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Tue 17 May 2016
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Game Application Form
Welcome to The Realm!

I'm happy to see you are interested in joining the game. Please read over and fill out the form below.

DISCLAIMER: Your response to these questions does not determine whether or not you gain access.

1. Character Name:
2. Experience with Dungeon World?:
3. Post Rate?: (Please note that I need you to be able to post at least three times a week. If you can't maintain that rate normally, I'm afraid this game is not for you.)
4. Class:

Writing Sample-
The writing sample is to make sure you are an adequate writer. I prefer that players who join this game be able to write posts that are easily read, "clean" and professional, and add to the game. That said you can submit any kind of sample. There are no real requirements. Some players write long posts, others prefer shorter ones, while others are a mix. I am good with all three. Here is what I require though;
1. Third Person.
2. Past Tense.
3. Correct Spelling(occasional typos are fine)
4. That you not "reply" to or "quote" IC posts. Please just reply and don't include others posts in your post. This makes the IC thread look "unprofessional" and detracts from the story. Call it a pet peeve if you will, but I just prefer things to be clean and professional looking.
5. Easily followed posts. No run ons.

If you cannot adhere to these requirements, you will not be given access to the game.


Finally, you don't need to respond to the information below, but please read and keep it in mind.

Players who disappear will be given a warning after a week, and then removed from the game after two weeks. Their character WILL be put up for adoption. The character may re-apply for access, and if their character is still up for adoption they resume as before. If their character was adopted they must make a new character unless the "adopter" is willing to return the character.

PvP can only be started if both sides agree to engage in it. Players may not attack other players without prior consent. If you do so, your attack(s) will have no effect. NPC's are open game. They will retaliate however, the game has a "realistic" tone to it despite the fact that it is fantasy themed.

The GM(s) have the right to interpret the rules as they see fit. That said, people do make mistakes. If you believe a GM has made a system mechanics mistake, please PM the GM stating your position. The GM(s) will look over your position and get back to you on what they have decided to do.

If you take issue with another player/character, please PM the GM(s) stating your concern(s), and allow them to handle the issue. Do NOT include the other player in your PM.

Do NOT under any circumstances make any kind of NEGATIVE comment OOC about another player/character. Ever. All issues between players/characters should be directed to the GM(s). OOC drama only causes issues and does not get anyone anywhere, and often interrupts gameplay.

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