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Tue 2 Aug 2016
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The Tournament, Part 2
The people are clean and happy, fragrances of incense, food, and perfume fill the air, and tonight the food and drink are free for all. The fireworks show proves to be long, taking nearly an hour to reach the finale.

Most people fill the wooden bleachers temporarily erected by guild magic and some walk around talking. The docks are clear of people and ships for the night so nothing obstructs the view and nothing is in danger of catching fire from the intense show. Most of the fireworks are mastercrafted by mundane hands, outshining even magical craftsmanship. In fact, then only magical fireworks on display tonight are ones made to do what the mundane ones cannot: The water is kept calm, seeming more like a lake than an ocean. The stars are dimmed, and brightened during short intermissions, and the occasional magic lightshow both accents the fireworks and keeps the sky free of smoke.

The finale fills the ocean view from the port and even has fireworks exploding overhead, it is a breathtaking sight to behold..

Make spot and listen checks with an applied -15 penalty, please. Also identify your location and intended level of inebriation by the finale.

Posts are not due until 9-13, and by then there should be a map of the area. I'll assume 449 arrived halfway into then show, having lost track of time sparring with students and rests by the gate, fully dressed for battle and fatigued from both the fighting and then running to the port in heavy armor.
Contestant 512
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Thu 4 Aug 2016
at 02:55
The Tournament, Part 2
In reply to Overseer (msg # 1):

Will be alone by himself doing his thing away from where the crowds gather to watch the fire works, thinking fireworks are weak shit regarding his pyromatic nature, would rather see something burn than spontaneously burst in a flash of light and go away in a flash. Not caring to take enjoyment in getting inebriated or celebrating anything, only wanting to fulfill his own agenda.
Contestant 152
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Thu 4 Aug 2016
at 20:25
The Tournament, Part 2
Though she avoids crowds when she can, the beauty of the fireworks is grudgingly enough to distract her from her pouty mood, even if only for a little while. She will stick to the port district, watching the entire show. She enjoys her simple meal but does not drink anything but water, as is customary for her. At the end she will linger aimlessly, noting the people and other sights, mostly to avoid sinking back into her temper at the memory of her failure. Practice could only do so much to make up for more serious deficiencies and at the moment she was feeling quite lacking. Anything to take her mind off it was welcome.
Contestant 254
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Sun 7 Aug 2016
at 12:26
The Tournament, Part 2

254 watches from the lower levels of the bleachers, still feeling a light buzz from his evening meal.  He is quite impressed with the show, particularly the moments where the magical lights complement the non-magical ones.  Indeed, he does not recall enjoying a fireworks show as much since he was a small child.  He waits around for a bit after the show until sober before walking back to his lodgings.
Contestant 471
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
at 18:10
The Tournament, Part 2
471 will be enjoying his meal at the castle since he was invited to eat there. After his meal he will find a balcony he can enjoy the fireworks from, something he doesn't get to see all that often in his home of Frosthammer. 471 has had a few drinks, not quite enough to make him tipsy though. He will enjoy the fireworks unless something more entertaining catches his attention.
Contestant 121
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Wed 17 Aug 2016
at 08:43
The Tournament, Part 2
In reply to Contestant 471 (msg # 5):

The wolf sat at the back of the crowed leaning back against a nearby wall, not one to mingle with other unless he had too, especially when not familiarized with the locals. Taking a sip from his ale, he looked up at the light show and let out a sigh as he thought back to the fight and about all the things he could have done different.

Contestant 121 has only consumed one mug of ale.

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Fri 19 Aug 2016
at 16:06
The Tournament, Part 2
Spot: -3  Listen: 8
The monk is intermingled with the crowd at the docks having tried to get a spot to stand wherever he could.  He is watching the show, but takes the time to assess those around him during the breaks.  Though the show is entertaining, he is somewhat more interested in who else is taking part in the tournament.

Contestant 404
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Fri 19 Aug 2016
at 22:56
The Tournament, Part 2
404 arrived early and would sip on a delicate wine through the evening, barely enough to feel a tingle. He was dressed in his usual formals with his sword and sat front-row for the show. He was absorbed indeed and likely wouldn't have even heard his own mother call his name by the time the finale came.
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 19:35
The Tournament, Part 2
The map is finished and is under the Game Map section. Once I figure out how to get it to link and show up in the chat area I will update it that way. Until then though, each square is a 20'x20' area. This means 4 medium sized characters can fit into a single square.
Contestant 14
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
at 04:48
The Tournament, Part 2
11 spot, -3 listen
Location F16 (on the left)
014 waited in the bleachers, pleased that he could speak with those other elves consider lower class. Never before had he been able to, with what his family status is. However, his hand rested on his sword, just in case. He was in unfamiliar territory after all.

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