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Thu 14 Jan 2016
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Posting Guidelines
Please try to use this format when posting during the game to add to the continuity and ease of reading.

PC's:      Actions normal text
PC's:      Dialogue Dark Blue
PC's:      <tr>Inner Thoughts Italics</tr>
PC's:      screaming BOLD
PC's:      Mental communication/ telepathy purple
PC's:      whisper small
PC's:      OOC &Combat orders to the GM orange
PC's:      Dice Roller Brown
PC's:      Get a players attention for a requested activity or action
GM:        GM only texts red

ALL GAME ACTIONS should be posted at the bottom of your post - Mark them in Orange. Any time I see the colour orange I will take it as an action. If you do not your 'action' is considered flavor text for RP purposes.

Please post in the third person past tense.

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