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Source Book
Sun 10 Jan 2016
at 01:13
Posting and rolling.
Use 1st person in your head, if you will, but use third person, when you are not using direct speech.
Use present tense.

Colour/bold your speech, and put it ind quotation marks.

Don't share your character's thoughts in a public way, unless they are vocalized, or you are a Telepath. Most likely, you're not.
On the other hand, please put your character's immediate surface thoughts in italics and inside ~'s in the Private Group Thoughts. That way, if someone reads your mind, GM knows what to tell them.

In combat, post your actions under the heading Combat, round x. Don't fret about posting your actions in initiative order, it will be handled in the Summary; Combat, round x post made by the GM.
Add dice rolls at the end of your post; copy and paste from the dice roller.
All rolls must be made in the dice roller. Rolls that are not made in the dice roller, are not made.
Mon 18 Dec 2017
at 01:33
Posting and rolling.
This is crazy.