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The One Above All
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Sun 3 Jan 2016
at 22:02
Cerebro Files
Please post your characters here.
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Sun 3 Jan 2016
at 22:09
Cerebro Files
Shadeweaver (Molly (Myung) Park)

Team d10, Buddy d8, Solo d6

Distinctions: Theatre Kid, In With Both Feet, One of the Gang

Shadow Spinning

Shadow Control d8, Intangibility d6, Invisibility d8, Teleport d6, Shadowburst d8

All-Concealing Shadows: Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.
Black Hole: On a successful reaction against an Energy action, convert your opponent’s effect die into a Shadow Spinning stunt or step up a Shadow Spinning power by +1 for your next action.  Spend 1 PP to use this stunt if your opponent’s action succeeds.

Limit: Intangibility, Invisibility and Teleport only work within or between shadows (including Assets created by Shadow Spinning).

Whatever A Spider Can

Wallcrawling d6, Reflexes d8, Strength d8, Venomous Bite d8

Forewarned is Four-Armed: Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for one additional target when attacking hand-to-hand.</i>
Sinking the Fangs: Add a d6 to your die pool and step back your highest die by -1.  Increase Venomous stress inflicted by +1.
Venom in my Veins: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from poison.
Limit: Mutant: Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Milestones and tech.

Specialties: Acrobatic Expert, Combat Expert, Menace Expert

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Sun 3 Jan 2016
at 23:24
Cerebro Files

Solo d8, Buddy d10, Team d6

Distinctions:  Won't Be Contained, Style Over Substance, Loyal to the End

Underwater Adaptations (Senses d8, Swimming d8, Enhanced Str d8, Enhanced Durability d8, Enhanced Stamina d8)
--SFX: Read It Coming (Spend 1 PP to add Enhanced Senses to a die pool (or step up by +1 if already in the pool) and reroll all dice when making a Reaction to a physical attack)
Limit:  Mutant.  The standard Mutant Limit you see everywhere.

Tentacle Hair (Swingline d8, Stretching d8)
--SFX:  Tentacles EVERYWHERE (Target multiple opponents.  For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.)
--SFX:  Clingy Tentacles (Add 1d6 and Step Up the Effect die by +1 when inflicting a Grapple complication on the target)
--SFX: No More Haircuts!  (Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1)
Limit:  Imperfect Control:  Change any Tentacle Hair power into a complication and gain 1 PP; Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Combat Expert d8  Acrobatics Expert d8
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Tue 5 Jan 2016
at 13:09
Cerebro Files
Just realized I completely forgot Distinctions!  I'll add those.
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 03:53
Cerebro Files
Actually, Shade has an extra d10 to add, because of the Grapple Complication.
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 20:50
Cerebro Files
Yeah; Matt pointed that out (as well as the injuries) and I rolled two extra dice, but didn't add them to the description.
The One Above All
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Sun 12 Mar 2017
at 03:30
Cerebro Files
And here is what we know about the 3 NPC students so far:

Advika – a young Indian woman with the power to turn two dimensional. She's a little shy and this is the first time she's ever been away from home, but trying her best to get used to the mansion.

George – an African teenager who is out going and friendly, he is quite excited to see America and experience the crazy adventures he hears happens there. He has the power to create portals that link two different areas.

Liliya – a Russian street kid. She doesn't always take well to authority, and usually looks after herself first. She is currently try to quit smoking. Her powers are currently unknown.