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Combined Obligation, Duty, and Morality
Obligation, Duty, and Morality

Here is how these work in this game. Your character has all THREE.

The catch, you need to decide, which one has the greater impact on your character. The first one on your list (Obligation, Duty, or Morality) is worth twice as much experience. That is right, double it.

The next one on the list is worth the standard XP.

The last one is worth half the XP.

Now in the event that you want more dynamics, you can double up in one area (Obligation, Duty, or Morality) incurring four times the XP and the remaining two areas would only be worth half the XP each.

Once those choices have been made, you will need to describe the events and details related to these choices. Remember to be specific, including people, places, and any other details that will explain to me what is going on.

Initially, this would be the points awarded:

Choose Obligation - standard 10 point value.
1) +10 XP;
2) 2500 cr;
3) +5 XP and 1000 cr;

Choose Duty - standard 10 point value.
1) +10 XP;
2) 2500 cr;
3) +5 XP and 1000 cr;

Choose Morality set at 50.
Decide on adjustment up or down. Standard adjustment is 10 points. Each adjustment needs to have a description or narrative as to how it came about. A 10 point adjustment awards:

1) +10 XP;
2) 2500 cr;
3) +5 XP and 1000 cr;

For example, let us say that you choose Obligation as your primary. You would receive your Obligation - Addiction (20pt <-- value). This would allow you a choice of options 1 thru 3, and a second choice of options 1 thru 3.

For your Secondary you chose Duty. You would receive the standard value for (10pt) and have a choice of options 1 thru 3.

Your third choice is Morality. because it is your third it would get half the standard value of 10, meaning 5. This would provide half of a standard an award.
1) +5 XP;
2) 1250 cr;
3) +2 XP and 500 cr;

Any adjustment to Morality would mean it is not a Third option.

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