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Sun 3 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
      It is a few days before the tournament and contestants are already arriving from all corners of the world, ships fill the small port and carriages line the street. A few special contestants even have guards or entourages, many who shared boats are still in conversation until they split up. Sometime along the hours of the day, a few arrive by more exotic means: A High-Elf Archer bearing the Royal Crest of Rialleium arrives by teleportation (14), a noble daughter of the grey elves arrives in a yacht with two dozen guards (213), one mithral-plated dwarf arrives riding an ancient gold dragon bearing their symbol and seems to be a diplomat (254), another dwarf arrives in a small stone ship with only a captain for company and seems to be a royal guard of Frosthammer decked in full adamantine plate of exquisite craftsmanship (471).

      Most contestants are taken off to their quarters for the next two weeks and some opt to roam first, and a few still in interesting conversation may remain at the docks for some time. At the end of the dock there are five young girls in a recently-constructed information booth, advertising "No Charge". By human visual comparison all but the elf girl seem to be 12-15, who seems to be barely larger than a toddler, yet likely the oldest in the group. The others are two humans, an orc, and a halfling. They're all happy and excited and make sure, that if nothing else, all arrivals know that there are signs up to lead guests wherever they need to go. All of these signs are about 4' tall, hard to see among a crowd, but they are accurate and lead everyone where they want to go eventually. It seems they didn't make a map, as that word on their stall as marked out heavily.

The districts are:
  -"Market" District. Here there is one large commissary run by a half-elf 'teen' and his human father, other buildings in this district are commission workers of every profession well-stocked with materials and advertising "Market Price, No Hagglers". This district is located Northeast of the central castle and its grounds, within the outer wall.

  -Embassy District. A large building for every country arranged evenly in a circle around the smaller academy office. The royal guests will be resting here, East of the castle, within the inner wall and grounds. Also available is one of the finest resturants in the city, only topped by the castle chefs.

  -Academy Grounds. This large area is comprised of training fields and classrooms and makes up more than half of Nacura Academy City. North, West, and South areas on castle grounds are the classrooms and teacher lodgings. Just outside of the inner wall are the student barracks to the west with various training grounds N, S, and SE of their location (NW, SW, and S of the castle). The arena is located in the Southeast section of these training grounds.

  -Guild District. Primarily a student activity center, masters of trades live here together in large halls and spend their days on city projects and either teaching projects or personal whimsy that they often export to other countries. Here, Southeast of the castle and its grounds also lies the primary brewery and pub, noted for its size, quality of fare, and rowdy patronage. While large, it is not large enough for everyone, so it is first-come, first-serve.

  -Recreational District. A large area to the east of the castle. Here the various performers guilds put on plays, bands make music, and the occasional performer wanders the streets. There are 6 restaurants with their own spin on food and a variety of stalls for 'normal' fare from various countries. Game rooms, obstacle courses, and everything else seem evenly scattered here and while there are always people here due to the 24/7 nature of the Academy, it never seems to be crowded, until this event.

  -Port District. Ships, temporary lodging, taverns, visitors, and market stalls for mostly mundane goods and some minor magical trinkets. Most tournament guests will be sleeping here. Guests can pay 50g on top of their included lodging to upgrade to a suite made by the local wizard guild, as obviously there is only enough room for half of the contestants.

The schedule is as follows:

34-6-2972AN (34th week, 6th day, 2972 years after the founding of Nacura Academy)
 -Arrival begins, town is open to the contestants, magical wards have been in place for a week and well-tested.

 -Preliminary rounds of the tournament, two rounds of 4-way royale elimination to reduce tournament from 512 to 32 contestants.
 -Contestants Dinner in the Castle Dining Hall. No contestant will be allowed access prior to this event.

 -Tournament Begins. Over the course of 5 days the winner shall emerge.

 -Victory Ceremony.

Week 36 of 2972AN
 -Post-Tournament week: Celebrations and camaraderie are encouraged, enjoy the city as you await departure.

Notes: The calendar is comprised of 40 weeks of 7 days and ends between spring and summer, so we are currently in the most comfortable portion of spring. The years are measured based on the founding of the academy because that was a major peace-bringing event to the world. By no means in there complete peace, but the worst wars are over.

Introduce your character from the time they step off the boat until the time they leave the docks, either on foot or by carriage, and which direction they are heading. Consider this an introduction. Individual private RP will not be heavy these first few weeks as it could take months to get to the tournament with so many players and options at this point, but any NPCs you may run into will be dealt with in private messages. We will contact you. Enjoy!
Contestant 404
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
Stepping off the large Ploderen Military vessel with a group of other contestants, this man had  smile for just a moment before gaining his composure. He is an overall average-looking human aside from his silver hair framing a face less than 30 years old. At just a glance one can tell he takes himself too seriously: Clean-shaven, perfect hair and complexion, a clean-pressed uniform with no marks, and not a trace of a smile. He wears the traditional silver-trimmed blue coat and pants with added black accents for sharpness and contrast, matched by his sheer gloves and one thick silver bracer on his left arm. Under the coat he has replaced the usual uniform shirt with a fine twisted silk of dark green with silver streaks. Dress boots match the silk armor, glossy dark green, black trimmings, and silver-coated metal fixtures. The last item to set off the uniform is a plain black-handled saber in a glass scabbard engraved and filled with silver, giving clear view of the dark adamantine blade. Despite the sharp appearance, he walks instead of riding a horse and carries a simple, unadorned leather backpack, darkened and worn by years of use. He steps with a precise, quick gait down the dock to an awaiting carriage. Once inside, his pack is between his feet and he sits with a regal posture as he awaits his comrades.
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
Alright, where am I supposed to be...? the woman mutters to herself as she steps onto the docks, her usual full lipped scowl all the deeper in her concentration. Already she was uncomfortable, so many people everywhere she was feeling claustrophobic, but then what had she expected? Her deep green eyes narrow all the more as she squints in search of information and she runs her fingers through her very short black hair, a left over habit from when her tresses were long. Even with such an array of people she stands out. Her exotic almond eyes, tan skin, high cheekbones and flatter nose mark her foreign right away, and her clothes only increase the conspicuousness, though she is very beautiful so not every look she gets will be due to her strangeness. She wears a snug fitting bright saffron colored long tunic, sleeveless save for the stark white fabric strips wrapped around one arm in a winding pattern extending down to the wrist, matching white loose trousers tucked into brown leather boots with divided toes finish the look. You could spot her a mile away.

Shouldering her pack, she decides to find her quarters and at least be rid of her belongings. It would be cumbersome to explore with them, though she fully intended to as soon as she was settled. She goes in search of such.
Contestant 471
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
Rising from his seat on the stone ship, his gold plated armor glistens in the sun. The only visible part of his person is his head, as the rest of his body is covered by his armor. His golden hair is cut short in a typical military fashion. He has a very neat and well maintained beard that is the same golden color of his hair, one could tell that he takes much pride in his beard, as most dwarven men do. The only other thing that makes his face notable is the golden scales that are a slightly different hue than his already golden skin, and his sharp golden eyes. With his bag on one shoulder, he takes his weapons from where he had set them next to where he was seated and fashions them the way he has a thousand times before, and then steps onto the dock. After stepping onto the dock he scans the area as a precaution, gives a short wave to the captain and heads off to find the quarters he will be staying in for the duration of the tournament.
Contestant 449
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
In reply to Overseer (msg # 1):

Sheogorath moved off of a small boat that was completely empty except for himself and one other occupant. His small dwarvish body was complete encased in heavy armor that seemed to be made completely of darkened wood except for intricate metal patterns. In his left hand he carried a shield that appeared to be made of the same darkened wood with intricate inlaid metal that matched his armor, a mace was strapped to his back; the head of this made almost appearing to be fashioned from a skull covered in metal casting. A dwarvish war axe was strapped to his belt. His right hand held a heavy leather pack that was slung over his shoulder as he moved forward.

His head was completely bald ontop but a great beard and mustache that was a bright red and adorned with ebony colored cuffs holding it in strands. His face above his mustache was pained to resemble that of a skull and from within the eye sockets of that skull shone two green eyes that seemed to sparkle like stars in the sky. He stood on the docks only for a minute before waving off the small fishing boat captain and heading off to find the room he would be staying in during the tourney.

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Wed 6 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
He unmounts the golden dragon, gold highlights in his hair shining bright as the dragon's scales in the sunlight.  With patches of translucent scales on his dark face, he would be easy to spot in a crowd if someone knew who they were looking for.  He thanks the dragon with a wide grin that seems almost too big for his stout body.  One of the draconic claws on his right hand bears a signet ring with the mark of the Gold Dragons.  It is clear that the man is some sort of official, but the sheild and shortspear mounted on his back show that he can hold his own in combat if things come to that.  His stomach growls; it had been some time since he last ate.  He gathers his belongings and heads straight for the Embassy District in serach of a good meal.
Contestant 512
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Wed 6 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
In reply to Contestant 404 (msg # 2):

This tall slender fire hobgoblin took his first few steps outside his private quarters of the Ploderan military ship. His boots were freshly polished and he wore a twin tailed dark green overcoat he keeps strapped together by a black belt with a golden filigree of a flame design. His overcoat was studded with copper buttons and a design on the back showcasing the back of a twin-tailed devil. Underneath he wore a red leather vest that was laced in such a fancy way it appeared to bear the face of a devil crying tears of blood. This was insinuated by a clash of a brilliantly shining chain shirt underneath that seamed as if it were holy light being cast upon the crying devil. At his hip was a rapier tucked away in its sheath. Its blade not visible from the smooth scabbard that boasted a myriad of arcane designs he carefully carved upon it. The handle almost looking like the strong wooden spiral handle of a wand, with a guard stretched out with a bats wing design and carefully placed decorative gems studded the guard with the small bust of a demons face on the pommel. Around his neck was a gold chain necklace with small and larger spheres of gold shaped like the heads of fire mephits roaring with small red gems in each mouth. He looked outside grinning with devilish delight as he saw the other contestants he knew would be ash by the time he won this tournament. He saw the tall private in blue and silver and paced toward him avoiding the crowd of other soldiers on board by sliding past each one as he got beside his comrade still grinning, "Well we're finally here Girrikk. Perhaps we'll get to see eachother in the ring, until then make sure you pack up on lots of burn ointments. I'm heading to the Academy Grounds to check up on some things I've been wanting to research while we were on the ship." He hopped up on the ships railing grapping a loose rope leaning back getting ready to swing. "Oh and do tell the others not to touch my things, lest I burn down their precious homes when we get back~" He slung his backpack over his shoulder and swung down from the ship and landed on the carriage much to the disdain of the horses and the driver both yelling at him angrily as he lept down and took off in the direction of the Academy Grounds.
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
In the midmorning light, a figure suddenly appeared in the shadow of a merchant stall. This figure didn't move for several minutes, then suddenly reached out and grabbed the shoulder of a boy who was passing by.  The boy was quite startled, as he was unaware that anyone was nearby. The unknown person spoke to him. "All is well, young one. I'm not going  to hurt you." The boy stood transfixed. His eyes darted towards the huge bow on the strangers back, then to his face.  A handsome elf smiled back at him. "Can you tell me, where we are?" the elf asked."Huh? Well, we are in the port district of Naucra Academy aren't we?" the boy replied.  The elf sighed,  seemingly in relief. "Thank you" said the elf, then he chuckled at the odd look the boy gave him. "Here is some advice: Never fully trust a wizard who is well known for his practical jokes." They both then heard a shout and looked around. Another elf was waving from a carriage that bore the same crest as the one on the archer's chest. "Ah, that must be my ride, thank you for the information." The elven archer tossed the boy a few coppers and strode over to the carriage. The boy, still utterly confused, watched the archer climb in and ride towards the embassy district.
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Fri 8 Apr 2016
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The Tournament, Part 1
"Ah.  Yet another splendid day in this year of our lords."  Once off the boat, the monk immediately lays down on the docks in prayer, thanking the gods for safe passage.  Once completed, he surveys the crowd, and notices the information booth.  He asks the young attendants where to find his tournament lodging, and for a general layout of the city.  As he wanders the city, he moves slowly, taking great care in noticing everything around him from the people walking by to the different ships and merchant stalls.  Though slow, his movement is deliberate, he is not wandering.  He carries onward toward his lodgings to get settled in and then find a meal.