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Sat 19 Dec 2015
at 12:41
Hi, and thank you for your interest.

What I need from you is an answer to these questions.

Why would you like to play as a dragon?

Do you have a favorite image of a dragon that may give me some insight?

An idea of what you expect from the game and from me as your storyteller? This gives me a better understanding of what is wanted and how much of it I can attempt to deliver.

What you would like to not see from me?

Lastly and most importantly. I would like you to compose for me a dream. It can be as long as you like. Think of a dream like a snapshot of the future. Seeing your dragon fully realized in all its grown glory. What themes are present in your dream? What powers are on display? What allies, what enemies? What terrain? What favored treasure? Along with anything else you can think of. The more details you give me the more I have to work with and the better prepared I can get.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.