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Tue 26 Apr 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Vitriol wants rest.  He is beyond exhausted and lacking in restful sleep.  Something within him begs for the respite, something beyond his physical body.

The young dragon snorts, stretches, and promptly belches from overindulgence with the food.  He ignores the humans, including the one known as Lewis. He doesn't even look his way.  He would keep that one in mind of course, but for now, he is more interested in healing, getting fit, and learning all that he can from this Hadrian.  He retreats to the northwest corner of the training yard, furls his wings and tucks his head beneath a wing before succumbing to slumber.  He needs all the rest he can get.  Tomorrow, he will convince Hadrian of his subservience. He must convince him.

Vitriol's Status
  • Breath suppression

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Wed 27 Apr 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Vitriol would sleep slipping into a darkness that seemed to envelope him and take him away from the aches and pains.

(Ancestral memory failed.)

The clattering of the gate being opened was what roused Vitriol from the deep sleep. Hadrian and some of his men had entered the training yard.

“Rise and shine,” said Hadrian to the dragon with a mirth captured in his tone.

Even though Hadrian seemed almost casual he was alert as where the handlers. They seemed to be bringing another water barrel in but placed it at the opposite end of the training yard. They rolled in hefty barrels that took multiple men to move. They interspersed them at equal distances around the training yard. They then went on to affix wooden training dummies into the base of the likely weighted barrels. More training dummies were added to the scaffold creating a row of three and a singular dummy that looked like it was made of more robust stuff. The way the handlers moved in tandem implied they had done this exact same set up many times before. When they were done they emerged with Bushel sticks and chains for just in case.

“You have work to do today. So stretch those wings, flex your claws and get your mind into the game.” Hadrian said both mentally and out loud. He unfurled his whip. “I don’t want to have to use this beauty today. So let's try a simple exercise. I want you to come over here and attack the middle target. I am sure you have some pent up aggression. Really give it your all. Think of me if it helps.”
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
(Quick post... gotta run)

Vitrol did as bid.  He stretches his taut muscles and spreads wing with great effort, but glad too that he could.  Once satisfied with tendon mobility, he approaches the target to within range of his tail and lashes out!
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Fri 29 Apr 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Hadrian watched the dragon flex and stretch, a slight hint of awe caught in his expression. That was until Vitriol attempted to hit the stationary target. The Tail swipe was more a tail tickle. Too much power wasted in the initial moments but it at least partially landed, causing the target to rock ever so slightly.

“What was that meant to be?” Hadrian asked. “Come on you can do better.”

A secondary tail swipe missed entirely and had Vitriol end up becoming unsteady on his feet.

“Come on Dragon, my grandmother's lap dog does more damage than you do.”

Vitriol’s  next attempted Tail swipe hit the mark with a dull heavy hitting thump that rocked the target.

“Get in there and bite its head off!”

( Gain Skill - Tail Swipe [IIIII] )
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Fri 29 Apr 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Vitriol is frustrated.  His tail, having been clamp by blade and cut with the effort to lash out with it now would not do his bidding as accurately as he likes.  He will have to work on that.  Hadrian, he can sense, is less than pleased.

"...bite its head off!”

With a lunge forward, Vitriol snaps at the wooden effigy with a relentless abondon.  Wood splinters and his jaws clamp down on something more firm.  He pulls upward with his neck and lets go with his jaws.  The heavy barrel used for counterbalance goes flying across the yard and quite unexpectedly too close for comfort to a few humans holding bushels and chains.

Vitriol releases some pent up aggression in the form of a roar.  While not as awe inspiring as the roar of a full grown dragon, it is nonetheless impressive.
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Sun 1 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
(Gain Skill - Bite [IIIII] )

The Dragon’s Roar is impressive enough that it elicits various claps and cheers from the Handlers, who seem to revel in the destruction meted out. Less inclined to show their enthusiasm are those handlers nearly struck by the barrel.

“Good, that is what I like to see.”

Hadrian gets Vitriol to run around the perimeter of the training yard, inciting him to move ever faster but to also maul the various targets that come into range.

( Gain Skill Maul [IIIII] )

Building exhaustion is ignored in favour of the crack of the whip as further ‘encouragement’ to push beyond limits. Hadrian throughout the day pushes Vitriol hard, testing him in various ways as to what he can accomplish. The training regime seems primarily focused on building up strength.  Then expressing that strength with a violence of force, often resulting in the splintering of wooden effigies and weighted barrels toppling over or sent flying. By the end of it Vitriol is exhausted with stinging wounds as a reminder of his perceived failures.

 By mid afternoon a tired Vitriol is moved to the middle most cage and fed and watered. Lewis seems to be hanging around again. Sazre Does not say much but looks at the dragon with something bordering on contempt. The pegasus just eats from a nose bag but keeps a sky blue eye on the dragon.

Three potential minds all whirl about with thoughts of their own.
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Mon 2 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills

Another ripple of pain from the whip and Vitriol once again sprints to the next target.  It looms yards away and with every stride toward it, the more it becomes an image, an effigy of Hadrian... at least, in his mind.  A red fog fills his vision with every mauling of an effigy. It builds until there is naught but a heated, consuming rage with a desire to destroy.  He blasts through barrels, swiping with claws and wing spurs, sometimes trampling it, or biting it into.  At one such target, he pulls up short and sucks inward as far as the harness would allow.  A chemical reaction of some sort takes place and the small spaces between frill and scale arc with electricity.  Vitriol roars forward! Nothing but sound issues forth.  His devastating breath weapon is successfully blocked by the device attached to his neck. The effort is not without pain as the hole in which the device is stuck becomes highly irritated by reacting immediately with the breath. He shakes his head violently in fury as small tentacles of electricity from the device arc to the top of the training yard cage bars. The young dragon bounds into anther mauling attack of targets before finally succumbing to such exhaustion that even the whip was not worth the energy to react to.

Some time later after watering and eating, Vitriol glares back at the gryphon as he selects his spot for resting in the new cage.  It is considerably smaller than the training yard. "You have given up Sazre of High Peak." he links to what he now considers an insane creature.  The young dragon makes a noise reminiscent of a Tsk, Tsk! 

Then considers the pegasus.  He invades the creatures mind, learning of its thoughts and intentions.  He uses all of his considerable mind-link capabilities to determine everything about the pegasus.  What was its traits?  What was its methods of attack?  Would he taste better than a sheep?

But for the human named Lewis, he does not look at, but instead links to.

"You are interested in my offer." Vitriol states, flicking his tongue over several small whip marks. "How brave of you. Tell me. What do you have in mind my brave hero?"

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Sun 8 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Sazre was incensed at being told he had given up, the response of thought was a swift one backed by a near mad rage. “I dance to no humans whip. I will kill them all! You have never been free so you do not know the depths of my hate. What has been taken from me.  You are as soft minded as the pegasus. Speak to me no further.” With a sudden rush of force Vitriol was pushed out Sazre’s mind all that existed was a frothing rage. Sazre viciously attacked the bars at the front of his cage and scratched his talons across the metal floor, adding to the hundred or more scratches.

Vitriols focus moved to the Pegasus. Her thoughts seemed almost ethereal with a natural grace.

Status: [Wing Suppression.]
Thoughts: A blend of fear and Awe. “I think you are wise Dragon, Hadrian is a cruel taskmaster if you go against him. I learned that quickly. My precious feathers have been clipped. What am I to do kick the stalls pointlessly?” The thought was a sombre one.

Aspects: [Tail Wind] [Breeze]

Lewis in contrast had a mess of scattered thoughts. A sort of partial awe of the dragon but also a pity for it.

“This must be rough, it is kinda like caging a man, you are no stupid Gryphon or Pegasus. You can talk… well sorta. So yeah I was wonderin’ about treasure. Is it true you dream of hidden hoards?” A sense of greed ignited but there was no real plan beyond day dreams of treasure. Lofty thoughts of buying his own holdings, becoming a noble and living the life of wealth and luxury.
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Mon 9 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Vitriol continues to lick at the superficial wounds, wondering idly what Hadrian has planned next.  The human, Lewis, having no plan does not surprise him.  He toys with several ideas on how he can use this human to his advantage.  He also wonders if Hadrian is setting him up.  Is the cage lord smart enough, devious enough, to set a trap for one that is not loyal? A test?  Vitriol considers this.

"Aye, Lewis, we dream." Vitriol replies in a link.  "We dream of hoards of gold, silver, and mithril coins. Ornate jewelry and the crowns of kings. Pearl necklaces, and platinum trinkets, and gemstones the size of a large human hand.  The finest armors and weapons taken from the enemies we vanquish." 

The young dragon stands, furling his wings to his side and prances around to stretch his aching muscles. He eyes the continuing rage that Sazre displays. Clearly, the gryphon is insane and beyond help.

"These things, I fear, I shall never have a chance to obtain."  Vitriol sighs over the link.  "I will speak further with you in a few days.  Now, I must rest and regain my strength and vigor for tomorrow.  Do you, Lewis, by chance know what tomorrow brings for me?  Knowing would make it easier to prepare for."

Awaiting the man's answer, Vitriol retires to the northeast corner of the cage and coils for sleep.  Today's activities had tested his limits of strength and endurance.  Now, he wants to sleep.  Needs to sleep. Like the night before, Vitriol conjures the image of the symbol within his mind, considering its meaning and presence within him.  The dream of Astalgorix had implied the power was from within.  What power?  How to draw it out?  Then again, perhaps it was merely a dream... not a portent to knowledge boiling to the surface from a veil of ancient memories.

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Thu 12 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Lewis visibly frowned as he attempted thinking beyond day dreams of treasure. “Well it is like a smelling test or some thin’.   You sniff out magic. I also suspect he will show you the reins and saddle and get you to climb and possibly glide if you can. It won't be as intense as today has been, he just wanted to see how far you could be pushed.” With that conveyed Lewis gave the dragon a kind of nod and then walked away with hands in his pockets.

The dull pains of exhaustion lingered. Vitriol was feeling the pressures of the day manifesting in every nuance of ache. There was not much to do other than sit in the cage and watch the life beyond it move in accordance with Hadrian’s will. The clouds moved across the sky free to drift unchained.

Sazre was no longer responsive and seemed to spend a lot of time pointlessly gnawing at the cage and shrieking every now and then. The Pegasus just stood mostly still, thoughts seeming distant.

Vitriol would find sleep came very easily the last thoughts on conjuring that symbol of before. The ache and stinging pains seemed to conjure a picture but so much of it was missing lost to the tiredness of activity.

There would be no grand dreams just the darkness that took Vitriol somewhere else free of pain for a while. ( Ancestral Memory Failed.)

Once again Vitriol was awoken by a cheerful Hadrian who waited by the bars. “ Good job yesterday, eat up! You have more to do today.” Hadrian made a hand gesture to someone above and meat rained down into the cage. “So how you feeling champ, ready to take on the challenges of the day?”
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Fri 13 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Vitriol snaps to wakefulness at the cheerful, annoying sound of Hadrian's voice.  The dragon represses the urge to frown, even if the human could not tell what a frowning dragon looked like.  He unfurls his wings and stretches, bending forward, then back on hind legs.

"I am ready for all the wooden targets you can give me." Vitriol replies in the mind link. He steps to a sheep's carcass, bites down into the fresh, bloody meat, and rips a haunch away.  It disappears quickly down the gullet, barely chewed upon.  He devours every scrap given him, savoring the taste,  then drinks from the barrel of water.

He remembers the words of Lewis, and wonders at the tests.  Sniff out magic?  For some reason, this excites him.  It must be a skill known to dragons, but can he do it? Had he done it already? Abesently, he looks down at the stone flooring of the cage and eyes the measurement of his claw compared to that of the day before.  There is a distinct difference.  He is growing.  As long as he can eat and move, he will grow.  He must grow.

Vitrol walks over to the gate that leads into the training yard.  He sees no training targets through the bars.  No wooden effigies.

"Your men are lax this morning Hadrian."  he says, leaving no room for Hadrian to believe he already knew some of the day's course.

@Sazre: "You think me weak, yet you are wrong." Vitriol links to the gryphon, whether he listens or not is irrelevant.  "I have a means to an end and it will require lasting patience. You would do well to help me, as I too wish to crush the life from the humans.  All of them! But alas, I fear your mind has slipped from reality and is naught but a rage now.  If this is different, please impart to me some knowledge to convince me otherwise.  that is.... if you wish an ally with a dragon."

@Pegasus:>"Ancient memories tell me that the Pegasus is regarded as one of the most eloquent of flyers and are highly magical in nature."  Vitriol says, with a linked voice filled with admiration and respect. "It would be an honor to learn more of your ways, perhaps from whence you come, your history. Yet, for now, I have training I must attend.  Think on this and we will speak more." 
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Sat 14 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Hadrian let out a harsh short laugh. “All the more time for you to prepare that clever mind of yours.” He stood with coiled whip in hand. But his gaze was partially on Sazre. Who met his stare as if in challenge.

The handlers were busy. But this time not with wooden targets. They had cleared the Training yard of the prior destruction meted out the day before. Instead they laid out what looked like a multitude of wooden boxes about the size of a standard book. There were dozens of them placed in the training yard, all far apart from one another; all identical. More of the boxes were hoisted upwards then tangled in the ceiling of bars they hung from. Further boxes were buried at varying depths all over the yard.

Hadrian’s handlers seemed to be enjoying their work for some reason. Thier coarse language revealing little of what was being talked about. But they seemed to be excited by something.

Vitriol’s mind link reached out for Sazre. But his thoughts were just seething rage at the close proximity of Hadrian. There was no other thought but a deep hatred that likely ate at sanity. Unmasked beneath though was a terrible fear that flared when Hadrian tutted his tongue with displeasure. “Stubborn one this one, not nearly as accommodating as you Dragon.”

The Pegasus seemed to neigh, her mind responded politely but almost in a mental whisper as if Hadrian could hear. "Speak to me at the rise of the moon. Now is not the time, be careful!”

Once the Handler’s work was done they seemed to pull up wooden seats and position themselves outside the training yard. The chatter died down as Hadrian lifted his hand to silence them all. Lewis ran over with a single box and promptly handed it to Hadrian who took the box carefully and now stared hard at Vitriol.

Hadrian composed his thoughts to mirror his words as thought and Toldonese came together forming a crude start of understanding of the throaty vocalisations.

“So Champ, this is what you have to do.” He opened the box and showed the contents to Vitriol. Inside was what looked like a shard of stone etched with markings.

“This here stone is inscribed with magic. There are ten more like it now hidden within boxes around the yard. Other boxes contain mundane rocks. You are to recover all the inscribed stones and all the rocks. Putting aside the ten boxes that you are certain have magical residue."

Hadrian tipped the box further and brought it closer. “Take a good look, get a sense for this one.”
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Sun 15 May 2016
at 22:24
Scenario: A War of Wills
"...rise of the moon. Now is not the time, be careful!” the pegasus links, seemingly in a whisper.  This brings a worrisome thought to the dragon.  Can Hadrian hear the links, or is the pegasus merely being paranoid?  He would have to know that and know it soon. But how can he find out?  It is something he would have to think on later.

Vitriol watches the handlers with mild amusement. At first, he was excited, thinking perhaps the boxes were targets for his practicing his most damaging ability, his breath attack.  But alas, it is not so.  It is as the Lewis had said... a sniffing out of something. And no doubt, the handlers were betting on the results.

Vitriol approaches the offered box, staring at the ordinary looking stone.  Yes, it is plain looking. There are no auras. No sounds. No script or etchings.  It may very well be that this stone is just a stone and Hadrian is testing him.

Vitrol sniffs at the stone, purely for the entertainment of the handlers, flaring his nostrils wide. He represses a sudden urge to bite Hadrian's head off.  A contingency no doubt prepared for by the cage lord.  Inwardly, the dragon assesses the stone with his innate ability to sense magic.  A stone is just a stone, unless those who can manipulate the universe with arcane alters its purpose.  The closest a mortal shall ever come to being god-like.  These manipulations, or magic, are easy to sense, unless the manipulator takes an additional step to deter or subvert the senses, hiding the object or making it appear as something else.  Dragons are highly magical in nature and being so can sense magic in other things rather well.  Especially if one hones this ability, and here Hadrian is... offering him the whetstone upon which to hone the skill.

The young dragon takes the opportunity to try...  he uses the sense magic ability he posseses, noting whether or not the stone really is magical, but extends his senses to include Hadrian himself.  It would be good to know more about Hadrian and his abilities, protections, magics... whatever will give him an advantage down the road.

Vitriol senses the box Hadrian holds, and once satisfied at the results, and with Hadrian's permission, he trots around the training yard, looking at each of the visible boxes with a curious and scrutinizing eye.  They were all the same.  He moves to each, sensing the best he can, and not touching any until he was done with the searching.  For those under the ground, he simply moved over the yard, sensing.  Once he is satisfied to have found all ten, he digs, takes, or leaps to grab, them all and present them in a line to Hadrian.

"These are your stones of magic." he links, then backs away and sits on his haunches to await the results.  An excitement ripples through the minds of the handlers and Vitriol smiles. But, inwardly, Vitriol is at odds.  The ten boxes draw his attention and he is surprised at the strength of a new yearning within himself.  A yearning to own... to possess.  To take the contents and stow them away.  He visibly shakes with the need, but quickly quells such show of physical weakness.

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Tue 24 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
The stone that was presented to Vitriol did indeed give off a magical sense, in an odd way it was something he could genuinely sniff. The smell though was so abstract it had no real means of description. The magical stone had an aura as well. Trails of silvery light wafted and rippled around the stone. There were hints of other colors as well but they were faint, barely present.

Vitriol was adept at sensing magic like he had an innate knowing of it. Magic seemed to be the color of liquid silver with hints of other colors. Of this Vitriol could be certain. Hadrian had no aura at all, nor did anything around him with the exception of the Pegasus, whose aura flashed with sky blues.

Hadrian nodded approvingly at the Dragons seeming eagerness to begin, with out having to be yanked painfully into the yard and goaded with whip.

At first the task appointed him was easy. Various boxes had streaks of silver emanating from them, indicating quite clearly they were magical in some way. But as time wore on the sense began to falter. It was getting increasingly difficult to sense for long. At a certain point sensing magic ceased all together. Vitriol would have to rest the ability giving it time to return before he continued the task. It took half the day to locate all the ten boxes. There were moments where he had to climb and glide back down. Or dig at some of the buried boxes.

( Gain Sense Magic IIII Gain Skill Climbing IIII Gain Flight III Gain skill Dig III )

Hadrian looked upon the row of boxes. “The moment of truth then Dragon let's see how well you did.” With careful precision he opened each of the boxes in turn, Each stone shaped like a stone knife. “Ten out of ten Dragon! A good effort all round. So, what would you like as a reward?”

Lewis seemed to be grinning and excitedly shouted. “I knew you could do it!” There were various grumbles as Lewis was given glimmering coins. He was not the only one however others had clearly bet against Vitriol and had now lost a sizable amount.
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Tue 24 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
" like as a reward?”  These words echo in Vitriol's mind for a moment.  He considered what he would like to do most at the moment and only two things come to mind.

"To hunt, or to fly." Vitriol replies, tilting his head.  He ignores the commotion from the handlers.  He had known they were betting for or against his success today.

Vitriol regards Hadrian from behind a veil of submissiveness.  The cage lord was not protected by magic.  Could he kill him so easily?  He envisions ripping the human's head from its body with his teeth, further flaming a yearning within him.  Almost immediately, the symbol he has been mulling over for days comes unbidden to mind and Vitriol has to suppress an urge.

But what is that urge?  Something spoken?  Something thought?  What would happen if he linked that symbol, backed with a pulling on the silvery cord of magic that lies just beneath everything that exists?  Not just a pulling, but a weaving...  Vitriol shudders as a  though comes to him.  His excitement suddenly builds.   A hunt would be a good way to find out... but Vitriol is certain the cage lord would not risk losing his valuable dragon by such a reckless and careless act.

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Wed 25 May 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills
Even though Hadrian lacked magic and was entirely mundane. He was alert, his casual demeanor belying a keen awareness he was dealing with a dangerous predator at all times. In a weird way it seemed like he thrived on being at the edge of peril. There was just something about him though that demonstrated a certainty, that Vitriol would come to heel. Given enough time would that truly be the case? He had taken Vitriols ability to breathe death. They had also tattered his wings robbing him of true flight. Could Hadrian rob Vitriol of his self will as well?

The symbol was also elusive, it seemed to exist most sharply in moments of pain. Outside of those moments it was distant, but a sense of weaving did exist, it was just how to pluck those strings of power? There was something he was missing in understanding. Like an awakening moment or needed epiphany.

Hadrian could only laugh deeply at the two options. “I think not Dragon, you have yet to find obedience to be its own reward. But you did do well today. So I will give you a taste of something special.” Hadrian whistled and Lewis came running, still with a grin on his face from having done well for himself.

Hadrian addressed Lewis bluntly. “Bring ‘the’ venison.” Lewis nodded and simply scurried off disappearing into the food barn.

Hadrian led Vitriol back out the training yard, through the pen and into the cage, that was grimly the closest thing to having a place to call his own.

Lewis was seen carrying a leg of something that smelled good all ready. It was dropped into the cage via the sluice above. The meaty object gave off a marinaded smell as if it had been soaked in some kind of juice mingled with herbs.

The Pegasus whinnied and snorted then kicked the front of the bars. Hadrian’s focus shifted and he moved away to the Pegasus. “Whoa girl, what is the matter?”
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Thu 26 May 2016
at 01:00
Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Vitriol's mouth watered at the smell of the haunch of meat coming.  It is not natural, but has been prepared in some tantalizing way.  He paces the cage, waiting for the meat as Hadrian walks over to the Pegasus.  The sluice opens and the haunch falls to splat upon the cage floor with a wet smack!  Vitriol can see the meat has been soaked in something.

He approaches the meat, then eyes Hadrian speaking with the Pegasus.  Why had she kicked at her cage? Curious in the timing.  Vitriol looks at the meat.  A warning? He considered linking with her, but then thought of the paranoia she exhibited earlier.  There may be something to that... there may not.  Too risky to take the chance, so he remains quiet.

Vitriol feigns dislike of the meat by sniffing it, then snorting as if he finds it completely distasteful. He rolls the haunch over with the tip of his nose and snorts again.  He scratches at the haunch with a claw, shredding some meat from the bone, then finally turns from it and walks to the far north west corner of the cage.  He furls his wings and lays down, eying Hadrian and the Pegasus with amused curiosity.

"I am not human.", Vitriol states.  "I do not require my meat prepared.  It is best fresh, bloody, and recently killed.  That... that is not something rewarding." 
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Thu 26 May 2016
at 12:48
Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Hadrian looked visibly annoyed his tone curt. “Oh I am sorry your specialness that it is not prepared to your liking. I weep for you. Eat the damn meat!”

The smell was strange, it made Vitriol’s head rush and his mouth salivate.  There was something strongly enticing about the meat. It gave off a pungent smell that haunted the senses. Sniffing the meat was like inhaling pure want. The smell lingered sticking to the nostrils. Even at the far end of the cage the smell remained, the moist meat glistening. Some part of him wanted to devour it without thought, it was a primal part, a hungry part.
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Thu 26 May 2016
at 19:08
Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Vitriol mirrors Hadrian's expression and lays his head down onto the cold cage stone floor.  His want of that meat is undeniable, yet he trusts his instinct.  Right now, all he wants is for Hadrian to leave.

"Mmmmm perhaps later." Vitriol links.  "Right now, I just want to rest as sensing the magic stones has made me weary minded."

He puts up a mental wall and shuts Hadrian out, mimicking the way Sazre had forced Vitriol from his mind link.

If Hadrian wants him to eat the meat, he would have to force the meat down him.
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Fri 3 Jun 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Hadrian had a look like he had just been slapped round the face. Something flared for a moment and he tightly clutched the handle of the whip. Then whatever wrath was there that threatened to explode melted away. “Suit yourself then Champ,” he said with a half hearted shrug.

He stroked the Pegasus into seeming calmness then he moved away, briefly glancing back. Soon enough he was gone disappearing out via the large gate. Much of Hadrian’s lackeys followed.

The moon began to rise and the first number of many stars began to show. Thick clouds drifted slowly above, unfettered and free to just drift with the wind.

The pegasus snorted with a kind of derision then tossed her head as if trying to rid herself of some taint. “I have seen the rewards these humans give enslave the mind of the Wyvern that came before you. Be wary of the man’s rewards. Let Sazre have it before you are tempted.”

Even with the warning the glazed meat gave off succulent aromas that wet the appetite and nudged at the senses that now ached to sample the meat, just a nibble or even a lick. Was there harm in it? Could his mind be so easily enslaved by the deliciousness that was left to simply exist uneaten. It seemed a waste, or maybe that was the gut talking.
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Fri 3 Jun 2016
at 23:52
Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Vitriol gets up and sidles over to the haunch of venison.  He sniffs the succulent aroma, closing his eyes.  The meat beckons to him and his jowls water, saliva dripping to the cage floor at the mere thought of sinking his teeth into the flesh. The thought of Hadrian watching, leering with a smug smile as he bites into it dissolves the overwhelming urge to feast and Vitriol flicks the haunch to the side, sending it flying against the bars adjacent to the gryphon's cage.  Most of the meat was still on this side, but could be easily dragged through by Sazre if he is similarly tempted.  No...Vitriol, thinks.  I will not have my mind controlled.  I will have free will.  I must have free will! 

Vitriol settles back into his spot, feeling the warmth of the cage there from him laying there recently.  His stomach growled lightly, but nothing like the day before.  He resigns himself to the decision of not eating that meat. Perhaps, he inwardly hopes, they will bring more food in the morning.

"Thank you winged one."  the young dragon links to the Pegasus.  "Do you have a name among your kind?  I am to be known as Vitriol...not Champ, or dragon, as the unimaginative humans seem to prefer." 

As Vitriol lays in the cage, he directs his ears back and forth, listening to the sounds of the night around him.  He tries to pick up any conversations, movements of nocturnal creatures, and any other noises present, identifying them as he picks through the various vibrations in the air.
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Sat 4 Jun 2016
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Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
The Gryphon wasted no time in dragging the meat through the gaps in the cage. He did so quietly. Positioning his body in such a way the transfer of meat would not be seen. The gryphon  then settled down on top of it and resumed his mix of shrieking and clawing at the cage. No longer moving from the spot. Sazre looked to the dragon with a glance that was hard to read. Without a mind link it was impossible to know what he was even being thinking in that moment.

The Pegasus closed her eyes and seemed serene even behind bars. “My name cannot be pronounced as such, it is more a feeling that flows with all the majesty of the sky. The nearest equivalent would be mirrored sky. Sky will do though.” There was a mote of warmth in the thought like it appealed to her sense of self to be called Sky.

 “The goddess Fathemia must have fated you to be here with a name like that. Is that your true name though or the name you have assumed? Do you Dream of more than hate?" There was a curiosity to the thought.  "Will you dare to dream with me?”

The question was a strange one, but there was a sense that if the mind link was maintained as Vitriol slept, they may indeed share in dreams.

The stars were somewhat marred by the orange glow of many nearby fire lights. The sounds that could be heard were of clinking chains and various tack creaking in the breeze. Further straining to hear would reveal the sound of other animals letting out pitiful sounds of their own. From keening whines to growls of primal hate. There were no conversations to be heard just the muffled sound of humans, going about their business somewhere beyond the wall.
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Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
"Very well. Sky it will be."  Vitriol replies in kind.  "My name is... shortened from its absolute.  There is danger in revealing one's true name to others."

Vitriol thought on this, for he truly did not know the dangers he speaks of.  It is known.  It is passed down as known, therefore, he knows this.  But what does it mean?

"As for the goddess... you may be right.  Perhaps the goddess, Fathemia, is behind my being.  Perhaps it is another."  The dragon says wistfully.  He did not know. "I do not know of gods.  I dream of many things, but mostly freedom and ways to obtain it.  Hate is a means to an end, I think.  Do I hate all humans?  I do not know for certain. I certainly hate this Hadrian and this other, a red robed stranger, that sold my egg to him." 

Vitriol places his claw against the mark of the morning, taking measure of his growth. He needs more meat, he concludes.

"Perhaps some of these questions can be learned in your dreamscape.  If I am correct, all we have to do is leave this link of the minds open in slumber.  I will do so." 

It is a measure of trust he is giving to the Pegasus.  An open mind link while sleeping can be an invitation to unwanted things.  Manipulations and controls that otherwise he would never consider.  Suggestions to turn one down different paths.  Possible... but he feels no threat from the Pegasus.  He would trust his instinct and hope for the best.  Besides, he may be able to learn something from the experience.

After much more mundane conversation, Vitriol retires to his spot in the north west corner of the cage.  He furls his wings and lays down, then tucks his head beneath his left wing.  The events of the day had very much left his weary and it is not long before his is in a deep slumber.
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Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
The Pegasus seemed to have soothing thoughts that drifted like a light breeze. She spoke at length about freedom with a sort of urgency that flared as if she was forgetting what it meant but how important it was to never give up on it. She spoke most warmly about chasing the horizon and the discovery that she could never quite get close to it! She spoke of the times she used to ride the winds and her simple joy of being able to simply share all the things she could think of about the wind and sky before it was lost. With greatest reverie she spoke of the gift of flight and what it meant to truly fly free. Then she seemed eager to sleep.

( Gain Flight III )

“Know that Fathemia may be a goddess of fate, but you can defy her and make your own.
Good night, see you in the endless sky.”

Sleep would come eventually. There was little comfort to be had in a metal cage but the lengthy day followed by late night conversation allowed Vitriol to slip off relatively quickly.

Sure enough there were dream skies that came into view, they seemed the richest blue, and transitioned rapidly in golden and grey white hues. A sun of sorts shone but it did so with no real warmth but the golden touch seemed to change the tint of the sky. Moons, stars and other suns moved as if in a planetary dance between their various states. Cloud formations made up an ever moving changing landscape. There was also a sound, like a chorus that had no earthly description. It could only be said to be beautiful, to the extent it was easy to get lost in a song that seemed partially forgotten.

Vitriol would find himself comfortably  sprawled out across a grey cloud which held his bright dream substance aloft. Beneath and above there was more sky. Where ever he was had no horizon as there was no land to speak of, just endless sky in all directions.

The pegasus was there also but she seemed more ethereal, faded around the edges with a dulling corona of blue light edging out her weakening form.

“This is where I come, when the pain and loneliness gets too bad.  You will need to carve your own inner world to retreat to or the humans will lay waste to the notion of what it is to be free. They will use their addictive poisons to fog your mind, the whip to break your will and hunger to force obedience. When the time eventually comes to be free you will need to be able and ready to fly."

"Now look behind you and tell me what you fear and see? Describe it to me in as much detail as you can. We can learn to out fly it together. I will teach you while I still can. Each night join me atop this cloud and we will fly together and build you a lair of your own."
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Scenario: A War of Wills - Day 3
Vitriol spreads his wings and feels the air beneath them.  He does not think there is actual air here, but he can feel the nerve centers along the edges of his wings flutter as if wind whips across the trailing edges.  His body rises at the slightest tilt of his wing and he is rapt with wonder and delight as he is body tries to lift.  He quickly furls his wings before actually trying to fly.  He wonders whether or not he can hurt himself here in this dream world.  He does not think so, but it is not his dream.

"Oh Sky!" he gasps, feeling the praise of thousands of ancient voices from the veil. They urge him for accomplishment.  "This is a wonder!" 

There is no real air.  He is not real.  His ethereal self spreads wings again and this time rises, or rather his perspective to reality around him changes according to his vision.  Whatever the reality, he feels the sensation of flying.  He maneuvers into a twisting, circling pattern around the Pegasus.  He can feel the muscle groups react instinctively with his sense of direction.  He flaps his wings and feels the sensation of upward movement and thrust.  After several minutes of enjoying the sensations, Vitriol comes to a hovering position near the Pegasus.  If a dragon smiles, his is radiant and beaming.

"What do I fear?" he asks and begins to think.  The memory of his only vivid, frightening dream comes to him immediately.  He describes the dream in detail to the Pegasus, though in truth, there is very much of it that he does not understand at all.  And may never.

"What form does this Fathemia take in the mortal realms?" Vitrol asks the Pegasus upon completing his story.  He is suddenly struck by the thought that Astalgorix might have been Fathemia.

"I would dearly enjoy being ready to fly when I am ready to escape my captivity.  I will escape it." he says, thinking on it.  "Purely a fantasy now, but one day it will be a reality.  Perhaps you could be at my side.  We can escape this place together? Would that interest you?" 

Vitriol absorbs her thoughts on the matter, then continues, "But, flying will likely not be an available option for me.  I have tattered wings, see."  He gestures his head to his wings as he flaps them wide.  The ethereal version of himself was riddled with tattered holes in wing. "I will have to devise another way, unless you know of a way to mend my wings."

He chuckles at his attempt at jest, unaware if any such things exists.

"Time is required.  I will bide my time, but I must not lose focus."  he continues, thinking on escaping Hadrian.  "I will become stronger and learn to fight. Then, when the time is ripe with opportunity, I will strike and escape the confines.  Seek out my own, or settle into some lair somewhere."