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Mon 12 Oct 2020
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(IC) The Quest Begins!

Gathered together people of all ages young and old have gathered in the square. Several shops line the area. Some are buying and selling. Others are providing goods for the journey. Centered in the square are four guards surrounding a tent. No one enters and no one comes out. By the looks of the guards, each are well armed and armored its probably someone very important. Each guard is facing a different area-north, south, east and west. Neither move and seem routed to their spots. As you look around, and look up several more guards line the walls all are armed with crossbows and bows. Yet no one seems concerned. Several messages have gone out via pigeons and by messengers. Few had heeded the call. Most if not all browse the wares. Everyone seems content as the King made it known that a gathering was being called here in the marketplace. Sitting uptop some barrels is a messenger. He sits up, and coughs "Come one, come all to this establishment. Come one, come all to hear the message from the King and Queen!" He yells out, his halfling voice booming out probably due to some sort of magic. Several people walk over to listen to his tale. Many people arrive by the hour. A blacksmith slams his steel. Shoemaker fits several people. Weavers are working their wares. If its any interest, its being made and sold.

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Wed 21 Oct 2020
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(IC) The Quest Begins!
While the occasion really was more of a preperation, the atmosphere and the gathered stalls made it feel a bit like a country fair, and she'd always adored those. The golden minidragon wanders through the surroundings, checking her supplies for a moment before she decides to pick up some fresh food to have her belly full before she does anything else. Currently, she stands in front of someone's stall who is selling a recipe for some kind of skillet-cake made of things one can find in rations, to make travel more palatable, and giving out samples of it to those who buy, along with the general goods that they sell for all-purpose traveling needs. She listens to the bellowing voice however, keeping a little bit of her attention toward the messager in the meantime.
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Sat 24 Oct 2020
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(IC) The Quest Begins!
Sitting near the halfling, Sam is standing against a wall. He's wearing a old cloak, somewhat ratty. The body is covered in dirt and grime and most stear clear of him. He watches the area, one of his eye is covered in a patch. The man looks human as well. Slowly, he hobbles around going from shop to shop but doesn't go inside. A few times with the amount of people around, he seems to blend in.