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House Rules

1. DBAD. Don't let in character conflicts get out of character. Don't antagonize your fellow players. Don't antagonize your friendly neighborhood DM.

2. New players are welcome here. I am a new DM to RPOL. (I have DMed offline lots, but online, never.) What we don't know we will learn together. Experienced players are welcome here too, as long as they're willing to be patient and helpful and remember we were all new once.

3. Posts should be a minimum of two sentences. That should be a minimum, not an average. Storytelling and descriptive writing is positively encouraged. Your character should be posting twice a week, minimum. If you need a break or go on vacation or get sick something let me know and we'll work with that. If you're no-show for more than 2 weeks, expect to find your character NPC'd.

4.  Pick a colour for your character's dialogue, and stick to it.  Orange is reserved for OOC (any dice rolling or mechanical bits you include with your posts.

5.  When in combat, or other rules-heavy situations, list your actions and results at the bottom of your post as OOC. You can copy and paste your rolls from the dice roller log if you want to.

5' step to B3
Attack Gnoll 2 with longsword, 1d20+3 = 10 to hit, 1d8+1 = 5 damage.

6. No godmodding:  The only characters you may drive are your own. This includes NPCs. Do not react to things for another player's character. If it's a minor conversation with an NPC, feel free to write both sides but do try to stay in character for the NPC you're using. If two (or more) players want to decide their actions together and then have one person post it during an RP heavy scene or conversation, that's fine, but add that in OOC text at the end of the post so I know that's what is happening.

7. No metagaming:  Metagaming is using knowledge that your character shouldn't have, including information about enemies and the AP itself. I am fine with players who have played or GMed the AP before, as long as you don't spoil things for anyone else. I know this is an older AP and many experienced players may have played it.

8. Rolls: Use the RPOL dice roller. No exceptions. I will roll initiative for everyone. I may make other rolls for you as cases arise.

9. Initiative:  I will roll initiative at the start of combat, and usually have all the monsters act on one initiative.  During the player's turns, everyone who acts before the enemy can post and their actions will play out in the order posted.  This is to save time during combats, so as to avoid having to wait for each player in turn.

Example: Jim, Jane, Jack, and a pack of gnolls all roll initiative.  Jim gets a 1, Jane gets 17, Carol gets 13 and the gnolls get 4.  Jim and Jane each post their actions, followed by the GM (posting for the enemies), followed by Jack, Jim, and Jane in any order.

10. I may change or update rules or processes slightly to suit the needs of the game at my own discretion.

11. If you've read these rules and you're submitting an RTJ, tell me in your RTJ your favorite flavor of pie. So I know you've read the rules.

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