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Sat 19 Dec 2015
at 12:20
For out of character discussion.
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Sun 20 Dec 2015
at 10:41
Hi all. I have a few questions remaining followed by a future update where there is a bit of explanation on how things roughly work and how dragons in this universe may differ slightly from the usual.

Okay questions.
A few of you clearly revel in the destruction aspects of being a dragon. So with that in mind would people want the game to go mature or adult?

Next question.
Would you like to start together as the same clutch of eggs? Just be aware you may become rivals in future.

If you would instead prefer to be separate would you like to be a wild dragon? Born in the wild.

Or a captive dragon, born in the hands of one of the short lived races?

There is little stopping you from escaping. Most who purchase dragon eggs do so as a status symbol or in the hopes of acquiring a young dragon to be tamed. Most are ill prepared for the reality. The starting conditions are up to you.

If you are caught however by one specific faction Known as the Drakes Hitch. It is game over as they professionally break young dragons and turn them into obedient weapons. That would be a scenario devoid of choice.

Once you are added feel free to ask further questions if you like.
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Sun 20 Dec 2015
at 17:43
Hi everybody, hope to have a great game with you

Both options would be ok for me, but I will no write gore in my posts, one thing is describe the dragon eat the upper part of a knight, other is describe the details about the guts and the blood.

I would prefer to start apart in some inaccessible or well hidden place in the wilds (dragons have nests?)
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Sun 20 Dec 2015
at 18:22
I will not write gore either unless it is absolutely fitting. even then I will not go into incredible detail. Swearing however may be a thing to thing about.

ALSO Hello fellow dragons!