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Tue 29 Dec 2015
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Character Creation
Characters will be built starting at 3rd level. Steps for character creation are:

  1. Build a character at 1st level with minimal starting equipment and post to your Character Sheet area. Roll attributes--roll two sets, rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest d6. Pick the set that you like better. If neither turns out to your liking, you can use a 32-point buy or array.
  2. PM the DM to review.
  3. Once the DM has approved the level 1 version, level your character up to 3.
  4. DM will approve again.
  5. Eqiup as a 3rd level character (starting gold equivalent is 2700 gp). DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SPEND IT ALL RIGHT AWAY. You can save some as a reserve that you spend during the first session.

Any WOTC source is acceptable, though you will have to adapt Eberron- or Faerun-based character ideas. Action points will definitely not be used.

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Fri 3 Feb 2017
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Character Creation
For hit points, please take half the value of your hit die (e.g. 4 for d8), add 1 and add your CON modifier.