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Wed 20 Jan 2016
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Character Creation//Request to Join
Here's the rub on creating a character in Desecration:
  • House rules are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Your attributes may be generated via the dice roller or point allotment.
  • Your attributes are not rolled in order, they are assigned by you based on preference.
  • Everything else is generated as normal.
  • Astartes can be from any Chapter of their choosing, besides the Grey Knights.
  • Heretics will be created similarly to Dark Heresy characters, in that you will choose a Home World, Quirk and Tarot.
  • Your Pride, Disgrace and Motivation are chosen, though if you wish you may roll for them.
  • Power Armour Customization must be rolled. You may modify this up or down by one.
  • Thematically, I will allow players to work towards an Advanced Archetype (i.e. Khorne Berserker, Idolitrex, etc.) but function as said Archetype until they have purchased the advances required. Each player who wishes to work towards an Archetype will be given portions of the Archetype's benefits whenever the party gains xp. Eventually, you will have payed off the Archetype and will have all of it's benefits (at 3,600 xp for an Astartes and 4,600 for a Human).

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Wed 20 Jan 2016
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Character Creation//Request to Join
So, if you want in on the fun, here's what I'll need:
  • Character Name : Low Gothic/High Gothic for Astartes. Low Gothic or self-given titles may be used for Humans.
  • Chapter/Legion of Origin : For the Astartes.
  • Homeworld : For Humans. For renegade guardsmen, choose a Battalion as well.
  • Archetype : If you wish to take an advanced archetype, say so here.
  • Background Ideas : I don't want a short story, just a paragraph or two we can build on as the game continues.
  • Age Statement: I, [username], am [x] years old and [may/may not] view adult material as per the laws of [country of residence]. This is an informal statement I wish to have as the games will be rated mature due to violence. However, if for some reason I am requested to bump up the rating I want to know who can move with the flow and who would be left behind.

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Sun 31 Jan 2016
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Character Creation//Request to Join
Here's the low down on my Homebrew/House Rules:

Starting Aligned: All players may begin play aligned to one of the Dark Gods. In effect, you would have five mechanic-less advances towards that God. Thus, making you aligned at the onset of the game.

Starting With an Advanced Archetype: I have never understood why you cannot simply claim your character to be a Khorne Berseker or Plague Marine from the onset of the game. As explained above, when doing so you will be buying into a package over an extended period of time, in which your experience unlocks more and more features of the Advanced Archetype you wish to begin play with. This does mean that you won't have experience to spend until much later in the game, but it also allows you to bring to the table more specific characters for those who prefer to do so.

Chaos Incarnate: Incarnate is a Homebrew Alignment of my own creation. In order to obtain it one must obtain the mark of all four chaos gods, including surviving the trials you face for betraying those who have already given you their mark OR you must have reached the point of apotheosis as Unaligned (and remained unaligned for the majority of the game). Upon doing so you are considered of Incarnate alignment, as you are the embodiment of Chaos. All advances are considered True for these characters and the effects of all four marks manifest again, though the player may only have one active at a time until their apotheosis, at which point all four stay active simultaneously.

Apotheosis: To achieve apotheosis a player must have obtained 100+ infamy and 100+ corruption. Upon hitting 100 corruption, if you have less than 100 infamy your transformations will be...less pleasant. If you reach apotheosis (or a playable state such as a being forcibly entombed into a Hellbrute) before the Black Crusade begins then that character is benched and you will roll a new, temporary character. When the Black Crusade begins you may resume control of your previous character.

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