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Mon 16 May 2016
at 04:24
Request To Join Application
Concept: (description, personality, etc)



Please also answer the following questions, they will not make or break your ability to get into the game, it's just for clarification and knowledge on my part.

1. Experience with rule system?
2. Familiarity with Halo: ODST?


These things WILL make or break your ability to get in.

1. Can you post at least once daily?
2. Are you likely to stick with the game, with the understanding that if you disappear without notice for a week your character will be killed?
3. Please submit a writing sample that is there paragraphs long, third person past tense. It can be on anything, even an old post from another game.
Alternate: If you are/have been in another game with me, remind me.