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Wed 13 Jan 2016
at 16:08
1.  Any classes work. Up to the DM.
2.  Most (if not all) prestige classes are accepted.
3.  Any aligments but prefer Good.
4.  Level 2 (1000 Gold)
    *Note: +1 skill applies to only 2nd level not 1st. HP applies to both.
5.  The character when complete must be accepted by me before play.
6.  No cursing/obscene language.
7.  No inner group fighting.
8.  Anyone inactive for 3+ days will be NPC'd.
9. Healing: Per 8 hours of rest, level + con modifier healed.
10. Magical items that hold gear must be found.
11. If you are going to post with just text, I will remove it. Its a role playing game, not a 'I'll put in text'. That isn't a post.
12. Everyone gets 1 profession and craft skill for free if they go well together.

Example: Craft (Cooking) and Profession (Cook)

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