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How things may be a little different.
Dragons in my world are mutable. Capable of great feats of self change and near instant evolution. But with limits attached. Their word is also their bond never to be broken.

Mind Link

Dragons have a natural ability called Telepathy or Mind link.

It not only allows communication outside the need of a specific language, it can read surface thoughts. The less intelligent a creature is, the less information is revealed. But it has a more important purpose. It is used to capture aspect of the things you face. So those abilities can become your own, it awakens ancestral memory so you can mimic those same abilities.

The quickest way to absorb and reawaken aspects is to simply observe the being using an ability. Then kill and eat the being with a mind to reawaken one aspect as you do so. The other option is to study the creature and mind link to it over a span of time.

Absorbing any ability however is taxing you canít just do it all the time, you need to selectively choose what it is you want and need to at least see it in action. Then you need to sleep. When you awaken and have successfully dipped into ancestral memory you will be changed.

You can keep evolving your repertoire. An example of how it looks in practice.

Thoughts: Raw aggression, territorial instinct.
Aspects: Poison Breath. Wyvern's Tail Sting.

You mind link to the wyvern goad it into using poison breath or defend against itís tail a couple of times. Then kill and eat the wyvern. Then return to your lair for a good sleep. You mentally swim through the ancestral memory and are successful. When you awaken you now have poison breath as well as your standard breath weapon. Or alternatively maybe you would prefer the poison tail. So awaken instead with a new tail weapon loaded with poison. But not both. You would need to find another wyvern and repeat the cycle.

A less aggressive example.

[Human with magical affinity]
Thoughts:  Fear and awe.ďIf I help this dragon maybe he will help me back. One last fireball should do it.Ē
Aspects: Spell repertoire

You mind link to a friendly mage that needs some assistance. A pact is made that the mage will show you the higher level spell Fireball in exchange for assistance against a threat. The friendly mage casts Fireball several times. You observe the activity and study it. Ancestral memory awakens, it is as if you have seen and done this all before. You return to your lair curl up and sleep. Your dreams are full of fire. You successfully navigate the blazing images and wake up with the ability to cast fireball even though the spell should be beyond you.

Other ways to gain knowledge and magic aspects is to simply learn them the standard way. Dragons are fast learners with a  natural affinity for magic and the spell polymorph.


A dragon can choose to make a pact with other races or other dragons. But once such a pact is made it cannot be broken. The dragon will feel compelled to meet the requirements of the pact. In the above example, if the deal between the dragon and the mage was to learn fireball in exchange for dealing with a threat. The dragon must honor that commitment and deal with the threat. The consequences of not doing so are a restlessness that worsens until the pact obligations are met. A cunning dragon however can carefully word their pacts creating subtle loop holes.

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