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Dragons Rule
Should you arrive at having a kingdom. Then your Dragon will have advisers.  All the Advisers of the ‘court’ (In whatever form) come to you and tell you what is going on within their purview. It is the core way you can get a feel for what is going on within your  domain. They inform, offer advice, and sometimes make requests of their own. It is up to you if you want to honor those requests or not. Much of what an adviser has to say will likely prompt your Dragon to act in some way or request further information.

Your Advisers and their functions cannot be changed, but the names and titles of office can be altered to suit more of the theme and style of your own kingdom.

- Counsel - Your closest adviser. Stays apprised of the gossip, can relay who hates who, who has shown dissatisfaction towards your rule, who seems genuinely loyal as well as brings to attention various schemes and plots the nobility may well be involved in. The Counsel works closely with the Spymaster. He/she is a generalist adviser to the ruler, he/she also keeps an eye on what the other advisers are up to and if their advice may well be driven by their own agendas, or that of other nobles who have paid well or shown favors to advise you in a certain way. More savage Kingdoms may well employ intimidation tactics instead. Or heads may simply roll.

- Spymaster  - Alerts the ruler of nefarious plots both within and outside of the kingdom. Will find out information by dispatching spies and sharing intelligence gathered. Can sabotage, steal research, and sow dissent in other kingdoms. Is able to operate outside the laws of the Kingdom if given permission to do so. Such activities though if discovered can cause serious ramifications dependent on how flexible the Kingdom likes to be when it comes to law and ideals.

-Chaplain - Attends to the wants of the gods and expressions of acceptable worship and behaviour. Rules over the spiritual matters of the devoted and is also responsible for revealing and eradicating enemies of the chosen God or pantheon. Often has significant authority within their purview. Or is in a weakened position amongst generalists based kingdoms who ascribe to no gods.

-Speaker of the People.-  Reveals the general mood, wants and needs of the people. How they view you and your rule and their various views of your recent choices and actions. He/she cannot however alter these views unless you perhaps pursue research into propaganda or other means of influencing public opinion.

- Treasurer - Deals with the economics of the Kingdom and advises on how to grow the coffers through taxation and other methods. A kingdom that does not carefully maintain income streams is soon to falter and fall.

- Foreign Affairs - Deals with affairs beyond the kingdom. Is knowledgeable in customs and etiquette. Also responsible for diplomats.

- Justicar - Responsible for law and maintaining the law. But also highlights issue that arise with newly created laws. Or past outdated laws. Or raises the need for new laws when new technologies come about that create issues. Focuses predominantly on domestic law. Works with the spymaster to root out seditious elements, or keep an eye on them at least.

- Military Advisor - Responsible for military strength, defence and tactics at home and abroad. Is responsible for the war machine should it be called to arms. Success and failure on the battlefront depend on many factors, but research advantage in war and morale are the two core deciders.

- Rural Affairs - Governs over food production, environmental concerns, reveals the needs of rural workers and plight of isolated villages. As well as tries to keep druids appeased. A kingdom of starving individuals is barely productive, and enraged druids showing up with treants is the last thing an already beleaguered domain needs.

- Scout Master - Highlights things of worth found throughout the kingdom and beyond. Is the first to reveal a growing camp of slavers and raiders, wandering monster, or areas of valuable resources, or the fact a dragon has moved in right next door and is residing in the mountains along with a cult of lizardmen poised for war.

- Chief Architect - Responsible for overseeing and maintaining the infrastructure of the Kingdom. Also manages the future works that require large resources and/or manpower. Will often make suggestions on what constructions would perhaps be most beneficial to build next and the pros and cons. But is also ready to take on other projects dreamed up by the Dragon ruler.

- Scholar - The scholar is responsible for research and development and education within the kingdom.. Often coming forward with suggestions on branching research and concerns of unforeseen consequences of new developments. But readily available to pursue new avenues of research or focus more on war, development or other spheres of research and understanding. How fast something can be researched is dependent on a multiple factors, but the core two are Expenditure and Education level.

There may be other forms of Adviser that are pertinent to the domain or kingdom in question.

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