo
Bug Scanner
R3 Medkit
Tool Kit (Disguise)
White Noise Generator

The Linguasofts are always loaded (though not active unless needed), as are the datasofts and mapsoft.
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Sun 27 Dec 2015
at 02:20
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
"Keys is it? Good t'metcha." Bester firmly grabs Key's hand and gives a solid shake. Turning to Painted Man, and shakes his hand aswell. "Hoi." Looking over to Boston Slim, "How many you expecting to this party?"
Boston Slim
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Sun 27 Dec 2015
at 04:34
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
"Six." Boston Slim said. "But let's hold off on the Biz until we meet with John. You know."

He nodded at the Lieutenant.
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Mon 28 Dec 2015
at 00:08
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Bean comes jogging up, absolutely unflustered despite jogging at least a few blocks from her motorcycle. The muscle is well and expensively dressed in a high-end armored suit and smartglasses. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail that's only about 10 centimeters long; red shows at the roots. She smiles broadly--and even wider at Slim. "Afternoon, gentlemen. Here t'see John?"
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Mon 28 Dec 2015
at 17:39
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
At a distance the large Ork stood watching; not hiding, but cautiously observing. A quality cigar burned at his lips, the smoke from which glanced slightly off the brimmed hat on his head. He had set it on his head without care as he had exited the transport he arranged for him.

After some gathered around his contact and all seemed amiable he signaled his taxi the all clear to leave. He reached down to pick up the large black duffle bag that had sat at his feet before setting off at a casual stride towards the quickly gathering group. He wore a heavy black coat over grey, with a barely visible harness and double belt underneath. A few steps into his walk he fixed his stetson tight to his head, tilting his head slightly forward to cast a shadow on the top half of his face. It rarely hurts to be careful, he often said to himself. He had little trust in corps, though they usually only try to stiff you after the job is done.

He would approach the group at his casual pace, paying little attention to the others and instead greeting only Boston Slim directly in a deep baritone. "Boston Slim. We meet again." Intentionally pausing between in an effort to increase tension in the unknowns before diffusing it with his gesture, a potentially dangerous joke meant for his own amusement. After the moment of wait he would extend his large free hand towards the green suited man. He would also keep as keen an awareness of his reception as he could, primarily focused on the others as Slim was a known entity to him.
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Thu 31 Dec 2015
at 11:05
Tower 4 (B. Slim, Bean, Bester, Keys, Painted Man, Rasputin)
Keys watched the woman arrive, then the guy.
It seemed quite the gathering, and he wondered how long they'd be standing around out here, shaking hands and acting tough, before security would be giving them the nod inside.