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The World
This is currently pasted directly from the previous campaign in this world, some of it will change shortly..

"Continent" of Rialleium

Capital: Ortyrus
Primary Race: High Elves
Other Races: Human, Gnome, Elves (Artic, Desert, Jungle)

Ruled by High Elves, this large country has a strong Roman Empire feel. Elves other than High Elves never gain power, Humans are second-class citizens, and Gnomes are all but slaves to the rulers.

High Elves must be of a schooled base class. (Fighter, Wizard, Warmage, Cloistered Cleric, etc)
Elves and adapted elves have the most freedom.
Humans are not accepted into colleges, and few can afford to live in major cities.
Gnomes are trained for either alchemy or engineering, and are kept separate from the other races. Their life is kept just good enough to avoid an all-out strike against their rulers. Escapees are hunted and returned alive (usually).

"Continent" of Szekcht

Capital: Corcaea
Primary Race: Gray Elves
Other Races: Halflings, Elves, many lesser-known races.

Little is known of this land other than that they prefer seclusion, and they halted the advance of the High Elves easily 3000 years prior to the current year. Visitors to their port town have written about a great diversity of races and a distrust of strangers. They seem to all have different tattoos that mark their citizenship, profession, rank, and general location within the country. (This information has not been confirmed by the citizens or rulers)

Special permission needed to play a character from this country, as characters would know information possibly detrimental to the campaign.

Continent of Ryugeiria

Capital: Jinkoten-jo
Primary Race: Human
Other Races: Intelligent humanoids (No more than -2 to a mental ability score)

Highly civilized, this continent has no wild animals. Instead of being hunted to extinction, they were moved to areas most similar to where they originally lived (600 years ago). For the last 7 centuries, Ryugeiria has been the center of peace, having negotiated the end of the expansion of the High Elves Empire and maintained friendly relations with them. This is the youngest known country at 1200 years old. From the beginning, this was a primarily farming and fishing country, and is now densely populated. All citezens practice some form of unarmed combat and even the rulers work the boats and fields.

Any character from this country must be Lawful Good or Neutral Good, no exceptions. Although, even the most evil-hearted are allowed to visit, and outsiders have 2 years to become citizens or never return.

Continent of Ploderen

Capital: Krittiya
Primary Race: Orc
Other Races: Any other than High Elves and those with elemental lineage

Many of the citizens of this country are descendants of survivors the first great war, who were forced off the lands of Rialleium just over 3000 years ago. Very few adventurers come from this land, as the governing body greatly limits the availability of weapons and magical training. Those inducted into the military are in for their entire lives and never visit home for long. The ruling orcs here are surprisingly not harsh toward the citizens, and even grant fair trials for crimes.

Characters from this country are either ex-military who can never return, or have learned some type of self-defense outside of the country.

Wilderness of Schaiterfeld

Capital: Schaiterfeld
Primary Race: Unknown
Other Races: Many

Schaiterfeld has never registered as a country, never held a census, and never produced a map of its claimed area. Visitors have reported that the 'capital' is only a major port and trade village, and that there is no upper government. Spread throughout the 'country' are many tribes of many species, each with a single leader who makes agreements with other tribe leaders. Rarely does war break out between tribes, but every war in the past has been bloody, and have left multiple tribes extinct.

Most characters from here are half-breeds, those of an elemental lineage, and those otherwise unfit for orderly societies. Well-educated characters with pure bloodlines can come from this area, though.

Jillibaya Islands

No Capital
Primary Races: Reptilian
Other Races: Gnolls, Goblinoids, Shapechangers

The islands are constantly at war, with lizardfolk currently making up roughly a quarter of the population, and the islands being the only place kobolds curently live.

Most characters here are of a pure bloodline and are somehow capable of aquatic combat. any colligate training here is passed down by apprenticeship, which is not widely available.

Forsaken Lands of Goza

This dangerous land is mostly unexplored. What is known of the terrain was recorded by flying geographers and cartographers. Few adventurers return from these lands, and never those who have ventured far enough to learn anything new.

The Iron Citadel of Frosthammer

Primary Race: Gold Dwarves
Other Races: Other Dwarves

This has been the original home of Dwarves for all of recorded history (12000 years). It is all you would expect of a traditional dwarves stronghold, except that they are friendly to other races, though they never relax their guard around outsiders. They offer vast amounts of trade, and temporary living quarters for visitors just inside the first outer wall. This is also the only place to buy raw steel at regular price.

Characters from here are either evolved for living in the cold outside of the stronghold, or are dwarves with a strong connection to their home and kin. Although not neccesarily lawful, they do have a strong sense of traditional honor.