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Tue 12 Jan 2016
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Welcome to
Toiling Across the Stars

You are in the right place, and welcome. Hopefully, you have established yourself on the accompanying Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/800175916759560/

Please feel free to post here, to let us know that you are ready to post and play.

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Wed 13 Jan 2016
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(Copied from FaceBook for reference)

Star Wars, the vast galaxy far, far away. You are a part of it but what part?

Thanks for joining us in the time before the Clone Wars when peace was known by some and feared by others. Your life, your works, will they shine bright or fade into nothing. Its time for you to live, and live well.

So the current time frame for this campaign is 20 years before the Clone Wars. Essentially the Galaxy at large is dealing with trials of the Trade Federation and also seeing the Beginnings of the Separatist Coalition. The Galactic Republic is the second major peace keeping force next to the Jedi.

When you consider your character, figure their understanding and relationship to the Galactic Events at hand. It is all right if they come from some backwater planet, with little to no knowledge of these things. We will be diving into character backstory details, hashing out Duty, Morality, Motivation, and Obligation for all characters.
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Wed 20 Jan 2016
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The Anawa Corporation Timeline
The Anawa Corporation Timeline

  • 2650 PGR -
             Free Droid Enclave Established
             Anomid Technologists Established
  • 120 PGR - The Anawa Corporation Established
  • 0 GRE     -
             Galactic Republic Established (GRE)
             InterGalactic Banking Clan Established
  • 127 GRE - Industrial Automaton Established
  • 650 GRE - Trade Federation Established
  • 968 GRE - Invasion of Naboo
  • 980 GRE - Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) Established
  • 978 GRE - Clone Wars Began
  • 981 GRE
             CIS Dissolved
             Clone Wars End
             Galactic Republic Dissolved
             Galactic Empire Established
  • 978 GRE   - Last Anawa Corp Flight
  • 1000 GRE -
             Battle of Yavin 4
             Trade Federation Dissolved
  • 1003 GRE - Battle of Hoth
  • 1004 GRE - Battle of Endor