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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric did not seem as smitten with the sight as N’Veryll. If anything he seemed to regard it impassively.

“I suppose it has a quaint charm. But I have seen too many like it, mostly home to human garbage. The real beauty is in the purity of the souls that reside there.” He scratched a little at his wrinkled brow. “Would you like to go there, see it for yourself? We could both go?” Vedric seemed to be watching the dragon with just as much scrutiny.
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
In reply to Narrator (msg # 33):

N'Veryll snapped his gaze right at Vedric, "You mean we can go?" He spoke fast and with pure exitment, "Yes Vedric if that is that case i wish to see it for myself!" He continued to speak fast not being able to hold his excitement in.

N'Veryll's mind began to wonder at what else he might see whilst out there,More humans,The Moon or maybe both!
His mind couldn't even begin to imagine what else there could be as he started to rush with pure happiness as if forgetting where he was at the time.
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric’s expression changed to one of a kind of reluctant mirth. “Let me just gather a few things and then we will go.”

Slowly he got up from his chair and went back over to the cabinet that dominated one wall. He seemed to grab some kind of [Bone Belt.] It looked like it was made out of segmented finger bones lashed together with some kind of sinew. There was also a wrapped up scroll held in a clasp of bony fingers and two pots of viscous green liquid that glowed lightly.

With shaky fingers he put the belt on.

Next he took a [Black Cloak] that shimmered with a kind of malevolent darkness that oozed. Lastly he reached out and a [Bone Staff] made of unknown segments of bone moved to his hand. The whole thing was topped with a dark green orb that seemed to exude some kind of cold green light.

Once properly attired Vedric walked over, resting heavily on the staff as he did so. “Very well N’Veryll. Go seat yourself on the summoning circle and say the words, 'Ipirius' You may feel a little… strange.”
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll watched as Vedric got up from his chair and replied saying they can go, The dragon's excitement grew as he realised he was going to get out and see some more of this earth, N'Veryll found it hard to sit still he moved around watching Vedric getting new items of clothing on, This looked odd but N'Veryll's mind was else where to pay to much notice.

N'Veryll moved over to the circle and sat there looking to Vedric with an excitement in his eye, He then calmed a little before saying the words told to him.

"Ipirus" N'Veryll speaks clearly, He then waits for what is next.
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Fri 29 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
The sensation was certainly strange, like being grabbed and hurled sideways at speed, only to slam into an invisible wall that sent him tumbling in every direction all at once. Amid the tumbling sensation cold air was felt along with new fresh scents, too many to count. Then it all came to a sudden stop and N’Veryll would feel as though he had just fallen from a great height.

Vedric had been true to his word, N’Veryll was now sat on a grassy hill overlooking a small town. The night was overcast but the light of a full moon shone through. The air was cold and a light wind blew. All around him were fields and pasture land being grazed by a mix of sheep and cattle.

Vedric appeared in a dull haze of silvery light. He groaned slightly, blinked for a moment then nodded as if satisfied. He began to slowly make his way down the hill towards the orange glow of the town. The grass at Vedric’s feet withered and died at his continued presence.

“Damnable cold.” Vedric snapped as he drew his cloak about him. “Should you end up in trouble, just say Ipirius again and it will take you home.” Vedric said and then continued his slow descent down the hill.

“Well as I am here I may as well gather some more materials.”
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Sat 30 Apr 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll stands still in awe as he feels a cool breeze brush against scale, His claws penetrate deep into earth, his excitement rises as more smells become aware to him many more then he could tell but that didn't both him.

The young dragon in all his excitement begun to run freely he could feel his muscles working as he turned to see Vedric slowly walking towards the town.
N'Veryll then began to run circles around Vedric himself whilst making sounds of pure enjoyment and happiness.
"This must be freedom" N'veryll told himself as he continued to run one last circle around Vedric.

"Are we going to the town?!?" N'Veryll asked quickly in child like excitement, Before looking to the sky and taking in its pure beauty.
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Sun 1 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
There is a light chuckle from Vedric who can’t help smirking at the antics of the dragon that is excitedly running about. “Yes I am heading to town. You realize N’Veryll you have wings which means if you put your mind to it you can actually fly.” Vedric made a slight gesture at the open sky.

Vedric continued his slow walk, drawing ever closer to the town. Behind him was a trail of dead plant life. His staff seemed to illuminate as if waking up with pale green light. The robed figure that was Vedric continued on down the hill getting to the outskirts of town.
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Sun 1 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll slows to listen to Vedric's words will pure thrill continuing to rush through his body, "you have wings" Vedric tells him with a slight smile that rises upon his face and points into the sky.

N'Veryll looks to the sky in awe for a moment before looking towards his wings that lay neatly on his back he stretches them out before slowly moving them in a new motion the sends adrenaline rushing through his body as the cool are tickles his wings, With that he charges forward jumping from time to time gathering speed before making a bigger jump and reaching towards the sky in his hopes of flying.
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Sun 8 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
With several hops a daring run and a leap into the air with downbeat of wings, N’Veryll takes off. The first few flaps are enough to take him higher, but it fast becomes more of an unsteady glide. A glide that follows the slope of the hill downwards. The experience though awakens something in the mind. A feeling of having done this many times before. Of taking glorious flight and entering newfound heights. It felt possible if only he tried harder at it.

The landing was more of an awkward roll that finished with a belly flop onto grass. But for a moment at least N’Veryll had flown.

( Gain Flight II  )
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Sun 8 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll lands with a roll before rising to a stand and turning towards Vedric, "Did you see that!" He ask's with an excitement in his voice.

N'Veryll looked towards the town noticing how much closer they both are getting as he starts rushing forwards with little leaps and bounds once again enjoying the breeze as it brushes against his opened wings and scales.

"Hurry up" N'Veryll calls to Vedric in a playful manner as he continues to rush around with pure happiness.
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Mon 9 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
“I did, well done young dragon! A few more attempts and you will be soaring the skies in no time.” Vedric wore a smile for a fleeting moment then his gaze was set firmly on the village.

“All in good time,” Vedric said almost broodingly. The green light emanating from his staff brightened further  illuminating the surroundings in a sickly green light. The light also cast his face in eerie dark shadow. Dogs started barking and cats hissed then scarpered away. The street itself seemed mostly empty, but two armed men approached, dressed in green and yellow tabards. “Halt!”

“I think not,” Vedric said with a hand gesture. The man started to wither and age, rotting at speed until he crumbled into dust amid piles of clothes. The other man looked horrified as if he was slow to truly grasp what had just happened. He drew his sword but seemed too frightened to use it and mumbled something like ‘Warlock’ as if the word held a special terror.

Vedric sneered. “N’Veryll, kill it before it gets away.”

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Thu 12 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric's words warmed the young dragon as he slowed to a walk accompanying Vedric as they both moved closer to the village.

Two more humans appeared before them both and shouted something, Saddly N'Veryll's mind was else where taking in more sights as he looked around at the village and it buildings, N'Veryll however was brought back as he witnessed one of the humans begin to rot and age into death before he was just dust blowing in the wind, The other humans features changed to one of fright and horror as he turned and fled the scene.

N'veryll picked up a word from the human before he fled "Warlock", What is a warlock he pondered before his thought was interrupted by Vedric “N’Veryll, kill it before it gets away.”

"Kill him?" N'Veryll ask's in a questioning mannor.

"Why would i kill him?" He add's looking at Vedric as the human continues the flee.
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Thu 12 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric frowned a moment eyebrows raised. “Hmm,” he murmured. “Very well," he said raising a hand. Dark green flecks of light shimmered into existence playing across his fingers. Then a sickly green light leapt from them becoming as lightning that crackled with a hideous sound.  It  leapt to the fleeing man who fell down dead. Vedric raised his staff and made a sweeping gesture with it.

Wholesome white light was pulled and drawn against its will into the confines of the staff which now had a single wisp of white rotating within the orb. “Ah yes, good,” Vedric said with a smile, speaking more to himself. The corpse of the man moaned and then stood up like a slow moving puppet.

“You will kill for me eventually N’Veryll. It is inevitable because like me you will find you need the purity of souls, just as you need meat and drink. But you do ask an interesting question. Why? Why these innocent people? Is that what you are asking?”

Vedric walked slowly forward seemingly gaining some indication as to where to go. Then he moved on in the same steady manner. The fresh zombie that was slightly ahead of Vedric shambled forward. It let out moaning noises that seemed closer to pitiful words trying to convey something but were lost in translation.
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Fri 13 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll waited for an answer for his question but felt like he was denied, Vedric spoke to himself quickly before he raised a hand and dark green light flickers between his fingers and suddenly cracks out like lightning to strike down the last human.

N'Veryll's eyes opened wide in horror as he witnessed this happen a second time he felt an anger in the pit of his stomach like a hidden rage trying to get out but it was stopped abruptly as the human stood up with a moan as a small wisp of white was seemingly pulled into Vedrics staff, N'Veryll found himself turning his head quickly between Vedric and the man who was dead yet is now alive.

Vedric spoke to the young dragon as he watched on as if cruelly answering his earlier question, Vedric's answer left a sour taste in N'Veryll's mouth as Vedric begun to walk forward continuing on towards his destination.

N'Veryll followed closely behind Vedric thinking on what he was told and getting more frustrated at what he was told.

"I don't want to kill because i have no reason to kill Vedric, i don't need soul's and you shouldn't either!".

The young dragon stares in horror at the sight of the dead human as it walks ahead of them both and moans in hidden words.

"What have you done to him Vedric, why is he acting like this?"

Continuing to walk alittle further and watching both Vedric and the dead human he also ask's, "Yes Vedric, Why are you hurting innocent humans and to what goal?"
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Sat 14 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
“Ah well that is where you are wrong,” Vedric said in response to not needing souls. “In time you will come to need them, and maybe in further time you will even want them.”

The village streets went mostly quiet. The hush of night falling across them again as animals went silent and fled the scene. Only the shuffle and slight moans of the nearby zombie broke the fragile stillness. Vedric continued his walk remaining at the same steady pace. But his footsteps were driven by renewed purpose.

“What I have done to him is half kill him. He is neither fully alive or dead. Part of his soul is now mine, it allows me to control him.”

As if to demonstrate the zombie lurched in a new direction and beat against the wooden door of a nearby house. Loud moans escaped from the Zombie as its hammering became louder. It displayed unnatural strength to the point the wooden door splintered then broke. The zombie staggered into the dark of the house as various shouts of concern echoed from within.

“I will take the rest when I am done using him as a meat puppet. One zombie, you see, can create more infected dead. It is quite brilliant really. I harness those freshly slain souls as well.”

Several shouts and shrieks penetrated the night coming from within the broken into house. A swirl of white light joined the first within Vedric’s staff.

“I am not hurting them to hurt them, they merely have what I need. I take no real pleasure in their suffering or demise They are simply a means to an end. What that means is they have little value beyond the aim I have for them.” Vedric spoke as if he were a teacher addressing a student.

“The goal is a simple one, I need more supplies and materials, it just so happens the living are those supplies.”
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Sat 21 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll listened as Vedric responded with a worrying answer, "I needs souls?" the young dragon thinks to himself before shaking his head but not saying a word.

The streets are silent with just the faint sound of groans and shuffling as we continue to walk fowards Vedric's words seem to haunt N'Veryll as he watches the so called "Meat puppet" begin to walk towards a single door and with brute strength beat it down and continue inside, Worrying sounds of struggle and pain echo within as Vedric watches on.

"They sound like they are in pain Vedric even if that is not your goal they still are." Speaks the young dragon to Vedric.

N'Veryll watched as more swirling lights flowed towards Vedrics staff from within the house, the sounds from inside go quiet except from the moans from Vedrics meat puppet.

N'Veryll looks towards Vedric one last time before speaking, "So these souls are the things you need and the husk's of the body are just an implement to get more?" He says with a questning tone whilst looking towards the tip of Vedrics staff.
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Tue 24 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric continued his slow walk, resting heavily on the staff as he moved. Various flickering flame lights began to appear from inside the nearby houses. “That is correct N’Veryl, but it need not concern you. Go, frolic eat what you will from the livestock.”  Vedric was drawing ever closer to a graveyard.
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Wed 25 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll watched as Vedric continued to move, His words run in his mind "This does not need to concern you", How could this not concern me he thought as he moved slowly behind Vedric watching his movements carefully.

N'Veryll felt an unease a worry from what is and what has happend, His mind began to worry more as he saw other house's around and would realize these people would also be hurt if he didn't do anything.

"But what can i do" he worried as he looked on, A slight hint of adrenaline perks up as he feels the need to help those in pain, He started to question what he could do again before looking to Vedric and his staff.

"That is what i need" He tells himself watching the staff as Vedric continues to move on.
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Thu 26 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric arrived at the graveyard. He pushed beyond the wrought iron gates and strolled amidst the headstones like he was on a serene beach. “Hmm.” He said to himself as he surveyed the graves. He seemed to ignore N’veryl trailing behind him.

People were waking up to the noises as the sound of crashing worsened and a shrill cry pierced the night. There were fresh moans now coming from the house and shapes lurched past the windows.

Vedric lifted his staff upwards and then brought it down into the earth. A wave of  sickly green light washed out across the headstones then disappeared. Vedric now seemed to be focused, his eyes having a glazed look as he began to speak words dripping with power over death itself.
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Thu 26 May 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll followed slowly behind Vedric preparing himself for what he is about to do, he watched on seeing other humans looking out their windows at the oncoming noise's, "I don't want anyone else to be hurt" He told himself as he moved closer towards Vedric.

The young dragon got closer as Vedric begun to start what he was planning, N'Veryll watched as a green light brushed past him and seemed to just continue on, Chills run down his spine as he stood by Vedric as he heard words from Vedric that seemed worrying and powerful, a blank look covered his face as N'Veryll started into his eyes.

"What are you doing?!" N'Veryll shouted.

He stood there and hoped Vedric would answer his call as he himself didn't want to harm anyone and was getting increasingly more worried that to save others he might need to hurt others.

N'Veryll snapped his look towards Verdic and waited for his perfect moment.
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Fri 3 Jun 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
The dragon lurched in front of Vedric. Vedric looked suddenly startled as his vision shifted focus onto the annoyance that the dragon was starting to become. Magical energies unwound like shredding apart a carefully woven tapestry. His brow crumpled into deep ridges as carefully structured concentration came to an abrupt end.

“What by the divines do you think you are doing!” It was less of a question and more barked words that hinted at losing patience. Something nasty lay in the building anger. What ever energies had been excited had likely dissipated leaving Vedric to have to start all over again.

“I was… in the middle of summoning skeletons. Until you so rudely interrupted.”
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Fri 3 Jun 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'veryll watched as Vedric's annoyance showed due to the fact he interrupted Vedric's magic.

"Oh,Sorry Vedric" The young dragon apologizes for his rudeness.

"I just wasn't sure what you was doing you see." He continued looking round one last time before looking back towards Vedric and giving a kind toothy smile.

"Please continue Vedric" He said.

Standing and waiting once again.

'N'Veryll waited in his mind for his prime moment of when Vedric is turned away and distracted and then he would move and grab the staff from Vedric and try and break it, then if successful he would grab a hold of Vedric and would chant the words to return them both to there cave.'
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Sat 4 Jun 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric rubbed at his brow with an almost tiredness. “Now please do not interrupt again, this is delicate work,” he seemed to go back to his channeling. A sickly green wave of light again washed over the grave earth bathing the area in a pool of dark magic that yanked at the soul.

Vedric seemed entirely distracted, his eyes almost glazed as he stared beyond at the magical strings that threaded their way through the world. If N’veryl looked he too would see them oscillate silver and green as Vedric spoke his words.

(Gain Sense magic III )

N’veryl grabbed quite suddenly at Vedric’s staff. In doing so he felt raw power surge and co mingle with his own essence. There was only the resistance that an old man could muster as the staff was torn free of Vedric’s hands. With minimal strain it was then bent clean in half until it snapped with a bone breaking sound. The orb at its end cracked and grew dark. White wisps seemed to rush free as if finding an escape.

The old man's eyes were wide, he was about to say something when he was grabbed and the word “Ipirius” was spoken by N’Veryl. Again there was that sense of tumbling and rolling with the universe. It came to an abrupt stop. Black mist flashed before N’Veryl’s eyes then a rather enraged Vedric reappeared on the other side of the enclosure. A Broken staff held in both his hands.

“What is the meaning of this? Do you have any idea what you have just done!” The tone of anger was harsh enough it caused another fit of coughing.
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Sat 4 Jun 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
N'Veryll shook his head in confusion as he felt the floor beneath him once again change, He looks towards Vedric who appears very annoyed and upset with what has been done.

"I'm sorry Vedric but you can't just hurt other's for your own gain, We can find other ways of doing things Vedric together and calm yourself you're causing more vilont cough's please sit take a drink gather your breath." He gives a warm smile towards Vedric.

"I'm also want to apologize once again for your staff Vedric, But that anger or sadness you feel now is the point i'm trying to make, you cause so much pain, misery, anger and hate from those you take but you yourself don't like it when it happens to you and this was just a staff that has been taken from you and even then it can be fixed but those family's who are ruined cannot be truly fixed the children who are fatherless the wives who have no husband to greet home these things you have taken Vedric and these things we need to fix together, You have brought me here to be taught, however Vedric i'm starting to wonder if i was actually brought here to teach you." N'Veryll gives a warm smile towards Vedric before sitting down and waiting for a response.
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Sun 5 Jun 2016
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The Saga of N’Veryll.
Vedric finished his coughing fit. Choosing to sit down with a somewhat defeated expression on his face. “No, no this is not the way I was hoping for things to go... You are just newly born what can you possibly teach me beyond simple minded naivety? You have sharp teeth do you not? What do you think those are for? Hugging the food that sustains you?” Vedric took a deep breath and clenched his hands only to open them again.

“Life feeds on life, it needs death! I am simply a force of death which reaps life so that I too may live life. I can’t believe I am having to justify myself to a new born. If you don’t want to be a student this is a good way to go about it.”

Vedric let out a wearisome sigh as he held up the broken staff and slotted it back together momentarily before he discarded both pieces onto the floor. The orb further cracked and this time shattered entirely, creating a small area of broken fragments.

“Well instead of sitting here debating with you, I am going to teach you the lesson of consequences. You remember that zombie? The one that went on to make more zombies?

Vedric gestured towards the mirror and made a sweeping hand motion, the view shifted from atop the hill to the street and graveyard.

“Well they are  loose now so instead of my supplies coming back with me they will go on to spread the infection. You have likely condemned the entire village unless they can muster up enough of a defense, but I doubt it. The helpless end up culled any way."