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Mon 21 Dec 2015
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Game Rules - Read this First!
1. Mature content
This is a game for mature writers.  It is not by any means an erotic or gratuitously violent game, but may contain strong language, dark themes and possibly romantic relationships and suggestive content.  All characters involved in sexual situations MUST be 18 years of age, or older.  Players cannot force others to role play in a sexual situation, if the other player(s) do not wish to.  Please make sure your character is also true to their nature, when playing these situations.  Fade to black scenarios will be necessary should romantic relations happen.

2. No God-Modding
Some people have different ideas about what this means.  Essentially, no character is allowed to have the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries.  Furthermore, this also means no dictating the actions of other players.  If you have permission from the GM, NPCs may have their actions dictated, but that is the full extent allowed.  This also means no involving someone's character in an action or aspect of a story without their consent.

3. No Meta-gaming
Again, people oftentimes have trouble with this one.  You are not allowed to have your character act or make decisions upon information or knowledge not obtained in the game.  In other words, no use of player knowledge.  Posts with such usage will be deleted.

4. No OOC Flame Wars
No insults, abusive language, or inciting speech in the OOC.  If you have an issue with another player or ruling, PM one of the GMs.  Disagreements can certainly happen, but keep them civil and non-aggressive.

5. Absences and Post Rate
In general we expect people to post at least once in 2-3 days, preferably at least once a day.  If you can't keep up with that speed, I suggest you find another game.  If you know you are going to be unable to post for a time, please let us know in the absences thread.  Also, note whether or not you would like your character to be NPC'd.  If not, make sure to remove them from any situation where your presence would be necessary.

6. Formatting
To make it easier for everyone, I would everyone to use a standard format for posting:
-When entering or leaving a thread, indicate where you came from or are going to.  Example:  ---> From the Statue of Liberty
-Speech and direct communication should be indicated with quotation marks and use a consistent color.  It can be hard to pick speech out of a post without color, so please choose one and stick with it.  The exception is NPCs, which shouldn't be colored.  Example:  "Come with me if you want to live."
-Direct thoughts and non-vocal communication should be indicated with single quotes and italicized using the same color.  Example: 'I'm getting too old for this.'
-Color all OOC and declared actions in Orange.  As such, no one will be allowed to use Orange as their speech color.
-We will use Red and Orange for GM purposes, so Red will also not be allowed for speech.
-Do not use Walls of Text.  They will fall on me, I will use reflect, and they will crit you. ~_^

7. Nature of "The World"
There will be a story-driven plot to follow, but just like with the .hack// games, there are times when you just "play and level up".  Thus, players are encouraged to seek out jobs, side quests, and exploration on their own as well.  If you have a particular idea for an episode you'd like to see happen, then PM it to any GM.  Also, suggestions about the game will be welcome in the appropriate thread.  Oh, and make sure you put the subject heading 'redemption' in your request to join so I know you read the rules.

8. Death
Character death can and will happen from time to time.  Luckily for the characters, it's an MMO, so it doesn't mean much.  Know that if you suddenly decide to start a fight against odds greater than those you can handle, there is a good chance the character might die.  Also, while the character you play in "The World" (probably ~_^) won't die/be deleted permanently, the character outside "The World" might should you choose to do silly things.