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The purpose of this post is to clarify and establish the proper formatting that will be expected in this online game. All of the guidelines, rules, suggestions, etc. contained herein have been developed over several years of online gaming and fit well with this game.

I highly recommend that you take a couple minutes to review this and to refer back to it if you have any questions before posting. Following these simple instructions will go a long way in making our games flow much easier and have an easy to read and consistent form across all posts.


The following are the basic tags that are used within the RPOL website to delineate between regular text and specific forms, such as speech, thought and table talk.

When you are replying to a post, you need to determine what style of post you are making so that you can assign the proper text colors to your dialog. The reason for assigning colors is so that I and other players can quickly ascertain which sections of your post apply to which aspects of the game.

For example, here is a post that is left in the standard black text followed by the same post using the post formatting:

Buttercup charges across the bridge yelling at the orcs that are chasing him, “Not in the face! Not in the face!”

Is there any chance that I can dive off the bridge into the river below without hurting myself?

As I’m running, I want to go ahead and draw my knitting needles.

With delineations

Buttercup charges across the bridge yelling at the orcs that are chasing him, “Not in the face! Not in the face!

[Is there any chance that I can dive off the bridge into the river below without hurting myself?]

[As I’m running, I want to go ahead and draw my knitting needles.]

As you can see, the formatted post is not only much more dynamic, but it is much easier to tell what section is dedicated to what form of dialog at a quick glance. The following indicates which forms of dialogue are indicated by which colors. Changing the color of text on the website is as easy as highlighting the text and then selecting the color you want in the Styled Text dropdown menu at the bottom right of the window.

 This is standard narrative text it remains black with no special indicators or colors.

 “This is text that my character is speaking out loud. It is indicated by using quotation marks and being colored Blue.”

 [This is text that indicates the Actions that my character is taking. Such appropriate actions include skill rolls, tool rolls, ability checks, saving throws, attack and damage rolls or any sort of post that indicates the character is doing something in mechanical terms rather than narrative or descriptive terms. It is colored Red and is framed in brackets.]

 [This is table talk text. This is dialogue that would be considered ‘table talk’ or ‘Out of character’ questions or comments that are generally directed at the GM or at your fellow players rather than the NPC’s or PC’s. It should be in brackets and colored Green.]

 [This last bit of text is for the GM only and indicates the GM stating information that is generally OOC, but is relevant to the player’s actions such as mechanical responses to skill rolls.]

One of the luxuries that I have with the PBP format is the ability to limit the visibility of certain posts to certain players. While this allows for parties to separate and look for clues, it also allows me to fully utilize the variety of languages within the real world and the campaign world.

Whenever you decide to speak in a language other than what is known as the “Campaign Language” you will follow the steps outlined here. Doing this is very simple.
1. Start your post as normal.
2. Once you get to the point where you wish to speak in a different language, click on the “Insert a private line” drop box in the bottom right of the reply screen.
3. Scroll down to “The language group…” and select the language you wish to use.
a. Make absolutely sure you select the language under “The language group…” heading or it won’t display correctly.
4. A new window will appear. Type what you want to say in the data field.
5. Click OK
6. Something similar to this will appear in your post: [Language unknown:  Ica e ofal I ent m proth i Tolaos.]
7. Put quotation marks around that, just as you would a normal talking post: “[Language unknown:  Ta u alhis A ticni me la e Teruretic.]
8. Finish off your post and click ‘Post Message’ and you’re done.
So a post where you want to mix languages would look something like this:
I whip around and begin yelling at the elf in front in me, "[Language unknown:  Ie nithu oer p trine maurat wasingvir anhier? Ame ati illaca P stbece tio erevirugh?]" then I look back at the party, "Can you believe this guy?"

For the online games I have a preference for how skill rolls and combat rolls are formatted in order to make it easier for me. So, I will be showing you the entire format here. Die rolls are done in the Dice Roller at the top left of the screen. This must be done before you write up your post…because it won’t just post this into a post automatically. Annoying.

1. Click the Dice Roller button.
2. Find the section 'Game System/Special Dice'.
3. Click the drop down arrow to the right.
4. Select 'Star Wars Edge of the Empire' for the system.

*Note* Once Selected there are few changes above and below the 'Star Wars Edge of the Empire' selection.

Above there is an example of the Dice Pool format.
     [e.g. 4A 2P 2D]

Below there is a list of all the different dice in the game.
     [Boost, Setback, Ability, Difficulty, Proficiency, Challenge, Force.]

5. In the box between 'dice pool' and the dice pool example 'e.g. 4A 2P 2D', is where you insert the numbers of and types of dice to be rolled.
6. Select your character name from the Character drop down menu.
7. Enter in the reason for this roll in the ‘Reason for roll’ field.
8. Click on the Roll The Dice button.
9. The die roll will appear at the top of the page.
10. Copy that entire line and paste it into Notepad, Word, or even into another open window of RPOL with Scratchpad open. e.g. 15:40, Today: Axis rolled 1 success, 8 advantages using the Star Wars Edge of the Empire with a dice pool of 1B 2A 3P 2C ((4(B), 6(A), 7(A), 9(P), 11(P), 10(P), 3(C), 3(C))).

Remember when using Scratchpad, to save often. Scratchpad does not auto-save.

11. Click on the ‘Game Menu’ link to get back to the campaign.
12. Start your reply as normal and post the die roll in your post.
A die roll post will look like this:
[Dagger (DEX): +2
Proficiency: +2 Attack: 15:47, Wed 24 Sept 2014: GM rolled 20 using 1d20+4 ((16)). Damage: 15:49, Wed 24 Sept 2014: GM rolled 3 using 1d4+2 ((1)).]

Thanks to Jason Yarnell for his previous work on the formatting for RPOL and PbP. 13JAN2016

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Thu 14 Jan 2016
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First and foremost, this is a written narrative, not entirely different from the Table Top RPGs many of us are familiar with.

1) Detail defines events. If you want to do something, describe it. If I determine you have gone into the realm of chance (requiring a dice action), I will let you know.

2) If and/or when you need to edit a post (per my request, or because you need to add or change something) please edit the post below the original post and add a date code (13JAN16) last.

3) If you have a question, send me a Private Message.