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Dramatis Personae//Dossiers
Warp Wraiths Commanders
  • Warp Host Vahngram: Aspiring to reach the heights of Angron himself and lay siege to Terra, Vahngram has styled himself as the Warp Host, the organizer of all within the screaming vortex smart enough to listen. Those who do not heed his call are trampled underfoot. He is adorned in ancient, Cataphractii pattern terminator armour, which is "painted" with the bioluminescent blood of Warp Wyrms. His entire right arm was fused with his twin-linked reaper autocannon, which he calls the Voice of the Host, when he first gained the favour of Khorne. It now spews pure warp energies instead of actual slugs.
  • Captain Hakk: Hailing from the Ragged Helix, Captain Hakk is the highest ranking member of the Warp Wraith's naval forces. Captain Hakk commands Reaver Wing, an attack wing comprised of fighters cobbled together from salvaged husks of Chaos Titans. Breaking down their plating and power distribution systems, Hakk's Reavers are large and terrifying fighter-bombers. His pirates were only recently brought into the fold, though their presence has turned back many potential assaults.

Independent Forces:
  • Death: Clad in ancient, legion astartes armour, this assault marine sleeps in the bowels of the Desecration. While seemingly a servant of Warp Host Vahngram, he is actually a nearly-mindless killer. Few know of the true nature of Warp Talons, so few question his presence. However, he is Vahngram's trump card. When enemies prove to be out of his reach then he delivers the blood of said enemy to Death and the marine vanishes into the warp, returning later with the head of his quarry.

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Dramatis Personae//Dossiers
Warp Wraith Heraldry and Formations

  • Their armours are painted deep black, with trimmings and adornment devoted to the various Dark Gods who each individual worships.
  • The breastplates of their armours have the iron star and skull of Chaos Undivided carved into them.
  • One of the most common colours among the warband for cloaks, trim and iconography isnot devoted to any particular god, but is the bioluminescent blood of Warp Wyrms, as wearing their blood is a symbol of strength.
  • The symbol of the Warp Wraiths is the Hollow Skull, a human skull with elongated canines with two white wisps flowing from it's eyes off to the sides of the image. These represent the souls of their enemies, no longer trapped within their mortal form, being devoured by the Dark Gods.


Wraith Wing
  • This wing is comprised of the Desecration, the Dominator and the Violation.
  • All three vessels are Space Hulks formed from the remains of various cruisers, escorts and raiders.
  • Their weapon systems are roughly 40% xenos tech, the rest being what Imperial technology they were able to repair or modify.
  • This wing is often without escorts, due to the sheer firepower of the three vessels and the number of escape pods they possess...all of which have been modified into assault rams.

Reaver Wing
  • This wing is comprised of three Q-freighters, disguised transport ships that carry potent weaponry and three fighter squadrons each.
  • The titular formation within Reaver Wing is Reaver Squadron, commanded by Captain Hakk himself.
  • This wing is usually employed for rapid assault and resupply missions.

Defiler Wing
  • Helmed by Captain Chastitia, Defiler Wing is the newest formation within the Warp Wraiths.
  • Considered "unblooded" warriors, the members of Defiler Wing are often disregarded as mewling whelps, as even the Astartes among them are expendable assets, given the Warp Host's presence and the number of Astartes which already serve him.

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Dramatis Personae//Dossiers
Defiler Wing Vessels

  • Mort Imperatus, Command Ship

Class: Meritech Shrike-class Raider
Speed: 10
Detection: +30
Maneuverability: +25
Armour: 16
Turret: 2
Hull: 35/35
Morale: 100/100
Crew: 100/100
Weapons: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
Ship Points: 34
Past Histories: Planet-Bound For Millenia (3 SP)

BC Modified Jovian-pattern Class II Drive (+47 Power 5 Space 0 SP)
Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine (8 Power 10 Space )
Warpswimmer Hull (refluffed Warpsbane Hull) (1 Power 0 Space 2 SP)
Repulsor Shields (6 Power 0 Space 0 SP)
Command Bridge (2 Power 1 Space 1 SP)
Ancient Life Sustainer (1 Power 1 Space 1 SP)
Bilge-Rat Quarters (1 Power 2 Space 0 SP)
X-470 Ultimo Arrays (6 Power 0 Space 0 SP)
(25 Power 19 Space 4 SP)

Dorsal: Sunsear Laser Battery (6 Power 4 Space 1 SP)
Prow: Sunsear Laser Battery (6 Power 4 Space 1 SP)
(12 Power 8 Space 2 SP)

Empyrean Mantle (3 Power 0 Space 2 SP)
Evacuation Bay (2 Power 4 Space 1 SP)
Luxury Passenger Quarters (2 Power 1 Space 1 SP)
Melodium (1 Power 1 Space 1 SP)
Runecaster (0 Power 1 Space 2 SP)
Sensorium (1 Power 1 Space 2 SP)
(9 Power 8 Space 9 SP)

46/47 Power 35/35 Space 35 + 3 + 15 SP

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