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Mon 21 Dec 2015
at 17:49
Images cascade across the mind picking up in intensity as if there is just too much to remember. Raw magic dances like a  weight that presses against the senses. It can be felt flowing over fresh wet scale.  The winds of magic behaving more like a force of ever shifting weather that sickens with each passing moment. There are eddies and flows and the latest storm front. A confluence, and at the center of it are the clutch of dragons. They can sense that they are born of this storm and are creatures of magic. Now repressed in flesh and bone.

Dragon Lives that have already been lived, roll in jumbled pictures. Those dragons take flight and fight in aerial spaces, with tooth and claw. Different gouts of hot or misty breath mingle in a multitude of colors. In that moment is an understanding of how to fight and breathe death. Inner organs twitch as if in readiness. Claws lightly scrape against the surface of something hard but breakable.

Visions collide into splintered memories of fabled treasures touched by dead Gods. Which now lay buried amidst ancient ruins of forgotten and fallen kingdoms. The signs of past glory captured in faded stone relief. These lost kingdoms speak of an inevitability that nothing is permanent. In that moment there is an understanding of mortality and the need for survival. Even Dragons can die.

The dreams of glory, dominion and devastation begin to fade. But the envisioned sights of hoards yet to be had remain. Some deep want stirs and the self begins to emerge. It starts with a name, then an awareness of a body curled up floating in warmth sealed within a shell.

The images ease off. There is just darkness now and a taste of something nourishing. Without thinking it is soon gone and the restlessness of dark confinement worsens.

Some part of the mind reaches out, sensing other waking minds close by. There is an understanding of siblings, and rivals. Of being encased. Now is the time to realize the self. To break out, break free and become Dragon!
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Mon 21 Dec 2015
at 18:05
Ophirina stretched within her prison, her body coiled upon itself in the limited space. Her muscles flexed straining against those tight walls, her snout pressing against an apex forcing herself against those walls, the dark only feeding the need of the moment. Out. Let me out... Flexing again she head a crack. Was her prison breaking? YES. Break. Out. Writhing in the darkness she once again stretched against her confinement listening to the crackling grow lower, the darkness split by a seam of vague light.

Her snout pressed against his spot, her claws scrabbled against its surface seeking purchase, forcing the crack wider, forcing her head through the gap and out into the brilliant light, eyes unaccustomed to the non dark blinked and opened for the first time, her serpentine head wedged between pieces of shell as she glimpsed her surroundings and sniffed the unfamiliar air beyond her prison. Out. More out.

Flexing her young muscles claws forcing the egg apart smashing her way free of her small prison, stumbling in the wreckage of her once pristine egg, stretching her serpentine body as she fought to recognize her surroundings...